[ Devils Eyes ] by Dani

Chapter Two: We’ve been robbed


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! My stuff! My necklace, my gold bracelet!”

“Vhere is my sound system?”

“My laptop, like, who the hell took my laptop!”

“Ok, guys, whose seen my playstation?”

“Where the hell are my false eyelashes?”

“Who left this note?”

The X-men were not happy. Stuff gone, who took it? Breakfast was a non-existent affair. They were all in the war room, Xavier trying to calm them down. They each had a note. Everyone had something stolen. Everyone except Rogue, who didn’t keep anything important in her bedroom.

The notes went like this.


KITTY’S: A brilliant brain is a possession of mine

KURT’S: I wish you well and sorry too but

SCOTT’S: My thanks to you for lovely gifts

EVAN’S: The only fools here are you!

JEANS: Go seeking me and you will not find

LOGAN’S: Between us please do not hold rifts

LISA’S: I’m not writing you a poem ‘cause you snored and had nothing of worth in your room.


Lisa was furious.

“He stole from me and then insulted me!”

“Like, what the hell is this, a freaky poem or something?” Kurt shrugged to Kitty. Logan looked suspicious, Evan looked puzzled, Scott looked silly, still in his PJ’s. Jean just looked at her nails.

Just then Storm came running in, holding a note.

“Did you get one too Storm?” Scott said, trying to sound official. Storm shuffled her feet and looked rather embarrassed.

“Yes. I know who our thief is, and the one who has been stealing all the jewels and such.”

Xavier watched Storm for a minute.

“May we see your note?” Storm glanced at Logan for some reason and then handed it over.

It read:

 Hey Stormy!

 Have they figured it out yet? I worked real hard on it too. I never really was as poetic as you.

Hope you don’t mind this poor Cajun boy (that line still works!) dropping you a note while I steal this nice big emerald! It’s real beautiful, no flaws or anything. Should pick up enough to stay at a nice place for awhile!  Nice place you got here, little different from where we hung out but still fairly cool. I had no idea you kept a diary! Don’t worry, I won’t read it, yet! Come see me sometimes, you know where to find me!

Love The Card Master

P.S I got a couple of comments. First of all, the furry guy and the valley girl are dating right? Second, what is up with Dudly Do-right and the pink pyjamas? The guy with the yellow hair has them in that same color!  The blonde chick has the biggest collection of false eye lashes I have seen in a while and are you sure her boobs are real? The redhead was having a glass of water in the kitchen…nothing that interesting. And finally, that hairy guy, he was dreamin’ ‘bout ya! Whoa, real steamy too! Have fun Stormy…if you know what I mean!

Love again from a certain horny teenager


There was a stunned silence. Kurt and Kitty looked at each other and blushed, Evan and Scott looked uncomfortable and the Prof. was wondering how the boy got into his security system. Then, suddenly, everyone turned to Lisa. She glared.

“Of course they’re not real. Tits this perfect don’t just grow on trees…or chests.” Kurt stifled a giggle at the girls self centeredness.

Rogue suddenly shot up.

“Give me the notes, now.” They complied and she nodded, satisfied.

“It’s a poem, I think. It goes:


Go seeking me and you will not find

A brilliant brain is a possession of mine

My thanks to you for lovely gifts

Between please do no hold rifts

I wish you well and sorry too but

The only fools here are you. Then there is also Lisa’s note but that doesn’t fit into the poem.”

“It’s an acrostic poem. Gambit.” Rogue sat down again, happy with her input.

“Stormy…you actually let someone call you that?” Everyone was shocked at the thought of their calm, composed leader being called such a childish nickname. She glared.

“I never let him all me that…he does it without my permission.” She looked grumpy and embarrassed. She kept sneaking small glances at Logan, who was silent.

Then Xavier posed another question.

“Forgive me Ororo, but I am still wondering what you were doing, at some time in your life, with a Master Thief. And it says here “love again from a certain…ahem…teenager”.

If he is a Master Thief, he can’t possibly be a teenager. He must be at least 23? His, ah, manner of speaking implies that he is a, ah, sexually active young man? I cannot imagine you associating with his sort of personality.”

Storm blushed.

“I will tell what I can. He is not twenty, actually he is only 17, but you are right about his personality. He is, well, he is a charmer. His mutant powers are many things, stealth, grace, a strange mix of empathy and telepathy and a few others that I have not yet fully learned. That is why he knew so much about our, ah, extra-curricular activities.”

At this she blushed and looked at Logan, who tried to hide a smile.

“He does, however have a certain charm power; he can make people to almost anything. Especially women, but he never used it on me, he has enough charm without it if need be.

Goddess knows it got him out of more tight spots then I can count on my fingers. And no Kurt, we never did anything of that type. He was one of my only friends. He has no real mutant physical attributes, except his eyes. His face may be one to. He is a member of the legendary Thieves Guild, the son of the leader; he is referred to as many things. His codename is Gambit.”

“I have two more questions. First, where does he live? He stated you would know where to find him. Second, why were you associated with a 15, now 17yr old thief?” The white haired women wouldn’t answer for a minute. She looked upset, like a child about to tell on a friend.

“Firstly, he lives in New Orleans. Secondly…well, when I was trained in Cairo, I soon changed my mind about thieving and accidentally got myself into some trouble. Gambit helped me out of it, and we were close companions after. I owe him a lot, my life, my freedom.” She shook her head. “Have you any other questions, Professor?”

He nodded. “One more. What is his name Storm?” Storm shook her head again. “I have told you many secrets today, Proffessor, but this is one I ask to hold back, until he tells you in person.”

Xavier nodded, understanding.

“Well team, pack a bag each. We’re going to the Big Easy.”

“Yay, bring on the Cajun’s and Mardi Gras!” Everyone looked at Evan.



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