[ I Turn To You ] by Todd Fan

Chapter Three: Reminiscing


Sidney and Todd were sitting at a table in the gut bomb. Sidney was happily drinking the soda Todd had bought her while he told her what had happened to him after she had left Bayville. He told her how he had run into Mystique and offered him a place in the Brotherhood. He told about when Duncan Mathews, who Sidney learned was a jock who's life seemed to revolve around making Todd's a misery, tried to beat him into a bloody pulp at a football game. Sidney made a mental note to look out for the Duncan guy, if he tried to hurt Todd while she was around, he would be sorry. Todd told her that Scott had come to the rescue, but cause and explosion, setting fire to the football field. Todd had tried to befriend Scott, but to no avail.

"Anyway", said Todd, "the boss-lady sent me ta infiltrate the mansion. Once i got over the gate, they threw everything they had at me".

"What do you mean?", asked Sidney looking up.

"Well first of all that Storm woman threw lightning bolts at me", he said, shaking his head, "then I was attacked by that blue wookie boy. He 'ported us inta that danger room thingie and I was nearly killed by lasers. Ta top it all off, when I left, I was nearly sliced an' diced by that Wolverine guy".

"Woah, no wonder you left there", she said, "I would have too if that was the sort of greeting I'd been given".

"Yeah, they said I was welcome ta join 'em", said Todd with a laugh, "but if that's how they treat you guys, I'm glad I stepped out".

"The professor WANTED you to join the institute?", asked Sidney.

"Yeah, apparently he was testin' me", said Todd, shaking his head, "but no one lese got treated like that, I don't think ya professor likes me very much".

"I got that from the way he looked when I told him you were my friend", said Sidney, "he seemed.... disappointed".

"Adults", said Todd with a shrug, "anyway, how's it been fer you up there in Wales".

"Boring", said Sidney with a sigh, "I wasn't allowed out of the house during the day, in case someone saw me. Sometimes I'd sneak out in cat form and roam the wild areas. It a beautiful place, but it just didn't feel like home. Probably because you weren't there".

"Heh, home is where the heart is I suppose", said Todd with a laugh, trying to hide his happiness for the fact that Sidney had missed him as much as he had missed her.

"You got that right", said Sidney, standing up, "well can we go for a walk around Bayville. I want to see how much has changed since I left".

"Sure thing", said Todd with a grin, "I'll take ya on Todd's tour of Bayville".

"With a name like that, who could resist?", said Sidney with a chuckle.


As they walked around Bayville, Sidney wasn't surprised to see that not much had changed. Bayville was still only a small town, and hadn't been taken up in the rush to become more modern. The old movie dome was still there. And Sidney and Todd talked about all the fun they had there as children, Todd using his tongue to steal other peoples popcorn in the darkness, them sneaking in, and them getting caught and being banned for 3 months.  The park hadn't changed much either, the trees were a lot bigger than they had been, but other than that, it had kept to it's old ways. They were walking along one of the parks paths when a familiar tree caught Sidney's eye.

"Hey Todd", she said, pointing to a tree that had a distinctive gnarled branch, "is it still there?".

Todd looked at her for a second, trying to remember what his friend was talking about, then looked at the tree, smiling when he realised what Sidney meant.

"I think so yo", he said with a grin, "I ain't been down there fer years, it didn't seem right wit' you gone".

"Well lets see", said Sidney with a grin, turning off the path and passing the tree, heading off into a wooded area, Todd in hot pursuit. It didn't take them long to find what they were looking for. In a clearing, hidden by bushes they came across their old childhood hangout. At one end of the clearing stood a poorly built shelter, obviously made by young hands. Under the shelter was a table, some old chairs, a bookcase with a few books and a radio. Around the clearing were various balls, bats and board games strewn about. On one of the trees hung an old basket ball hoop. A few feet away ran a small stream. Between a couple of sturdy trees swung a hammock and above that a wooden platform, giving a wonderful vantage point of the whole town. On another tree a swing was hanging.

"Man I can't believe this place is still standing", said Sidney looking around.

"Yeah I woulda thought someone would found it by now", said Todd with a grin, "I guess we really did pick a hidden spot".

Sidney grinned. She loved this place. It was one of the few areas of Bayville where she could be in her true for and not worry about other people seeing her. She usually travelled there by either covering herself up with her cloak, or on warmer day, going there in a cat from. She sighed and turned off her image inducer, there was no need to overheat it, she had already been warned about that by Kurt. If she left it on for too long, it would go on the fritz. As she looked around Todd picked up and old basket ball.

"Hey ya still think ya can beat me at a game of B-ball?", he asked with a grin.

"Hah", said Sidney, "I learned my lesson thank you Mr. 'enhanced leg muscles'. Bu I bet if you didn't use your powers I could whoop you keester at it".

"Okay then", said Todd with a laugh, "your on, no powers".

"Deal", said Sidney, taking the ball off Todd, "ladies first".

"Even if ya no lady", said Todd with a cheeky grin, getting a glare from Sidney.

They played one game, and, not surprisingly, Todd won.

"Yeah, give it up for the Frog-man", said Todd with a laugh.

"Oh boy", said Sidney, rolling her eyes, "I'm not going to live this one down in a hurry".


They left their old childhood hideout and headed back into town, some of the newer things that weren't around before Sidney left included the mall and the arcade. The high school was bigger as well, and Sidney was reminded when passing it that it would be her first day there tomorrow. She looked at her watch and realised how late it was.

"Oh boy, I'd better get back to the institute, curfews in ten minutes", said Sidney, "I don't want to get on Logan's bad side on my first day".

"Yeah, I wouldn't recommend that", said Todd, shaking his head in amusement, "come on, I'll walk ya home".

They eventually arrived at the gates of the institute and Sidney buzzed herself in. As the gates opened she smiled at Todd.

"Hey thanks for showing me around", she said, "I think I'd forgotten how much I missed you".

"It's no problem yo", said Todd with a grin, "ya still have ta survive school tomorrow though".

"Don't remind me", said Sidney with a groan, "I'm counting on you to help me get through my first day".

"You got it", said Todd.

"I'd better get in", said Sidney, walking over to Todd and giving him a hug, "goodnight Todd".

"Goodnight Sid", said Todd hopping off.

Sidney watched him go before giving a contented sigh and heading to the mansion.


Sidney entered the mansion to the sound of laughter coming from the common room. Curious, she entered and saw all of the other students laughing with Kitty sitting on a chair, obviously telling them about the encounter with Pietro. Evan was rolling on the floor laughing hard, he looked up to see Sidney looking at him with a raised eyebrow. He stood up and walked over to her.

"I just heard what you did to Pietro", said Evan, finding it hard to get his words out and wiping his eye to get rid of tears of joy, "that's priceless, he's had it coming to him for a LONG time".

"I vish I could have seen his face", said Kurt, currently almost choking on his popcorn, "eet must have been a picture!".

"Well I aim to please", said Sidney with a smile, "besides he made two mistakes. One: he tried to hit on me in an ungentlemanly way, and Two: he called me by a pet name. He was asking for it".

"By the looks on Todd's face he's seen that before", said Kitty from her chair.

"Oh yeah", said Sidney, "Todd's seen me scare off that many guys, I'm surprised he stays within three feet of me".

"I'm surprised anyone could stay vithin' three feet of TOAD", muttered Kurt under his breath, "I can't believe he's you best friend".

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that", said Sidney casting Kurt a warning look. She looked up at the clock, it was getting late.

"Well, I'm going to bed", she said, waving goodnight to the others, "if I'm going to cope with school tomorrow, I'll need all the rest I can get".

She left the common room and started to head towards the stairs, only to be stopped in her tracks by Logan, who was blocking the stairs.

"Hey Logan", she said with a smile and pointed up the stairs, "I'm just going to bed".

"Oh no ya not Tiger", he said gruffly, "I want to talk to ya first".

By now, the other students had heard them and an audience was begining to gather outside the common room door.

"What about?", asked Sidney, confused, "did I do something wrong? I mean, I got home in time for curfew".

"I saw you and the Half-Pint go off to the Brotherhood house today", he said, folding his arms.

The others muttered quietly to themselves and stepped back.

"Oh yeah", said Sidney, oblivious to the other students nervousness, "well I went to see Todd. He's my best friend and.."

"I know", said Logan, butting in, "the prof had already told me. Listen Tiger, I don't want ya going over there too often. Those boys are a bad influence".

Sidney looked appalled.

"Todd isn't a bad influence", she said, a slight growl starting in her throat, "I mean, what are you saying?. That I should stay away from him? Not talk to him?".

"Thank would work", said Logan with a nod of his head.

"Well it's not going to happen", said Sidney angrily, "I'll see him whenever I want. I don't appreciate being told what I can and cannot do, thank you very much".

"While you are under this roof ya gotta go by the rules", said Logan, trying to keep his temper, "and I'm layin' one down now. Ya can't go anywhere near that house or that kid without tellin' me or another adult about it. Got that?".

Sidney gave another low growl and that assembled students shifted uncomfortably.

"So your going to keep me caged up like some wild animal?", she said, looking Logan right in the eyes.

"No", said Logan, staring right back, "I'm just restrictin' ya contact with stink-boy".

Sidney narrowed her eyes, ready to retort something back when the professor's voice came into her head. From the looks of it, he had entered everyone's head, including Logan's.

*Logan, Sidney, please stop this now. There is no need. Sidney, Logan is merely looking after your best interests, he doesn't mean to insult you or Todd. Logan, we can't keep her locked in, but your rule is a fair one that I believe should be now abided to. That way at least we know where our students are. Now, please, all of you, go to bed. In case you have forgotten, you all have to go school in the morning. Good night*

"Ya heard the professor Tiger", said Logan, pointing to the stairs, "bed!".

Sidney gave Logan one more angrily look.

"Fine", she said as she stalked up the stairs to her room.

Logan looked at the other students who were still hovering by the common room door.

"You lot too", he said, " up to bed now".

With that, Logan walked off, obviously to talk to the professor. The students stood in stunned silence for a few minutes. Kitty was the first to speak.

"Did that just, like, happen?", she asked breaking the silence.

"I think so", said Evan, blinking.

"Vow, I've never seen anyone stand up to Logan like that before", said Kurt in amazement.

"I'm just glad its settled now", said Jean with a sigh.

"Somehow, ah don't think that was the end of it", said Rogue, shaking her head, "those two look like they've got major issues".

"Rogue right", said Scott with a sigh, " the best thing we can do right now is do what Logan says and go to bed. Maybe they'll have both calmed down by the morning. I mean Sidney went through a lot today, so we can't blame her for being a bit uptight".

Nodding in agreement, the other students walked off to their respective rooms, saying their goodnights.

Sidney lay on her bed, still seething over what had been said. Todd told her that Logan and the professor didn't seem to like him much, but she didn't realise it was to this extent. She sighed and sat up, picking up her guitar from the side of her bed. She started to strum a few notes to calm her down, as she always did when she felt upset. In a few minutes, she calmed down and put her guitar back in it's place. She changed into her pajama bottoms and vest top and climbed into bed. She put her glasses and image inducer on her bedside table and lay down. She gave a sigh and closed her eyes, hoping thing would be better in the morning.


Logan meanwhile was in the professors study, trying to explain his actions.

"I know I don't normally yell at the students like that Charles", he said, shaking his head, "but there's something about her.... I sensed it when I met her this morning and I sensed it when she argued with me tonight. I don't know what it is, but I don't like it".

Xavier nodded his head.

"The best we can do is let her be for now", he said, "I see no problems with her at the moment. You must understand Logan, she found out today that her best friend is now supposed to be her enemy, she's had a rough day".

"Yeah I know", said Logan, "I'll try and be sure it wont happen again. But my senses say there's something not right about that girl, I just wish I knew what".



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