Chapter 11 - Catnip + Sidney = Bad



Sidney had woken up from her nap and was now peacefully curled up in one of the chairs in the living room. She was reading ' The seclected tales of Edgar Allan Poe' and was enjoying it. She sighed when she heard the door bang open, signalling that Pietro had come home.

"Hello Sidney, you in?", he shouted.

"I'm in the living room", she said with a sigh.

Pietro poked his head around the door and grinned.

"Hi Sidney", he said, smiling.

"What do you want?", she said rolling her eyes, she still hadn't forgiven him for burying her under 3 planks of wood.

"Are you still mad at me?", asked Pietro, walking into the living room followed by Fred.

"That depends, what have you done this time?", asked Sidney, irritably, looking up from her book.

"We got you a present", said Fred proudly.

"A present?", said Sidney, cautiously putting her book down, "what?".

"We got you a mouse", said Pietro, rummaging around in a shopping bag.

"A real one?", Sidney asked, perking up.

"No, and thats....gross", said Pietro, shaking his head, "we got you a catnip mouse".

He brought out a multicoloured cloth mouse.

"Catnip?", asked Sidney a small smile crossing her face as she took the mouse off Pietro, she took a sniff and sighed contentedly, "ahhhh the forbiden fruit".

"What do you mean, 'the forbidden friut'?", asked Pietro nervously.

Sidney wasn't paying attention to him, she took another sniff of the mouse and started to giggle manically.

"I think thats why it's the forbidden friut", said Fred, pointing at a hysterical Sidney.

"Oh dear god what have i done?", said Pietro, putting his hands to his head as Sidney began to paw at the mouse, her tail waggling.

She then picked it up in her mouth and dashed out of the living room at a speed that even Pietro would have problems keeping up with, easily avoiding the pieces of wood and tools strewn about. She dropped the toy and bounced around it, tapping it with her hand, still laughing manically, her eyes wide.

"Oh boy", said Fred, "i think she's lost it".

"No kidding Sherlock", said Pietro with a sigh, "what do we do?".

Sidney had now dropped to the floor and was rolling around on her back, purring loudly. She grabbed the mouse in her hands and stared to kick at it with her legs, biting it from time to time.

"Errrrrrrr, take it off her?", offered Fred.

"And get my hand clawed off?", said Pietro, shaking his head, "nah, Todd's her boyfriend, i'm sure he knows what to do. I'll go find him, you keep an eye on the junkie here".

"Your going to leave me alone with HER?", asked Fred in shock, "but i'm scared".

"Come on Freddy, you have invulnerable skin remember?. Besides, it'll only take me a few minutes to find Todd if i run at full speed".

"Okay, but if i'm dead when i come back, it'll be on your head", said Fred, looking uncertainly at Sidney.

She was still on her back, but was now tossing the catnip mouse in the air, laughing and purring at the same time, making her sound demonic. This was one time Fred started to doubt his invulnerability.

"I won't be long", said Pietro, dashing out of the door.

It was at this point that Sidney suddenly jumped up from her lying postion and started to leap about in jerky motions, hitting the mouse with her paw.

"Okay Sidney", said Fred, with a nervous chuckle, backing away slightly, "you just play with your little mouse, don't mind me".

Sidney looked at Fred for a second before purring and running around the house again. Every now and again, she would stop dead in her tracks and look around wildly, her tail fluffed out so much it looked more like a feather boa than a tail.

Suddenly the door burst open and Pietro dashed in, a shocked Todd over his shoulder.

"Pietro will ya put me down, what are ya so hysterical about?. Ya coulda least waited until i'd finished washin' YOUR clothes before ya dragged me...".

"Looklooklook", said Pietro wildly pointing at Sidney, who had taken to giggling and writhing around on the floor, "lookather".

Todd stared at his girlfreind for a second before calmly turning to Pietro.

"You gave her catnip didn't you?".

"Ummmmm...yeah, kinda".

Todd gave a sigh.

"Well i shoulda warned ya", he said with a sigh, "ya can't let catnip anywhere near her".

"Well i know that now!", said Pietro, tapping his foot, "so what do we do about her?".



"Yeah", said Todd, shaking his head, "she's on a 'trip', ya can't get her outta it. Ya just gonna hafta wait until she's done, it'll only usually last fer about quarter of an hour".

"Really?", said Pietro worried, "'cause she's really scaring me".

"Well, you go finnish the laundry over at Laund-a-rama and i'll stay here with her if ya so worried", said Todd with a sigh, "or do YOU want ta stay with her?".

"Oh no, i'll leave that to you", said Pietro, leaving the house VERY quickly.

"So we just sit tight?", asked Fred.

"Yup", said Todd with a sigh, "i'm gonna make some coffee an' get an ice pack, she's gonna need it".

Sidney looked up and blinked tilting her head from side to side, before batting at the mouse again. Todd left the room and came back a few minutes later with an ice pack and a cup of black coffee. Sidney saw him come and purred dancing around by his feet. She then lay flat on her stomach and started to paw at Todd's open shoelaces giggling. Todd looked up at the clock and smiled.

"Three, two one", he said, then clicked his fingers.

Sidney stopped giggling and blinked, looking around with a dazed expression on her face. She then winced and put her hand to her head.

"What happened?", she said, sitting up, "the last thing i remember, Pietro was handing me a.......oh no".

"Oh yes", said Todd with a sigh, helping Sidney up and into a chair, "i thought ya knew better than ta go near catnip after the last time".

"I know", said Sidney, "but it's soooooooo good. Ouch, and here come the migranes".

"Here", said Todd putting the ice bag to her head, "i was prepared this time".

"Thanks", said Sidney with a sigh and took the coffee that was in Todd's free hand, drinking it in one gulp, "oh god, i needed that".

"So..are you back to normal now?", asked Fred, who was still keeping a safe distance from Sidney.

"Yeah Freddy", said Sidney closing her eyes, "please don't tell me what i did, i really, really don't want to know".

"Okay, but i can't promise you Pietro won't tell you", said Fred with a sigh, glad that Sidney was back to normal.

"Pietro saw it!", said Sidney opening her eyes wide, "oh no, he's going to tell everyone....unless i kill him first. Mmmmm, i wonder where he put that powersaw of his..".

"No killin' Sidney",Todd said waggling his finger at her, "ya brought this on yaself".

"I know", she said with a sigh, "i think i'm going to go lie down on my bed for a while".

Sidney got up, still holding her ice pack to her head when Todd stopped her.

"Hand it over", he said holding out his hand.

"Hand what over?", Sidney said inocentely.

"Ya know what", said Todd with a sigh, "come on, ya know ya have ta".

"Awwww fine", said Sidney, taking the catnip mouse out of her pocket and handing it over to Todd, "happy now?".


"Good", Sidney said and walked slowly to her room to sleep off the effects of the mint.





After a few hours of resting, Sidney was back to her usual self again. She walked downstairs and into the living room, and did her best not to laugh out loud at the sight that caught her eyes. Pietro was working happily away in a pair of dungarees, with no shirt on, a tool belt straped around his waist. She cleared her throat,  which caused Pietro to look up and flash her a smile.

"Hey Sid", he said, smoothing his hair back, "you like what you see?".

"Hardly", said Sidney rolling her eyes, "aren't you taking this 'building a couch' thing a bit too far?. I mean, you look like you belong in a collone advert, dressed like that".

"What?", said Pietro, looking at his attire, "these are my work clothes".

"You really scare me sometimes, you know that Peetey?", said Sidney, shaking her head, "how long is it going to take before you've finnished this couch anyway?. I kinda miss being able to just sit down in the living room without having to worry about getting a splinter".

"Oh i'll be done soon, i promise", said Pietro, drilling at a piece of wood, "if you people just leave me alone".

"Fine, i'll take a hint, i'm leaving", said Sidney, walking out.

She walked into the kitchen to see Todd and Fred sitting down.

"Hey Sid, ya feel better?", asked Todd.

"Yes, and we shall never speak of it again, got it?".

"Got it".

"Good", Sidney smiled and draped her arms around Todd's shoulders, "well as seen as Pietro won't let me in the living room what do you say you and me go see a movie?".

"Yeah sure", said Todd, "then at least we wont get called in ta 'help'".

"Okay", said Sidney grabbing her jacket, "hey you okay watching Bob the builder in there for a while Freddy?".

"Yeah, i'll make sure he doesn't set the house on fire", said Fred with a nod, "you two go have fun".

"We will", said Todd with a grin, heading out the house with Sidney.




Meanwhile, at the mall, Lance was looking for the perfect gift to get Kitty. He wasn't having any luck. He had almost given up his search before her stumbled upon and old antique store. Lance shrugged, it was worth a shot. He entered the dusty old shop and squinted in the dim light, the place was full of old junk. He sighed and walked around aimlessley, not holding out much hope for the place either. It was then that he saw it. Nestled amongst some old jewelery and nic-nacs lay a beautifull pendant. It had a diamond chain with a ruby stone. Entwined around the ruby was silver, shaped to look like creeping vines. Lance very nearly shouted out in delight, he had found Kitty's present. He looked at the price, it was  $24. Lance could afford that, granted, he wouldn't eat for a week, but he could afford it. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he was tapped on the shoulder by an assistant, Lance hadn't heard him come up behind him.

"May i help you sir?", the assistant asked.

"Errrr...yeah", said Lance, pointing at the pendant, "i would like to buy that".

"Ahhh yes sir, beautifull piece", he said, picking the pendant up, "it once belonged to a struggling young artist who bought it as a gift for his lady love. Unfortunately, she was betrothed to another and, as her parents wouldn't let her marry the artist, they eloped, having to sell this pendant for the money to move".

"Great", Lance said with a grin, it had a story to it as well, Kitty would love this.

He followed the assistant to the register.

"So are you buying this for anyone special?", asked the assistant, putting the pendant in it's box, and into a plastic bag.

"Huh, yeah, my girlfriend", said Lance with a nod, "it's her birthday next week".

"She's a lucky girl sir", said the asistant, "that will be twenty-four dollars please".

"Here ya go", Lance said handing the man his money, hoping that he could persuade the other members of the Brotherhood to share their food with him.

"Thank you sir, and have a nice day", said the assistant, handing Lance hs bag.

"Yeah, you too", said Lance leaving the shop, feeling really pleased with himself.




As Lance walked up to the Brotherhood house, he noticed Sidney and Todd heading back from the oppisite direction.

"Hey guys", he said, running to catch them up, "how are you doing".

"Were okay, we just went to see a movie", said Todd with a grin.

"Yeah", said Sidney, "we had to get away from Pietro and his couch building adventures for a few hours".

"Oh no, he's still at it?", asked Lance as they walked into the house.

"Nope, he's finished", said Fred from the kitchen.

"He's done?", asked Todd, hopping into the kitchen, "have ya seen it?"

"No", said Fred, shakig his head, "he said he wanted to unveil it with all of us present".

"Typical", said Sidney rolling her eyes, "that ego of his is going to smother him one of these days".

"Your all here?", said Pietro excitedly dashing into the kitchen, "great, come on, come on, i want to show you my masterpiece".

"God help us all", muttered Lance under his breath as he walked into the living room with the others.

All the wood had been cleared up. Pietro's 'masterpiece' had been covered by a sheet.

"Are you people ready to be amazed?", asked Pietro, grabbing she sheet.

"Oh yeah Speedy, i can't contain my excitement", said Todd sarcastically.

"Okay then", said Pietro with a smile, "five, four, three..".

"Oh just pull the sheet off already", shouted Sidney.

"Okay, testy, testy", Pietro said, pulling the sheet off the couch, "ta daaaaaa".

The others blinked and looked at it. It couldn't really be described as a couch, more of a wooden box with a back, covered in fabric and padding. It looked sturdy enough, but it certainly didn't look comfortable. Pietro meanwhile, seemed very pleased with his work and was bowing.

"Thank you, thank you", he said with a smile, "i know it took me neraly three days to do, but i'm proud of it".

"Yeah Pietro its......great", said Lance giving a false smile.

"Its looks real, errr, homeley", said Todd giving a cusion a cautionary poke.

"Yeah, i just can't wait to sit in it", said Fred, with a nervous chuckle.

"Welll thanks guys", said Pietro, not sensing his friends real attitude towards his creation, he turned to Sidney, "so Sid, what do you think?".

"Well Pietro....", said Sidney with a sigh, "i'm not going to lie to you".

With that, she walked out of the room.

"Oh great, thanks for your imput Sidney", shouted Pietro, "your real helpfull catnip junkie".

"I already said we weren't going to talk about that ever again", came Sidneys voice as she walked up the stairs, "and i mean never ever again".

"What do you mean, catnip junkie?", asked Lance, puzzled.

"Don't you DARE tell him Pietro Maximoff", shouted Sidney from her room.

"I gave Sid a catnip mouse and she went all crazy", said Pietro, ingoring the bangs comming from upstairs, "she freaked me out for a while there".

"Yeah, well at least ya know why ya can't give her catnip", said Todd with a chuckle, shaking his head, "you shoulda seen her when she was eight and she went on a catnip 'trip'. I thought i'd never get her to stop dancing on....."

"Thats TOO much imformation Todd", shouted Sidney, "stop talking, stop talking NOW".

"Errrr..end of story", said Todd with a nervous chuckle.




Sidney was lying on her bed  reading when she heard a knock at her door.

"Sid, you decent?", came Lance's voice.

"No i'm naked lathered in chocolate ice-cream Lance", said Sidney with a sarcastic sigh, "of course i'm decent".

Lance walked in, holding a box.

"I found the perfect gift for Kitty", he said proudly, "but i want to see what you think of it, so i'll know whether nor not she'll like it"

"Okay", said Sidney with a shrug, putting down her book.

Lance nodded and opened the box, showing Sidney the pendant.

"What do you think?".

"Wow, look at that thing", said Sidney, impressed, "you could take someones eye out with that thing".

"I know", Lance said proudly, "so do you think Kitty will like it?".

"She'd be nuts not to", said Sidney with a smile, "and if she doesn't like it, can i have it?".

"No", said Lance bluntly, "it's got a story to it and everything".

"Really?", said Sidney with a smile, "whats the story?".

"Oh something about an artist who bought it for his girlfreind. He couldn't marry her, cause she was supposed to marry someone else. Anyway, they sold this pendant so they could run off together", said Lance, with a shrug, "sound romantic enough?".

"Oh yeah, very", said Sidney, with a spaced-out expression.

"Whats very romantic?".

They looked up to see Todd leaning in the doorway.

"Look what Lance got Kitty for her birthday Todd", said Sidney pointing at the pendant.

"Woah, look at that rock!", said Todd, making it over to Lance and Sidney in one leap, "i bet that thing weighs a ton. much did this cost ya?".

"Errrrr tenyfuodolrs", Lance mumbled.

"What?", said Sidney.

"Twenty-four dollars", said Lance out loud.

"Twenty-four dollars!", said Todd, "how do ya expect ta eat?".

"I wondered if i could share with you guys", said Lance with a sigh, "and if i have to starve, it'll be worth it just to see the look on Kitty's face".

"Awww thats so sweet", said Sidney with a smile, "it's okay Lance we'll share our food with you won't we Todd?".

"Speak fer yers...", Todd stoped in mid sentance, looking at the glare he was reciving from Sidney, "errr..yeah Lance, ya can share out food".

"Thanks guys", said Lance with a smile,walking out of the room "i'm going to go hide this".

"Wow, what a great gift", said Sidney with a smile.

"Well, now i feel guilty", said Todd with a sigh, "i could never afford ta get ya somethin' like that".

"Awww honey", said Sidney, giving Todd a hug, "i don't need a big rock on a string to make me happy. I'm happy with you".

"Really?", said Todd.

"You betcha", said Sidney, "but a kiss wouldn't go down too badly".

"Well that, i can afford", said Todd, giving Sidney a kiss.


Chapter 12 - How not to serenade your loved one.



The week had gone by really quickly and it was soon the day before Kitty's birthday. Lance dashed into the front room where Sidney, Todd and Pietro were watching tv. Todd was sitting on the couch with Sidney lying on it, her feet on Todds legs. Since the grand 'unveiling', everyone had finally given in and accepted the couch as part of the furniture, it wasn't as uncomfartable as it looked. Sidney looked up and smiled at Lance.

"Hey Rocky, what's the rush?", she asked, "i thought only Peetey here ran around like that".

"Shut up Sid", said Pietro from a chair, "but what is the rush about Lance? The house on fire?".

"No", said Lance then grinned, "i really need to ask a favour out of you guys".

"If ya want us ta be the backin' singers fer ya while ya seranade Kitty-cat, ya got another thing commin'", said Todd, crossing his arms.

"Oh no, thats all me", said Lance, "but i need to go to the institute and you know the defences they have around there. So..".

"So you want us to run around, taking everything they throw at us while you play Romeo?", said Pietro, shaking his head, "not in a million years".

"Well", said Lance with a sigh, "if your not up to the challenge.....".

"Challenge?", said Pietro, jumping up from the chair, "who said anything about me not being able to meet a challenge?".

"One down", said Lance with a smug smile, then turned to Todd and Sidney, "guys?".

"Oh alright", said Sidney with a sigh, standing up, "but only because i'm bored out of my skull".

Lance turned to Todd.

"Like i have a choice now?", said Todd, standing up.

"Thanks guys, your the best", said Lance, grabbing Kitty's present and ushering the trio outside.

"Wait, wheres Freddy?", said Todd, "won't he be good at this?".

"Fred's on a date", said Lance with a shrug, "come on, get in the jeep".

"Freddy got a date?", said Sidney, "who?"

"I don't know, some Loraine girl", said Lance, "okay guys, i mean it, we have to hurry".

"Loraine Humber?", asked Pietro, "ahh one of the 'ones that got away'".

"Lovely", said Lance, resorting to picking up each teen in turn and putting them in his jeep, "lets go now, shall we?".

He stepped on the gas and sped off to the mansion. When he got there, he used his powers to topple the gates and pulled up in the institute's driveway.

"Okay guys, you go do your stuff and make me proud", he said, "iv'e got to go be romantic".

Todd, Pietro and Sidney, gave a collective sigh and headed into the grounds, waiting for the impending attack.

"Well i wish he'd given us time to change into our uniforms", said Sidney crossing her arms, "but noooooo, we have to fight like this".

"It ain't that bad", said Todd with a shrug, "it's not like they don't know who we are by now".

"Good point", said Sidney as Logan came running from the mansion doors, snarling, "ooooh i've been waiting for this for a long time".

Her eyes glowed and she transformed into a tiger, she looked at her teammates before running off towards Logan. Logan looked at the Tiger and sniffed.

"I don't know what you and your buddies are doin' here Cagney, but it's really tickin' me off", he said with a growl,  "don't think i'm gonna go easy on ya, just because ya lived here".

Sidney growled and turned back to her normal form, coming face to face with Logan.

"I wouldn't want you to go easy on me Claws", she snarled, "but you want me, come get me".

With that, she changed into a cheetah and ran off. Logan gave a growl and gave chase. They both disappeared into the undergrowth.

"She really, really doesn't like him, does she?", said Pietro.

"I think it's a genetic hatred", siad Todd with a shake of his head, "heads up, here comes the welcomin' party".

Scott, Jean, Evan and Kurt were running out of the mansion.

"Okay, there's four of 'em and two of us", said Pietro with a groan, "i mean, how can this be fair?".

"Would ya rather help Sid with Logan?", asked Todd.

"These guys are fine", said Pietro, quickly running off to taunt Evan and Scott.





Meanwhile, Lance had found Kitty's window and was tossing rocks at it, trying to get her to come to the balcony. Unfortunately, he got an irate Rogue instead.

"What do ya'll want Rocky?", shouted Rogue.

"Can i speak to Kitty, please?", asked Lance, trying to be nice.

Rogue gave a sigh and walked inside. He could hear talking and a squeal of delight. Kitty appeared at the balcony, smiling happily.

"Like, hi Lance", she said, leaning on the balcony pillar, "what are you doing here at this time of night?".

Lance smiled, and cleared his throat. It was now or never.


"I just called to say, i love you

I just called to say how much i care

I just called to say, i love you

And i mean it from the bottom of my heart".


"Aww Lance, thats soo sweet", said Kitty, sitting down while Lance carried on singing, "i've never been serenaded before".

Kitty was so happy, she didn't see Rogue disappear out of the bedroom door. Lance was enjoying the reaction he got and was still singing, reallin getting into the mood. He handn't noticed that everyone had stopped fighting to watch him.


"No new years day, to cerebrate

No chocolate covered candy hearts to give away

No first loves greeting

No song to sing

In fact it's just another ordinary day

No april rain

No flowers bloom

No winning Saturday within the month of June

But what it is

Is something true

Made up of these three words that i must say to you".


Suddenly, the lawn's sprinkler system came on.


"I just call......arrrrrrhhh thats cold", said Lance as he ran about, trying to avoid the water.

Kitty turned round to see Rogue, leaning on the door frame grinningand dusting off her hands.

"Rogue!", Kitty said, then looked down to Lance, "don't worry, i'll, like, get you a towel".

Rogue shrugged as Kitty ran passed her and walked to the bacony, leaning over the railing, smiling down at Lance.

"Enjoy your cool-off Rocky?", she said meanly, "a'h thought ya'll might need it".

The sprinklers suddenly stopped, obviously turned off by Kitty. Lance looked over to where everyone, both X-men and Brotherhood alike, were laughing their heads off. Pietro was rolling on the ground, unable to keep it in.

"That sucked big time man", he said between laughs.

"Ja, you made a fool of yourself", said Kurt, pointing at Lance and chuckling.

Lance put his hand to his head,and leaned against the wall. This was unbelivably embarrasing. Suddenly, Kitty phased part-way through the wall, grabbing Lance and pulling him inside.

"Here", she said, stifling a giggle and handing him a towel, "that was really sweet".

"Thanks", said Lance, blushing and taking the towel, starting to dry his hair, "it looked alot better on paper".

"So..was there, like a reason for you to come out here and get yourself soaked and your teammates nearly killed?", she asked.

"Yeah, i wanted to wish you an early happy birthday", said Lance with a smile, then rummaged about in his backpack, "and i wanted to give you this".

He pulled out a box, neatly wrapped with a bow on top. Kitty looked at it with a raised eyebrow before opeing it. When she saw the pendant she gave a squeal of delight.

"Oh Lance it's beautifull", she said picking it up,and blushing "oh thank you, this is, like, the best present anyone has every given me".

"I thought you might like it", said Lance with a smile, and prepared to tell the pendant's story, he'd rehearsed it all week,  "it was owned by some artist who wanted to give it to his girlfriend. His girlfreind was supposed to marry someone else though, so they had to sell it so they could elope".

"Wow, thats sooo romantic", said Kitty with a smile.

Lance grinned, Sidney had been right, the story did go down well.

"Here Lance help me put it on", said Kitty, handing him the pendant.

"Uh, yeah..sure", said Lance, grinning a very stupid grin.

He put the pendant on her and smiled.

"What do you think?", said Kitty, spinning around a couple of times.

"If it's possible, it's made you even more beautifull", he said with a blush.

"Aww Lance your the sweetest", said Kitty.

"A'h think all of this sappiness is gonna make me sick", muttered Rogue as she passed the door.

"Aww your just jealous", said Kitty, blowing a rasberry.

"Yeah right Kitty", said Rogue, "ya'll just keep tellin' yaself that".




Outside, everyone had got over the dousing and had calmed down.

"Okay guys", said Scott to Todd and Pietro, "once Lance comes out, you guys are outta here, got it?".

"Like we'd want to stay here", said Pietro with a snort, "we'd get all your geek-vibes".

"Errr...wheres Sid?", asked Todd, looking around.

"Guys, Logan's missing too", piped up Jean.

A collective "oh oh", was heard all round. Both teams dashed off to find their missing teamate.

It didn't take them long. Sidney had climbed up at tree and was hissing at Logan, who was slashing at the wood with his claws. Scott came up from behind and tapped Logan on the shoulder.

"Come on Logan, lets leave them now huh?".

Logan spun round with growl, narrowly missing Scott's head with his claws. He blinked and sighed.

"Fine", he said, pointing a clawed hand at Sidney, "this ain't over Octavia. I'll get ya yet".

"Any time Wolverine", Sidney growled, hopping down from her tree.

"Sid ya okay", said Todd with a smile, running over to give her a hug, "i was worried about ya".

To Todd's surprise, instead of going to hug him back, Sidney gave a snarl and stormed off towards the jeep.

"Woah", said Pietro, "what was that?".

"I don't know", said Todd, a little hurt, "she's never snapped like that before".

They were joined by Lance, covered in lipstick marks.

"Hey ,we okay to go?", he said with a smile.

"Yeah, just keep away from Sid, she's more testy than usual", said Pietro, shaking his head, "she even snapped at Todd".

"She snapped at you?", asked Lance, his eyebrow raised at Todd.

"Yeah", said Todd shaking his head, "maybe she's just upset that she couldn't kill Logan".

"Yeah, that WOULD explain it", said Pietro nodding thoughtfully.

"Lets just go home", said Lance clambering into the jeep.

Pietro took shotgun while Todd hopped in the back with Sidney.

"You okay?", Todd asked, worried.

"I'm fine", Sidney said with a huff, "i just want to go home".

"Wish granted lady", said Lance, starting up the jeep and heading back to the Brotherhood house.

When they got in, Sidney stormed upstairs, growling to herself.

"Maybe she'll be okay after she's had a sleep", said Lance, putting a hand on Todd's shoulder.

"I hope so yo", said Todd with a sad sigh, "she ain't given me the cold shoulder like this since we were six an' i acidentally broke her toy banjo".

"I gotta admit", said Pietro, "she's not exactly the nicest person in the world, to me anyway, but she isn't acting like herself".

Fred came lumbering in, looking at Todd, Lance and Pietro.

"Where did you guys go?", he asked.

"We when't playing Romeo's bodyguards", said Pietro with a chuckle, "Lancey-boy here still got a soaking".

"Huh", said Fred with a shrug, "well i'm going to bed".

"Don't ya want dinner Fred?", asked Todd.

"I'm not hungry", said Fred, going upstairs to his room.

"Laides and gentlemen, we have entered the twilight zone", said Pietro, humming the twilight zone theme.

"What IS it with everyone today?", said Todd with a sigh.

"Lets just hope that their all better by the morning", said Lance, "come on, i'll make us something to eat".


Chapter 13 - Unlucky for some



The next morning showed no change in Sidney's behaviour. She had come down to breakfast with a scowl and taken her food away from everyone else to eat alone. Fred on the other hand was acting even stranger, he refused to eat breakfast, claiming that he didn't want to load up on carbohydrates that early in the morning. This behaviour was really starting to unerve the other members of the Brotherhood.

"I think that phsyco Xavier is controlin' their minds", said Todd.

"Yeah, i bet he's listening to us right now", said Pietro looking around nervously, "he's probably trying to recruit us".

"Will you two listen to yourselves?", said Lance, rolling his eyes, "if Xavier wanted us to join him, he would have done it by now. Did you just think for one second that they both might be having an off day?".

"Okay, Lance, Freddy doesn't want to eat his breakfast", said Pietro, shaking his head, "don't you find that a little....disturbing?".

"Well yeah", said Lance with a shrug, "but he might just have finally decided to go on a diet. I mean, its about time".

"Yeah, well what about cat-girl over there?", said Pietro pointing to Sidney, who was perched on the kitchen cabinet, not listening to them, "okay, i know she's usually nasty to me at the best of times. But she's never acted this way towards Frogger".

"Yeah", said Todd looking up from his cereal, "she's startin' ta make me feel guilty, but i don't know what ive done ta upset her".

"You haven't done anything Frogger", said Pietro rubbing his chin, "'cause Xavier is controling her mind!".

"Will you shut up...", Lance began, but was interupted by the sound of a motorbike pulling into the Brotherhood's driveway, "oh finally, Sabertooth. Someone with half a brain cell i can communicate with".

Sabertooth walked into the Brotherhood house and into the kitchen.

"Hi Mr Creed", said Pietro, hardly noticing the huge mutant enter. They were used to Sabertooth's presence now, and he didn't freak them out as much as he used to.

"Hi Speedy", said Sabertooth, walking over to Sidney, "and how's my lovely neice today?".

Sabertooth's smile had turned into a frown when he got over to Sidney, he sniffed the air tentatively. Before anyone could react, he gave a snarl and grabbed Sidney by the throat, picking her up and slamming her against the wall.

"Woah, what are you doing Sabertooth?", said Lance jumping up, "thats Sid your attacking!".

"No it isn't", said Sabertooth with a growl, then looked at the young mutant struggling under his grip, "i don't know who the heck ya are, but ya better tell me what ya did with my niece or i'll tear ya into shreds".

"Okay okay", said 'Sid', her voice changing to one with an English accent, "just let me go already".

Sabertooth dropped her, but still stood over her, offering her no chance for escape. The young mutant looked around before changing, suddenly, it was no longer Sidney in front of them, but a girl with brown hair, and blue eyes, only about 16. She looked around and frowned.

"I'm here on a mission with my brothers", she said, "our mother sent us. Mimic, you'd better get in here now!".

Fred came through the door and frowned at the girl sitting on the floor.

"You crack too easily under pressure sister", he said, in an English accent.

'Fred' then changed to a boy, identical to the girl, except for the fact that his hair was black.

"Dopleganger, why are you telling them our secrets?", he said.

Dopleganger pointed at Sabertooth

"He has enhanced senses, what am i supposed to do about it?. I can't hide my scent!", she said, frustrated.

"Well this explains why they've been acting wierd", said Lance.

Sabertooth gave a snarl.

"I'll ask you once more, where is my niece and the fat-boy?", he said, "you'd better take me to them, or you'll be dead".

"There at our mothers lab", said Mimic with a frown, "we were sent to cover up the three missing people until mother had finished with them".

"Three?", said Pietro.

"Yes, our other brother, Imitate, took the place of one of the people at the Xavier institute, Wolverine", said Dopleganger, "were triplets and all shapeshifters".

"Well ya better take us ta where ya stashin' em or i will cause you so much unbeliveable pain...", threatened Sabertooth.

"Okay, okay", said Mimic, "but we need our brother to open the gates to the lab, it's gentically incripted just to let us in when were all together".

"Fine", said Sbertooth with a snarl, "but no funny buisness".

"Oh yeah and the X-geeks are really gonna belive us", said Lance with a sigh.

"Oh they will", said Sabertooth with an evil grin, "as soon as they see 'Logan' change into their brother, they'll have no choice".

"So what have you guys done ta Sidney and Freddy?", asked Todd, who had been quiet for a long time, taking all of this in, "ya haven't hurt them have ya?".

"Our mother doesn't wish to hurt mutants", said Mimic simply, "she mearly wishes to learn how the X-gene works. She is a briliant scientist, she created me and my siblings in her lab".

"So your not even real mutants", said Pietro, crossing his arms.

"Yes we are", said Dopleganger, looking Pietro in the eyes, "we are just like you are".

"I've had enough of this", said Sabertooth with a snarl, grabbing the siblings, "were goin' ta the institute NOW!".




The very second the Brotherhood stepped foot on the institute grounds, all the X-men were out in fighting gear. Obviously, the precense of Sabertooth had worried them more than anything.

"Why are you attacking our home again?", asked Storm,angrily, the distant sound of thunder could be heard, "Logan, how did you not sense the presence of Sabertooth hours ago?".

"'Cause he ain't Logan toots", said Sabertooth, lifting up Mimic and Dopleganger in either hand, "he's an imposter".

"What are you talking about?", asked Scott, looking over at Logan.

'Logan' had noticed the two mutants in Sabertooth's grasp and groaned.

"You people are usless", he said with a sigh, "i don't mind, but you got the easiest job, and you still blew our cover".

The X-men looked on in shock as 'Logan' changed into a boy of sixteen, identical to his brother and sister, except for the fact that his hair was red.

"I...don't belive it", said Jean, blinking.

"Professor, you had better come out here", said Storm.

Xavier wheeled out and looked in surprise at the new mutants.

"Well that would describe Logan's strange behaviour of late", he said, his hand to his chin.

"What have you done to Logan?", said Evan, spikes apprearing around his shoulders and arms.

"They took Sid and Freddy too", said Lance, a slight tremor starting up in the ground.

"They want us to take them to their team mates Imitate", said Mimic with a sigh, "look i don't care how loyal we are to mother, i don't particually want to be beaten to a pulp by these guys".

"Fine!", said Imitate with a sigh, "but if she gets mad, it'll be on your heads".

"Storm, you and the others take the X-van, i'll stay here in mental contact", said Xavier, then turned to Sabertooth, "i trust you wish to find your niece and Fred?".

"Yeah i do", said Sabertooth with a snarl, "look i'm willin' ta call a temporary truce until we find 'em".

Xavier nodded.

"Very well, i suggest you all go now, and be carefull, X-men, remember what i taught you, always be on guard".

The X-men saluted and jumped into the X-van.

"Oh boy", said Pietro rolling his eyes, "trust us to have to go on a mission with the geek patrol".

"As long as we find Sid and Freddy, i don't care who we team with", said Todd, hopping into the van.

"He's right man", said Lance, climbing in, "it's worth the sacrifice".

"Yeah, for you", said Pietro as Lance took a seat next to Kitty.

"Happy birthday Kitty", he said with a smile.

"Thanks Lance, your, like, so sweet", said Kitty giving him a hug, "but this wans't exactly how i was planning on spending the day"..

"Kids", muttered Sabertooth under his breath as he took shotgun seat next to storm. He reached out an arm and grabbed Mimic.

"Ya gonna stay up front with us an' tell us where were goin' Kiddo", he said with a toothy grin, "i suggest ya stay still, it'd be a tragedy if one of my claws were ta 'acidentally' slip on yer throat".

Mimic gulped and nodded his head, looking pitifully behind him at his brother and sister sitting in the back, surrounded by very angry looking mutants.

"So how long have you been parading as out teammates?", asked Pierto, tapping Dolpeganger on the shoulder.

"Only since last night, i swear", she said, backing up, "i mean, when the cat-girl and that Logan guy chased each other into the woods, thats when me and Imitate took over from them, mother caught them herself".

"Yeh, well what about Freddy?", said Lance, crossing his arms.

"Well that was me", admited Mimic from the front, "Loraine Humber couldn't make it to their date, so i took over her, it was kinda easy to capture the large one from there....ouch".

"Sorry, did that hurt?", asked Sabertooth inocently, squeasing Mimic's shoulder, "which way kid?".

"Go to the old fitness centre", blurted out Mimic, "the one thats condemed".

"A fitness center?", said Kurt shaking his head, "oh yes, thats ze perfect place for a lab".

"It's underneath the fitness center, idiot", said Imitate, crossing his arms.

This caused the teenagers in the back of the van to start arguing.

"Okay children, settle down", said Storm, trying to keep her eyes on the road.

She was ingored. The children were still shouting and throwning insults at each other.

"Hey runts!", shouted Sabertooth, "shut up or i'll come back there and slice ya into so many pieces, they'll need ta make a new number ta count ya all!".

The van fell silent.

"Thats better", said Sabertooth with a grin then smiled at Storm, "there ya go".

"Thank you....i think", said Storm, with a chuckle, driving towards the old fitness centre.




It didn't take them long to reach the old abandoned fitness centre. Sabertooth kept a good hold of Mimic as everyone got out of the van. Imitate and Dolpeganger walked up to a wall and placed their right hands on it.

"We need Mimic for this", said Imitate quietly, not wanting to upset the mutants anymore, "it's a genetic lock".

Sabertooth frowned and pushed Mimic towards the wall, not realeasing his hold on the boys shoulders.

"Well do ya stuff kid", he said narrowing his eyes, "an' no funny buisness".

Mimic nodded and put his hand on the wall, inbetween the hands of Imitate and Dolpeganger. The part of the wall they pressed glew a strange orange colour and a beeping sound was heard. The wall they touched opened up, the floor behind it disapearing as if it were a hologram, revealing stairs that led down underneath the building.

"Impressive", said Pietro with a raised eyebrow.

Sabertooth pointed at Imiatate and then pointed at the stairway.

"You lead the way kid", he said with a growl, "i'll keep an eye on yer sibling's so unless ya want 'em ta be hurt, i suggest a behave".

Imitate nodded solemnly and started to walk down the stairs, everyone else following close behind. After a while, they came across a corridor which in turn lead to a big metal room, dividing off into several other corridors. A woman with blonde hair and green eyes was siting at a desk in the room, typing up something on a computer. She was wearing a lab coat and had on a pair of glasses, she looked up when she heard Imitate come in.

"What are you doing here?. You don't need to report back for....oh dear", she trailed off when Sabertooth and the others came in, "ah they found out".

"I'm sorry Mother", said Imitate closing his eyes, and pointing at Sabertooth, "this one has enhanced senses, he could smell we were not whom we said we were".

"Listen,", said Sabertooth with a snarl, "i don't know what ya doin' down here, an' i dont' really care, but i want my niece back".

"Your niece?", said the woman, blinking, "oh yes the young feline mutant. Well i can see the family resemblance".

"What have you done with Logan?", said Scott, raising his hand to his visor.

"Oh yes, the man with the adimantium skeleton", she said with a smile, "i guess you are looking for the boy with invulnerable skin as well?".

"Yeah", said Lance narrowing his eyes, "where are they?. I'd watch it lady, if your not carefull, this place is gonna rock".

"Oh god, not another rock pun", groaned Pietro, putting his head in his hands, "i mean, the first few times they were funny, but now.....".

"You can have your friends back", said the woman indifferently with a wave of her hand.

"What?", said Rogue blinking, "no fightin'?, no guns?. Ya'll just gonna lets us take 'em back lady?".

"The name is Morgan, and i've finnished with them now", said Morgan indifferentely.

"What did you exactly DO with them?", asked Storm suspiscously, this was way too easy.

"I'm glad you asked", said Morgan with a grin, "i was using their DNA to make another son.Why with Wolverine's inhanced senses and healing factor, Blob's invulnerabiltity and Octavia's feline refexes and shaps shifing abilities, i made a perfect mutant. I even added a few extras. He's very powerfull, i call him Pickles".

While Morgan was talking, Scott leaned over to where Kitty, Todd and Kurt were standing.

"You guys go see if you can find where they hid everyone", he said, "but do it quietly, huh?".

"Got it", said Kurt. Kitty and Todd mearly nodded and started to sneak out of the room.

"You made a son?", asked Sabertooth, blinking, this was certainly getting very strange. This woman definitely had a few screws loose, "and you called the kid Pickles?".

"Well, yes, i get lonely in my lab", said Morgan, "he helps me, he gives me company while the tirplets are out, he even fights off intruders, which, of course, YOU are".

"Oh oh, and here comes the nasty part", said Pietro nodding over to Morgan, who was grinning evily, "we found a real life mad-scientist and now were going to be killed by her genetically altered son".

"Oh Pickles", shouted Morgan, "come to mummy precious".

"Come on Pietro", said Evan with a nervous chuckle, "how bad can a guy called 'Pickles' be?".

Somewhere in the lab, a growl was heard.

"Ya had to ask didn't you Daniels?", said Pietro as the growling got closer.


Chapter 14 - Through the eyes of the cat.




I sighed and looked at my claws in the dim light of my cell. After Logan had chased me into the bushes near the institute, i rember being jumped on from behind and everything going black. The next thing i knew i was in this cell with a mad-looking lady gloating about how she would create a super mutant. The cell across from me held Logan and the one next to him held Fred. It looked like we were the only ones occupying the block, but it was hard to tell. I had tried to change myself into a small cat to squease through the bars of my prison, only to find that i couldn't use my powers. After Fred and Logan had woken up, they couldn't use theirs either, so it looked like we were stuck. I sighed again, i hadn't gotten much sleep last night, having to lie on a cold hard floor does that to a person, so i was agitated to say the least. I had to admit, the strange lady that called herself Morgan was a fast worker, she had arleady created her 'son' , me, Freddy and Logan were just the finishing touches. We had already had the pleasure, did i say pleasure?, i meant the unfortune to meet her son, Pickles. What kind of person calls their son Pickles?, i guess the kind of person who locks up mutants to use their DNA to create a super mutant. Anyway, Pickles is a pompus, self-centered idot who thinks he's gods gift to women. He makes Pietro look modest. I suddenly heard chuckling, could that guy hear my thoughts?

"How long have you been lurking there Pickles?", i asked, anoyed.

"Only a few hours", came the smooth English accent, what was it with Morgan and English accents?, all of her creations had them, "mother is busy so i thought i'd come and stare at your pretty face".

He stepped out of the shadows. Okay, i'll admit, he was drop dead gorgeous, but that didn't mean i still didn't want to punch him in the face. He had long blone hair, tied in a ponytail. He had green feline eyes, my eyes, i reminded myself biterly. He was tall and muscular, he looked about 17, even though he had only officially been alive for less than 24 hours. He wore leather pants and a black t-shirt complete with a leather jacket, how he wasn't sweating like the pig he is was beyond me. He flashed me a smile with his perfect teeth.

"You want to see my pretty face huh?", i said with a snarl, "well take a good look buddy".

"I will", he said running a hand through his hair and leaning on the bars of my cell, "you know, under other circumstances, i think you and i would have made a great couple".

"Sorry, i don't date guys with the same DNA as me", i said narrowing my eyes, "besides, iv'e already got a boyfriend".

"Really?", said Pickles, putting his hand though the bars of my cell and stroking my cheek, "well i don't see him anywhere".

I jerked my cheek away and snapped my teeth and Pickles' hand. He moved it away quickly, his reflexes much quicker than my own, especially without my powers.

"Ah ah ah", he said, waving his finger at me, "no biting remember?. Anyway, once i get out of here i could get any girl i want. They will all fall at my feet".

"Yeah, and they'll run away as soon as they find out your name's Pickles", piped up Fred with a chuckle.

Pickles turned away from me and snarled at Fred.

"Shut up Tubby", he said with a growl, "Pickles is a cool name. Mother said so".

"Yeah, right", said Fred, rolling his eyes, "and i bet you belive every word 'mummy' tells you".

Pickles roared and punched the wall, leaving a hole in it. He was easily rilled up, not surprising considering the guy had the DNA of the three most short tempered mutants in Bayville coursing through his veins.

"Ya could use those fists of yours ta get us outta here bub", said Wolverine, i narrowed my eyes at the sound of his voice, if there was anyone i could possibly hate more than Pickles right now, it was that guy. He got me into this mess in the first place.

Pickles turned to Wolverine and shook his head.

"Nope, sorry, no can do", he said with a smirk.

"Kid once i get outta here i'll..", began Logan.

"You'll what?", said Pickles with a chuckle, "you'll slice me up?. Even if you DID get out of your cell, which i doubt, you can't touch me. Not only am i invunerable, but i also have the healing factor, you can't harm me".

Wolverine looked like he was about to retort something back when the shrill voice of Morgan ran through the building.

"Oh pickles, come to mummy precious".

"You better run along now Pickles", i sneered, "your mothers calling".

Pickles gave a growl and walked out.

I sighed and sat down, i was fed up of being caged up and couldn't stand being in the same building as Logan, who was frowing at me from across the way.

"Take a picture Claws, it'll last longer", i said with a growl.

"Ya know ever since ya moved ta the Brotherhood, you've become more like ya uncle", said Logan.

"Good", i said crossing my arms, "better him my role model than you".

Logan looked like he was about to say something back when he stopped and turned away from me, muttering to himself. I sighed and leaned against the wall of my cell, drawing my legs up close to my body and wrapping my tail around my feet. Those who knew me well enough would know that i did this when i was upset. I closed my eyes, i missed the rest of the Brotherhood, i missed Lance, i missed my uncle, heck, i even missed Pietro. Above all, i missed Todd.

"I wish Todd was here", i said, mostly to myself.

"Wish granted yo", said a familiar voice.

I sat bolt upright and stood up, walking to the bars of my cell. At the door leading to the cells were Todd, Kitty and Kurt.

"Half-pint, Elf, how did you guys get here?", asked Logan, who had also moved to the front of his cell.

"Lets just say that the people put in your places are, like, really bad actors", said Kitty with a giggle.

"Err guys, vhy haven't you used your powers to get out of here?", asked Kurt, tapping on the bars, "i mean, this should be no problem for any of your three".

"Our cells have some kind of force-field to stop us using our powers", i said, pointing to a box on the wall, "you have to turn off that thing".

"Well thats, like so totally easy", said Kitty, walking up to it, "i'll get you guys out in no time".

She looked at the box for a second before putting her hand right through it. The lights flashed on and off for a second and then everything when back to normal.

"Are they off?", asked Todd looking around.

"Only one way to find out", said Fred, punching the bars of his cell. The front of his cell flew across the room, hitting the cell next to mine.

"I guess thats a yes", i said, blinking.

Suddenly a *bamf*was heard and Kurt disapeared, only to repear in a cloud of brimstone next to me seconds later.

"Vell you vant to get out of here or not?", he asked.

I nodded and grabbed hold of his shoulder. Once again there was a *bamf* and i found myself outside of my cell. Kitty was phasing Logan out of his own. I smiled and let go of Kurt running over to Todd to give him a hug.

"I missed you Froggy", i said happily, "i thought i'd never see you again".

"Hey since when have i ever let you down?", said Todd with a chuckle, "no..wait..don't answer that".

"Okay guys, i hate to break up the love", said Kurt, "but ve have to help the others fight some guy called Pickles. So if you vill all grab onto me, i vill visk you avay to vhere our team mates are vaiting".

I grabbed onto Kurt and waited.




*Bamf*, i found myself with the others standing in a big metal room. All of my team mates were there, as were the X-men. I narrowed my eyes when i saw Pickles and Morgan standing together with three other mutants i have never met,they looked like triplets i assumed these were our stand ins.

"Awww see, they got out", said Morgan with a sigh, "well we can't let them get out and tell everyone about our secret lab now can we?.Imitate.."

"Yes mother", said one of the triplets, walking forward and getting into a fighting stance.

"Oh yeah, a scrap, this is more my style", said my uncle, with a snarl.

Immitate smiled evily and closed his eyes. Before anyone knew what was happening, the guy had changed himself into a dragon. He roared and sent a ball of fire towards Kurt, who mearly teleported out of the way.

"X-men, lets go", said Logan, unleashing his claws and dashing towards Imitate.

He was cut off by what looked like a minotaur, one of the triplets had changed too. A red beam struck the minotaur in the shoulder, i looked over to see Cyclops with his hand to his visor. The minotaur gave a scream as she fell down and changed back into the girl, but only for a second, she was soon changing form again, this time into a bear. I felt the ground begin to shake, Lance was doing his work. As i watched everyone fighting i realised something was wrong. Where was Pickles?. I got my answer as i felt something knock me to the ground. I growled in pain and looked up to see Pickles grinning down at me.

"Care to prove yourself precious?", he said with a smirk.

"Love to", i said, standing up.

Pickles grinned and changed himself into a tiger, but not a normal sized tiger, he was huge, obviously this was what Morgan meant when she said he would have some 'extras'.

"Give them the whole show son", shouted Morgan who had taken a vangate point on a platform overlooking the main room.

Pickles nodded and from his back sprouted a pair of demonic wings.

"Awww man come on!", i said shaking my head.

Pickles snarled at me and swiped a huge paw at my leg, narrowly missing me. There was only one way i could fight him. I concentrated, using my mutant power. I could feel my spine changing, becoming more flexible, i could feel my face and body change shape. My muscles became more powerfull. I have been told that my eyes glow while i change, but i wouldn't know, i don't often change form in front of a mirror. My vison became less sharp, the colours became dulled, they are not important to a feline, movement and shape is. My sense of hearing and smell increased, they told me much more than my eyes did.. Finally i felt the feline mind sweep over my human one. I became a lioness, who wished to defend her pride, to hunt. I stared at the tiger in front of me and sniffed.

~Not real~, my animal mind told me, ~dangerous~.

I snarled and stalked over to the not-real thing, i roared at him.

~Leave now, do not harm my pride~, i told him

The creature blinked at me before narrowing his eyes.

~Make me~, he said.

I gave a roar of rage and swiped a paw at the things face. He gave a growl of pain and stepped back. I smiled to myself, looking at the cut across the creatures face. My eyes widened in shock as the wound closed itself up.

~It's not possible, can't be done~

~Surprise~, he said with a sneer, ~you'll have to do better than that~

He gave a roar and knocked me down to the ground. He pinned me down, digging his claws into my side. I struggled to get up. The thing sneered at me and took a bite out of my leg. I roared in pain. I suddenly felt the weight being knocked off me, quickly and with some force.

"Sid you okay?", said a familiar voice.

I looked up to see a small statured person, my feline mind worked quickly to place him in my memory.

~Todd. Friend. Mate. Member of the pride~

I stuggled to get to my feet, as i put the leg that the creature had bitten down on the floor i felt a rush of pain. I growled and instinctively held it up, so it didn't drag on the ground.

"Looks like it's broken", he spoke again.

I blinked, trying to figure out what he had said. Human words become less imortant to a feline mind, more smell and body language. I decided to give him a purr anyway, he seemed worried.

A sudden roar errupted and i saw the thing run at me again. I limped quickly out of the way, avoiding the stampeeding creature just in time. My ears caught the sound of Todd jumping out of the way and sticking to the wall. The creature turned around and stared me down again.

~You can't fight on three legs~, he said smugly.

~Watch me~, i retorted.

He gave a snarl and spread his wings. He leapt into the air, flapping them and, despite his enormous size, stayed aloft. He roared and dived at me, picking me up in his claws, lifting me up in the air. My feline mind didn't like this one bit, cats were supposed to stay on the ground, not fly. I stuggled to free myself from his grasp, lashing out my claws as far upwards towards the creature as i could. It was then that i hit something,  not bone, not fur, not even flesh, but it tore like paper. It was enough to cause the creature to roar in pain and drop me to the ground. I hit the ground with a thud, but remained concious. I looked up to see the creature go hurtling towards a metal platform. Someone on it was screaming.

~Enemy. Not member of pride. Not worth saving~, my mind told me.

The creature hit the platform, causing it to topple , pieces of metal falling everywhere. The screaming one fell hitting the ground with a sickening thud, becoming almost instantly burried under piles of rubble. The scene would have disgusted a human, but to a feline, such violence is accepted and not given much thought. I strained my vison, i couldn't see the not-real creature. I then saw a chunk of metal making it's way straight for my head. I tried to gather my legs up from under me, but i couldn't, i closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable. It was then i felt a hand touch me, just before the metal hit. The chunk went straight through me. This  caused my feline mind to freak out..

~Impossible, or is it?~

I looked up at the person that had touched me. I couldn't make out the face so i took a scent instead.

~Kitty. Pride member once, friend, still~

She spoke to me but, my feline mind didn't register it. I was starting to feel the pain from my fall. I moved my eyes around me, i saw a few figures standing where the screaming one had fallen. They all smelled as the creature had.

~Not real~

I blinked and lay my head down, starting to feel conciousness slip away. I opened my eyes once more, the protective third eyelids covering them so i could only see some shadowy figures standing over me. I sniffed.

~Pride members. Friends. Safety~

Everything went black.


Chapter 15 - Recovery




Sidney opened her eyes and had to shut them instantly again, blinded by the flow of light and colour. She put her hand to her face and rubbed her temples. Wait..her hands? The last thing Sidney remembered was being in cat how could she be in normal form now? Unless...

"Am i dead?", she said to no one in particular.

"Far from it", came a familiar voice, Charles Xavier.

Sidney opened her eyes slowly, letting her vision ajust to a human one. She looked around at her surroundings, realising she was in the Xavier institutes' infirmary. By her bedside sat Xavier himself, smiling.

"How did i get here?", Sidney asked, moving to sit up, but yelped at the pain it caused, "okay, i won't try that again".

"You fell unconcious towards the end of the battle", explained Xavier, "you took quite a nasty fall, and you lost alot of blood from the bite wound on your leg. Lucky for you, you have your uncle's spirit, you just didn't give up. We brought you here, you needed the medical treatment that we could offer. You have been out for five days".

"Oh", said Sidney, blinking, "what about the others?. Are they.."

"All fine", said the professor with a smile, nodding over to the other side of Sidney's bed, "Todd hasn't moved from your bedside unless he really had to".

Sidney slowly moved her head to where the professor had indicated and, sure enough, there was Todd. He was crouched on a chair fast asleep. At least he looked none the worse for wear.

"How did i change into my normal form?", Sidney asked, confused, "i mean, i was in cat form when i went out".

"I managed to persuade your brain to change into your normal form", said the professor, tapping his head, "it helps with the healing process if you stay in one form, and it would be best if you were in the one you could communicate to people with".

"I understand professor", said Sidney, nodding.

"Ahhh so sleepin' beauty's finally awake", came a voice from by the door.

Sidney looked over to see her uncle coming in. She smiled.

"Hey uncle Vic", she said, "i didn't think i'd find you here".

"You kidin' me?", said Sabertooth, "i won't leave my niece fer anythin'. Not even if Logan wants me out. Hows she doin' Charles?".

"She's fine", said Xavier, "she just needs plenty of rest. Her leg is broken, and she has a few bruised ribs, but other than that, she'll be okay. I'll leave you alone".

With that the professor wheeled out of the infirmary.

"How did you managed to convince him to let you stay here uncle Vic?", asked Sidney, "i mean, they don't like most of the Brotherhood at the best of times. But i know they really don't like you".

"I just told 'em i wasn't leavin' until you did", he said with a chuckle, "ya shoulda seen the runt's face".

Sidney smiled then narrowed her eyes.

"So did we win?", she asked, "i mean, what happened to all those nutcases?".

"We won", said Sabertooth with a solem nod, "when ya clawed at that Pickles guy, ya tore his wing membrane, its some sorta achillies heel, he dropped ya right away. He hit the platform that Morgan was on an' she fell off, died as soon as she hit the bottom, the platform fell on her then. The triplets just stood there then walked off, sayin' somethin' about them bein' free mutants and that they were gonna go live in England".

"What about Pickles?" asked Sidney looking up, "we got him...right?".

Sabertooth gave a sigh, he obviously had wanted to avoid the subject.

"We don't know Kiddo", he said, shaking his head, "we couldn't find him in the rubble an' me an' Logan couldn't track him. If he is alive, he's far away by now".

"You hope", said Sidney with a sigh, "so when can i go home?".

"I don't know", said Sabertooth, "ya want me ta go find out fer ya?".

"That would be nice", said Sidney with a smile, "the sooner i'm outta here, the better".

Sabertooth nodded and walked out. Sidney gave a sigh and moved her hand through her hair, she felt uneasy knowing that Pickles could still be out there.. A movement caught her eye, Todd was waking up. She grinned to herself and closed her eyes, pretending to be still sleeping. Todd yawned and looked over at Sid.

"Still not up then?", he said with a sigh, standing up and looking down at his girlfriend. Sidney suddenly opened her eyes.

"Boo", she shouted.

Todd jumped 20 feet in the air, literally, he hit his head on the celing and landed on the chair he had been sleeping on.

"Ouch, that hurt", he said, rubbing his head, then looked at Sidney, "really funny yo".

"I thought it was", said Sidney contentedly.

"Well its good ta see that ya personality's not hurt", said Todd with a chuckle.

"Yeah, well the rest of me hurts, trust me", said Sidney, rubbing her side, "hey it was nice for you to sit at my bedside".

"Hey, did ya expect me ta just leave ya alone?", said Todd, "anyway, the tension thats in the mansion is'nt nice, i tell ya".

"Don't tell me everyone else stayed too?", said Sidney, raising an eyebrow.

"Are ya kiddin' me?", said Todd with a laugh, "the whole Brotherhood's here. None of us are gonna leave one of our own. Where on of us goes, the rest go. Summers an' Logan ain't too happy about it".

"I bet Lance is", said Sidney, "he gets to spend all of his time with Kitty".

"Ya should see the permenant grin he's got on his face", said Todd, rolling his eyes, "Daniels an' Pietro keep tryin' ta kill each other. Ya uncle an' Logan look like they could tear inta each others throats at any second".

"I'd better heal fast", said Sidney with a sigh, "or i won't be the only one stuck in this infirmary".

"Well it won't take long", said Sabertooth, coming back in, the professor says that ya can go back home in a few days, as long as ya rest when ya get there, ya can heal just as good at the Brotherhood place than here".

"Thanks uncle Vic", said Sidney with a smile, closing her eyes again, "you'd think after being asleep for five days, i wouldn't be tired. But i'm exhausted".

"Ya should get some sleep", said Sabertooth, ruffling Sidneys hair.

"Yeah i know", said Sidney with a sigh, then turned to Todd, "you should get some sleep too. I promise you i won't die now, so you can go to bed".

"Well..if ya gonna be okay..", said Todd, not happy about leaving Sidney's bedside, "i guess ya right, i am tired".

Todd stood up and kissed Sidney on the forehead, before heading out.

"Ya really like that frog-boy don't ya?", said Sabertooth with a chuckle.

"Yeah, i do", said Sidney falling asleep.




The next day came quickly and Sidney was happily sitting up in her bed. She sighed and looked out of the infirmary window, she couldn't wait to get back to the Brotherhood house. The mansion was nice, but it just reminded of her when she lived there, she had to remind herself that she wasn't an X-ma...woman anymore, she was a member of the Brotherhood, and proud of it. A sudden gust of wind swept through the infirmary.

"Hello Pietro", said Sidney with a sigh.

In a split second, Pietro was siting next to her bed.

"Hey  Sid", he said with a grin, "how ya feeling?".

"Like i've been run over by a steam roller", said Sidney, "but hey, i'll be better once i get out of bed".

"You know Pietro, you really should learn to walk more", said Lance, walking in, followed by Fred and Todd.

"Me? Walk?", said Pietro shaking his head, "thats never goning to happen".

"Yeah, well you'll have to slow down for me", said Sidney with a chuckle, "while i've got this broken leg anyway".

"I'll try, but i'm not promising anything", said Pietro with a laugh, "i live life fast, it's not easy for me to slow down".

"Yeah..we know", said Lance rolling his eyes, he reached in his pocket and pulled out a baseball cap with the words ' i survived the drop of death' written across it, "here ya go Sid".

"What the heck is this?", she asked taking the hat off Lance and reading the words, "and whats the 'drop of death'?".

"Well me and Kitty went to the opening of the 'drop of death' at that new theme park. Her mom gave her tickets for it for her birthday, remember?", he said with a smile, "we got the hat for you, thought it might cheer you up".

"Okay", said Sidney with a raised eyebrow, putting the hat on,  "thanks..i guess. So did you enjoy yourself with Kitty?".

"Oh yeah", said Lance laughing, "nothings more romantic than hurtling head first down twenty stories at neckbreaking speeds while trying to keep your lunch down".

"Mmmm sounds like fun", said Sidney shaking her head, "but at least you got out and spent some quality time with Kitty".

"Yeah..quality time", chuckled Lance, "it took me an hour just to calm her down and get her to walk again after that ride".

"Great, so how are the rest of you guys doing after..well you know", said Sidney with a sigh.

"I'm okay", said Fred, "invunerability helps alot".

"None of them could even touch me", said Pietro, laughing, "no one can catch Quicksilver".

"Here he goes again", muttered Todd.

"Hey it's the truth", said Pietro putting his hands on his hips, "anyway,i don't think the freaky trpilets even WANTED to fight us".

"Well they left quickly enough", said Lance, "they didn't even cause a scene after Morgan was killed".

"Yeah, they just walked away", said Fred with a shrug.

"Am i the only one thats uneasy about the fact that Pickles could still be out there?", asked Sidney hugging her chest.

"Don't worry about it Sid", said Todd, sitting down on the bed and putting his arm around Sidney's shoulders, "even if he IS anywhere around Bayville, he won't try anythin'. He wont attack us all if were together".

"Yeah.. i guess your right", said Sidney with a sigh, "i just hope that he really has gone".




The days went by quickly and Sidney was finally able to go home. She was standing outside of the intitute, leaning on her crutches, her leg still in plaster. Lance was packing up their possesions into his jeep. Pietro, Fred and Todd came out of the institute carrying their bags. The professor wheeled out after them.

"You know you are quite welcome to stay", he said.

"No thanks pops", said Lance, taking the guy's bags and putting them into the jeep, "we've been away from home long enough".

"I understand", said the professor with a nod of his head,then he turned to Sidney, "take it easy on your leg Sidney. And remember, don't change form until your fully healed".

"Okay professor", said Sidney with a smile as Todd helped her get into the jeep, "and thanks for your help".

Lance got in the driving seat and started up the jeep, driving off.

Sidney sighed and let the wind blow through her hair, she was glad be be outside again. She hated ebing trapped in one place. She smiled as they turned to corner and headed up the driveway of the Brotherhood house. Her smiled turned to a frown when they got to the top of the driveway. The house had been burned to the ground.

"What the heck?", said Lance, slamming on the brakes.

"What happened to the house?", said Fred.

Everyone got out and walked to the burnt remains that had been their home. Sidney blinked.

"How did this happen?", she said shaking her head.

"Hey guys, you better come and look at this", said Pietro, he was standing away from the house by a patch of grass.

The others walked over, Sidney following a little slower on her crutches. In the patch of grass there was one word scrotched into the grass. REVENGE. The sound of an approaching motorcycle made everyone turn their heads. Sabertooth came up the driveway and stopped dead. He jumped off the bike and took off his helmet.

"You guys have been here for less than five minutes and ya already burnt the house ta the ground?", he said, shaking his head.

"It wasn't us Sabertooth", said Lance, pointing to the ground, "look".

Sabertooth looked at the grass and sniffed the air. He growled.

"Pickles", he said with a snarl.

"Pickles?", said Sidney, worriedly, "he was here?".

"He ain't here now", said Sabertooth, "but i didn't sense him at all, and iv'e been tryin' ta find him since the fight. How the heck did he get past me?".

"What are we going to do?", said Fred with a sigh.

"Looks like were going to have to take up that offer from Xavier", said Lance with a sigh.

"Oh man, do we have to?", said Pietro crossing his arms.

"We don't really have a choice Speedy", said Lance, "besides, Sidney needs to be somewhere she can rest. We can't let her get hurt again".

"Hey, i'm not helpless", protested Sidney, "but i guess your right. I mean, it's not like we have to become X-geeks, it's just a place to crash right?".

"Dont' worry about it kids", said Sabertooth, "if they try anythin' they'll be sorry".

The other members of the Brotherhood nodded solenmly. In one sudden twist of fate, their lives were changed forever.