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Chapter Two: The Plan


“Jesus Christ! What happened here?” asked Ororo, she’d never, not even when Logan practiced in danger room seen such a mess. Most of security cameras and system was damaged or broken and there was milk mixed with cookies and broken glass everywhere.

“The...there...there was a thief, we tried to catch him...but ..but he mh...scaped and mh...we were just trying to help...hi, hi” Kate looked at them with the most innocent face she had ever looked at someone with, she only put on her sad puppy face when she was in big trouble, she assumed she was now, but although she earned Ororo’s pity, this time her sad puppy face didn’t work. 

“Yeah right, that’s not very believable kid, I think you should be punished any way...” Logan said coldly, it wasn't that he didn’t like Kate or Allison, it just was that they were new so he didn’t have the same kind of relationship he had with the older members. 

“Hey!!” said Kate angrily “that ain’t fair!!! Right Prof.?” She tried the sad puppy face once more, Allison was petrified , she always did when she was in trouble and sort of scared so she gave a sad look to the professor.

“Calm down everyone, the security system could detect a stranger till the same stranger threw a kind of flat and bright red object to it, his face although can’t be distinguished, lets hope he didn’t stole valuable things. And, Kate, Allison although this mess isn’t your fault, you aren’t aloud to go to the kitchen at this time of the night and you know that, so you would be punished, I’m not good at punishing so Logan if you please...” he gave a look at Logan, he grinned and gave a look to the girls, “I know, you’ll clean up the danger room every evening after class, and you’ll serve the food for everyone in the dinning room and if for example ...” he grabbed Evan and pulled him next to him “If Evan here, wants something you’ll bring it to him, but listen everyone no things such as asking them to do your homework understood?”

Everyone nodded, this was the hardest punishment Logan had ever gave to anyone, hard work and humiliation. “So you’re saying that we have to clean the danger room and besides be everyone’s slaves for one week? That’s so unfair” Allison said, when she managed to react to the punishment she was still a bit asleep, so she didn’t realize the consequences of her words. 

“Do you think it’s bad?” asked Logan. “Well powerful and almighty Wolverine I think compared with my mother’s punishments these ain’t a thing!” 

“Well, then your punishment is for two weeks, and you’ll have to wash and clean the X-jet to, now everyone, go to bed.”


The following morning, Kate and Allison were getting ready for school. “You know, last night I had the strangest dream, Logan punished us, and it was awful we were sort of everyone’s slaves it was so ...weird..” Kate began to laugh ,then looked at Allison surprised “I had exactly the same dream!!! Oh my god!!!...I really think that we’ve been spending too much time together” Allison said thoughtfully.

“Umm...maybe, or maybe Jean has been slipping into our minds, or maybe even the Professor!!!” they were discussing this when Logan passed by their room and knocked the door, but he didn’t even wait till someone said “come in”, he just opened the door and said “Your punishment began today, and you’re expected to serve the breakfast too...” and as he said that Kurt stopped by him and said “Yez...hurry up we’re hungry!!!” they looked at each other and said “we’re still dreaming” and started yelling “Jean?!...Jean Grey?!! Are you in my head?! Are you listening?! Get out of OUR heads...!Jean... JEAN !”

“Jezuz...thiz chic’s are really CRAZZY...” Kurt looked amazed.

“Yeah ... stop making fun of it or your punishment will be longer...now go and prepare the breakfast...NOW!” Logan walked away.

“So what you dreamt and what I dreamt ,what we dreamt was true?” Kate sat on the bed Allison sat beside her and put her hand on top of Kate’s shoulder “yes.. It’s true... come on... we have a breakfast to prepare..”


At lunch time both sat on a table far away from the “X-team” usual table cause they were angry with them cause they’ve took advantage of Kate’s and Allison’s punishment and asked them to do any sort of awful things. As they were alone they started to plan their revenge, not against their team mate, not against Logan or the professor or Ororo but against THE THIEF (or “the hand” as they called him) they were planning when suddenly a good looking guy came and asked them “May I sit here?” He had a Cajun accent, auburn hair tied back in a small pony tail, his eyes were covered with black sunglasses he looked like a bad boy maybe cause of his black long coat, when the girls saw him they were like hypnotized by his beauty they said “AHA...” and sighed. 

Although of their sudden crush on the guy they soon began planning again . “ Umm chere ...I’m sorry I’m asking you this but what the hell is going on at your house?” Kate looked at Allison , she shrugged Kate looked at the guy and rolled her eyes while she thought of a good excuse “Uh...It’s...uh... it’s nothing, just a few cats ...yeah cats ,that’s all.” She smiled at him innocently, he smiled back, then said “so what are your names?”

Kate was opening her mouth ready to introduce her, when Lance and the members of the brotherhood came and patted the good looking guy on the shoulder, Pietro looked at the girls and grinned.

“Hi Kate, looking good today huh?” Kate looked angrily at him she certainly didn’t liked Pietro that much. “Get lost Pietro!” she crossed her arms and looked the other way. Pietro was always bothering Kate obviously to call her attention, he thought it worked but it didn’t Kate had her eyes on Lance, but himself had them on Kitty, it was a mess. 

Allison, thought many guys at school were cute but she had a crush on Kurt , it was something , bout him cause she knew he wasn't particularly cute, maybe his sweet accent but unfortunately he had a girlfriend Amanda, and Allison accepted it.

“Christ man, you don’t know who they are do you? Well they’re with the x-snobs , the X-geeks, the x-dumbs whatever you want to call them ... but they’re with them any way.” Todd jumped on the table catching some flies with his dirty and greenish disgusting tongue.

Luckily for the girls, that were getting kinda scared kinda disgusted, Scott came to the rescue, they were glad he’d come they found him so like cute and confidence and mature ...but at the same time they hated him, to responsible and bossy... he came and stared at Lance “leave them alone Alvers.”

Lance grinned “Or...?” Scott >didn’t knew what to say, he looked to the ground a bit embarrassed. Kate stood up and took Lance by his T-shirt, she was amazed she’d found courage to do that specially to Lance “Or if not you’ll have to deal with me Alvers...understood?” Lance wasn’t really afraid of her, but she was a girl and he wouldn’t fight with a girl never it was too embarrassing so he just groaned and started to walk away, the other members of the brotherhood were amazed and slowly one by one started walking away towards Lance, Pietro was the last one to leave and as he did he looked back to Kate.

“See you babe ! Hey you, Cajun, are you coming?!” While Kate groaned and boiled furiously the good looking guy left with Pietro.


“Finally!” said Kate as she walked with Allison out of school it was Friday and that day had been a horrible day in many ways, for Kate was Pietro teasing her for Allison was her Spanish test. They had they’re copybooks in their arms although they could had put them inside of their bags but...well they didn’t. 

“I can’t believe its over, its so great, this week has seem to last for ever” Kate moved her hands according to her words (she was very expressive with her hands.) “Tell me bout it” sighed Allison “the Spanish test was so difficult I studied hard but still I don’t think I'll get anything higher than a c+” she groaned.

Kate closed her eyes and sighed. It’s amazing how many things can happen when you close your eyes only for maybe 2 seconds, Kate closed her eyes and bumped into a guy slightly taller than her, she fell on the ground and dropped her copy books then someone stretched his hand towards her, she grabbed it and was soon standing up.

“OH...I’m so sorry...I should have seen where I was going to or well... to whom was I going to” she was although looking straight at the guy’s shoes , blue and black sneakers, half covered with long wide indigo jeans, she looked up blushed and she blushed even more when she saw with whom she had bumped in to, slightly taller than her, dark brown hair and light blue eyes guy. His factions were between sharp and thin and he was normal in terms of whether he was fat or thin . He smiled at her (he liked her since Kate’s first day, he had talked to Allison a couple of times trying to get closer to Kate) he still was holding Kate’s hand.

“No, no , It’s fine. Are you alright? You fell pretty hard and well...” he was pretty nervous bout this whole situation he stare at her, still, holding her hand ,she was so embarrassed but managed to say “no it’s fine I’m fine.”

“Your Kate right?”

“Yeah I’m Kate ...and what’s your name cause I’ve seen you, yeah... you’re in my French class but I don’t now your name I’m afraid...”

“I’m Brian...no, no! I mean I’m Ryan, hi, hi” Allison was looking to them and was trying hard not to laugh.

“Hum... Kate ...ha ,ha...hum... we gotta go ... hi ,hi ... we’ve got to do THAT thing remember?” Kate was looking to the guy who was STILL holding her hand.

“What thing?”

“Duh!...THE THING remember !?” Allison grabbed Kate’s arm and pulled her. “Lets go... ok Ryan, Kate and I were very pleased to meet you...we’ve gotta go now.”

Ryan looked at Allison “Ok...bye see ya tomorrow”.

“Yeah see you tomorrow but could you let Kate’s hand go?”

 “OH!...sorry I forgot hum...bye” Ryan left and the girls stayed behind giggling while Pietro looked angrily from far behind.


There was a strange shadow creeping through the institute’s gates and slipping through the front yard moving carefully and suspiciously. Kate and Allison had began their revenge plan... “The hand is entering the zone” Allison said to Kate, they were talking by a walkie talkie and Allison was hidden behind a tree while Kate was hidden behind the fountain’s statue.

“Yes, yes! I see him!” whispered Kate. The shadow advanced and reached the mansion’s doors, he stood still , looked back and began walking again.

“ATACK!!!” the girls shouted while they both threw themselves on top of the shadow yelling like mad, so obviously the x members went ruining out, once again ready to fight , and when they arrived Ororo came flying down the ceiling and stopped them.

“Don’t worry it’s only a false alarm...” she looked towards the girls “Obviously there was a mistake here, Logan and I were putting on test the new thief detector system, and well Kate ,Allison , your on top of Wolverine and I bet he’s gonna punish you for this”

The girls who didn’t react at once, blushed when they realized that their “shadow” was in fact Logan.


The rest of the night followed as usual (the girls didn’t get punished by Logan or anybody else this time.) It was about 10 PM and everybody was getting ready for bed, but Allison and Kate decided that they should probably get a relaxing bubble bath, they did so, they both got into the tub and talked and laugh for an hour.  The next morning everyone realize they had been stole something and left a little note in return...

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