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By Dani 

New Member

The brotherhood gets itself a new member. 


Chapter One


Devils Eyes

A mysterious teen thief appears in Bayville who has an interest in Rogue. 


Chapter One | Two | Three | Four | Five Six



By Todd Fan

I Turn To You

There's a new girl at the Institute but what connections does she have to the Brotherhood and one member in particular?

Chapter One | Two | Three |Four | Five

Chapter Six and Onwards  < ----- Please note that 'I Turn To You' is a very long story and as such I don't have time to format it all right now chapter-by-chapter as I have begun to do. Consequently, you can read the rest of this great story in one big chunk by clicking here and hopefully, some time soon I will properly format it all :)  So, here we go, the chunk is split up into the smaller chunks you see below!

Chunk One! | Two | Three Four | Five



By LayDee (from the Brotherhood Files)

The Dating Service

Finally Scott gets his chance with the girl of his dreams, Jean Grey, but will a huge mistake ruin his date . . . or did he even get a date?



By Reyz (of Shades of Redd)


Rogue finds herself torn between Scott and Remy.


Forever Torn

The sequel to 'Torn'. Colossus, Gambit and Pyro have now joined the X-Men, the battle with Magneto is over and the X-Mansion is rebuilt, etc.

Chapter One | Two | Three | Four



By Barbara

New Stuff

New X-Men members arrive and a mysterious thief appears in Bayville to turn everyone’s world upside down.


Chapter One | Two | Three



By Pyromaniac C (Acolytes 'R' Us)

Flammable Icing and Barbie Dolls

Magneto's b'day is coming up, and it's up to the Acolytes to throw it! Unfortunately they are complete idiots, so good times ahead!


Chapter One | Two | Three