Chapter 6 - The black tulip

The entire student body of Bayville high were  gathered in the hall for the morning assembly. The students were still half-asleep, the way most school students are when the school day starts. The few students that were awake were chattering to amongst themselves. Kurt was telling a joke to Rogue, who was one of the less awake stdents and so kept trying to swat Kurt away. Evan and Pietro were bickering, again, while Lance was trying his best to impress Kitty.

"Thats nice Lance", said Kitty, rolling her eyes, not really listening to the story he was telling her.

"So Kitty", said Lance with a smile, brushing back his hair, "you've served your time now, so you can go out again, right?".

"Yes Lance", said Kitty with a smile, "me and Sid are free teenagers again. Why?".

"Well i was just wondering if.. you'd like to go grab a burger after school...with me".

"I'd love to", said Kitty with a smile, "i'd have to, like, ask Mr Logan, but he should be okay, me and Sid were really good when we were grounded".

"Cool", said Lance with a grin.

Meanwhile, Sidney had fallen asleep next to Todd. It was just then that principal Kelly walked to his stand.

"Alright students, simmer down", he said speaking into the microphone, "lets have your full attention, shall we?".

Todd gave Sidney a poke.

"Hey Sid", he said, "ya better wake up".

"But i don't want to sit on the dinosaur mummy", she muttered in her sleep, then opened one eye, "Todd? Did i fall asleep again?".

"Yes Sid, you fell asleep again", said Todd, rolling his eyes, "unless ya want ta end up in more trouble, i'd wake up if i were you, Kelly's talkin'".

"Okay i'm up, i'm up", said Sidney, sitting up and rubbing her eyes, "he never says anything important anyway".

All this time, Principal Kelly had been rambling on about various school activites and how the students needed to learn how to work harder.

"And finally, the school has obtained a reward for some of our more gifted students".

The entire teenage mutant population of Bayville looked up.

"The star athlete's have been treated to an all-expenses-paid dinner for two at a restaurant of their choice", said Kelly with a smile.

Both X-men and Brotherhood members relaxed.

"The lucky students are: Duncan Mathews,  Brock Edwards, Pietro Maximoff and Evan Daniels", said Kelly, clapping, "well done to you all".

Brock and Duncan cheered and slapped each other on the back while Pietro and Evan just stared at each other.

"Well that will be all for this morning students", said Kelly, "thank you for your attention,  i know that it was a challenge for your short attention spans to listen for a full half-hour. I will now let you go back to your learning experience".

With that, Kelly walked off, mumbling about how he wished he'd chosen a better career.




By lunch time, all the female students at Bayville high were trying to find Pietro, knowing that the dinner ticket was for two. Duncan had already asked Jean if he could take her, and she accepted, much to the annyoance of Scott. Brock was taking one of the cheerleaders and Evan... Evan was sitting at a table wondering what to do with his prize.

Kurt came up grinning.

"Vow vhat a stroke of luck Evan", he said, stiing down next to the young mutant.

"Yeah", sid Rogue with a smile, walking up "now you have and excuse to aske Sidney out".

"You really think she'd go with me?", asked Evan, a slight smile appearing on his face.

"Eeets vorth a shot", said Kurt with a shrug.

"An' ya'll can always go fer the pitty play", said Rogue with a smile, "make yourself look pathetic enough and she'll feel sorry for ya'll. She'll go out with you outta pitty".

"I don't think so", said Evan with a sigh, "i don't want to make myself seem desprate.

"Evan if you are?", asked Kurt with a raised eybrow, getting a glare from Evan.

"Hey guys whatcha talking about?".

The three spun round to see Sidney approaching the table.

"Oh nothing much Sid", said Kurt, "ve vere just talking vith Evan, finding out vhat he's going to do vith his prize".

"Oh yeah", said Sidney, sitting down, "congrats on the win Evan. So what are you going to do with it?".

"Oh look Kurt", said Rogue suddenly out loud, "theres some new snacks in the vending machine all the way over there. Lets check it out".

"But i vant to stay here and listen to..."

"I said lets check it out", said Rogue, pulling Kurt away from the table.

"Okay okay, you don't have to pull", said Kurt as he was dragged away.

"Okay..that was weird", said Sidney raising an eyebrow at the pair.

"Yeah", said Evan with a nervous chuckle.

He took a deep breath, it was now or never.

"", he said, rubbing the back of his neck, "i was kinda wondering if...well you'd like to..umm..go to the dinner with me. I mean, if you want to".

Before Sidney could reply, Pietro had sped up, hearing the entire conversation.

"Oh come on Daniels as if a classy lady like Sid would want to go to that dinner with you when she could go with me", he said, throwing Sidney a grin.

"Push off Maximoff", said Evan with a frown, "i asked her first".

"Yeah, but i'm so much better than you".

"No your not"

"Yes i am".

"Get lost"

"You get lost".

"Hey guys", said Sidney, drumming her fingers on the table, "don't i get a say in this?".

The boys were too deep in their argument to here her.

"Come on Daniels, she obviously wants to go out with me".

"Where did you get that from, the time she flattened you and nearly took your head off?".

"Oh you had to bring that up didn't you?. Well i can beat you any day of the weeks for Sidney".

"Yeah right".

"SHUT UP!", came a snarl.

The boys turned around to see a VERY angry looking Sidney.

"I am NOT a prize to be won", she said, crossing her arms, "but if you two are going to act soooo immature about this, i'll set you guys a little challenge".

"A challenge?", said Pietro, perking up at the word, "well i'm an expert at meeting challenges. I'm in".

"Yeah, me too", said Evan frowning at Pietro.

"Fine", said Sidney, narrowing her eyes and giving and evil grin, by now the whole caffereria was watching, "the first of you to bring me a black tulip will get to take me out to dinner. You two up to it?"

"Cake-walk", said Pietro with a grin, "Daniels might as well give up now, while he's ahead".

"Don't call me out for the count yet Pietro", said Evan with a smile, "i'll find that flower before you, no problem".

With that, the boys stared at each other for a second more before storming off in opposite directions.

"Wow", said Kitty, comming up from where she had been listening to sit next to Sidney, "that was,like, weird. Don't you think your being a bit cruel though?".

"Not really", said Sidney with a shrug, "they want to treat me like a prize they have to pay the price".

"But theres, like, no such thing as a black tulip".

"I know that. You know that", said Sidney with an evil grin, "but they don't know that".




Evan sat on the sidewalk and sighed. Since school had left out he'd visited every flower shop in Bayville. When he asked for a black tulip, the shop assistants either laughed at him or told him to leave. He couldn't understand it. He looked up to see and old flower shop across the street he hadn't visited yet. He decided he'd give it a shot, it was his last hope.He crossed the street and entered the shop. The bell above the shop door gave a tinkle as he entered, the place was like a jungle, filled with flowers of all varieties, but Evan couldn't see any black tulips. He decided he needed help with this, he walked over to the counter where an elderly lady was sitting, arranging a flower display. When she saw Evan she looked up and smiled.

"How can i help you young man?", she asked with a kindly smile.

"HI", said Evan, "i was wondering if you had any black tulips?. Iv'e looked everywhere and i can't find one anywhere!".

"Another one!", exclaimed the old lady with a sigh, "another young man came here earlier on today looking for one of them. Very impaitient if i remember correctly".

Evan frowned, Pietro had pipped him to the post, he still had a shot of getting a flower to Sid before Pietro,  assuming that Loagn wouldn't let the guy in the institute grounds.

"So i was wondering if you could help me?", asked Evan, giving his best inocent boy smile.

The old lady tutted and shook her head.

"I'll tell you the same thing i told the other young man", she said with a sigh, "there is no such flower as a black tulip. Tuilps come in many colours, but not black".

"What?", said Evan, his eyes widening, "but thats what Sidney asked for. She said that she'd take out whoever gave her a black tulip first".

"Ahhh so that explains the other boy and why you two are so desperate to get that flower", she said with a smile, "a girl's involved. Well i'm afraid youv'e both been fooled".

"Great", said Evan with a sigh, "i guess i deserved it".

He looked thoughtfull for a second then smiled.

"Hey can i buy a white tulip please?", he asked, getting out his wallet.

"Of course", said the woman, picking out a single white tulip, "take it".

"For free?", asked Evan.

"Sure thing young man", said the old lady with a smile, "it looks like you need it. Besides, your much more polite than your freind. Good luck".

"Thanks. Your the coolest", said Evan with a smile, leaving the shop, making a mental note to thanks his parents and aunt for teaching him how to keep his manners.

He got on his skateboard and dashed to the mall, he had a plan.




Sidney sighed contentedley from her place on her balcony. She had got rid of Pietro ages ago, who came whining that there was no such flower and that she was a cruel, cruel person. Sidney had just laughed and told him that it would teach him to treat girls with more respect and closed the door on him. He'd running off, shouting that he could take out any girl he wanted. She told him she didn't really care. She was now aiting for Evan to show up, expecting the same scenario from him. Pietro and Evan were so alike, it was strange that they were enemies. Sidney was sure they must have been freinds at one point, and something caused them to start this bitter rivalry between them. She was deep in her thoughts when she heard a knock at her door. She rolled her eyes and prepared for take take two. She opened her door to see a sheepish looking Evan holding a white tulip.

"Well well", said Sidney with a raised eyebrow, "at least you brought a tulip, more than Pietro did. But it isn' black. I guess youv'e figured theres no such flower then?"

"Yeah", said Evan with a sigh, "i know i was an idiot and i deserved what came to me. I shouldn't have treated you like a prize in me and Pietro's rivalry".

"Got it in one", said Sidney, crossing her arms, "i must admit, i'm impressed. I had to tell Pietro all of this".

"Yeah, well i can understand if you never want to talk to me again", said Evan, "but i do have something for you. You say sorry".

He showed her the white tulip and pulled out a spray can from behind his back. He sprayed the tulip, with it, making the flower turn black. He handed the flower to Sidney.

"Interesting", said Sidney, taking the flower, "i guess your forgiven then".

Evan nodded solemnley and stared to walk away.

"So when are we going to dinner then?".

Evan spun around.

"What?..but i....", he started to say, wide-eyed.

"You brought me a black tulip did you not?", said Sidney holding up the wilting, dripping spray covered flower, "well...sort of. You won the bet".

"Really?", said Evan smiling, "you'd really go to dinner with me?".

"Hey i keep my promises", said Sidney with a smile, "besides, it was kinda sweet of you to go to this trouble".

"Wow, okay then", said Evan, aware that he was blushing furiously, "what about Thursday, you pick the restaurant".

"Okay", said Sidney with a smile, heading back into her room, "Thursday it is".

Evan smiled as he watched Sidney head back to her room and ran into Kurts. He bust into Kurt room with a shout of happiness and did a dance.

"She's going to dinner with me", he sang happily, "she's going to dinner with me".

"I guess ve have esablished she's going to dinner vith you", said Kurt, looking from his homework, "i can't belive you didn't know that there vas no such thing as a black tulip. Even I know that. So vhat did you do?".

"Well Kurt, i appologised whole heartedly", said Evan with a big grin, "and i kinda spray painted a white tulip black".

"Oooooooh i'm impressed", said Kurt with a grin, "quick thinking Spyke-man. So when are you going to take her to dinner?"

"Thursday", said Evan with a smile, "i told her she can pick the restaurant".

"Smooth move", said Kurt with a nod, "chicks love that. So you nervous?".

"Couldn't be more terrifed".




Before long Thrusday had come. Sidney had chosen an old fashioned restaurant. Apparently, they served the best steak in the world and Sidney had loved the place as a child. Evan was waiting nervously in the commong room pacing the room and glancing at the clock. Storm looked up from the book she was reading and smiled at her nephew.

"Don't worry so Evan", she said, "you look fine. It's only a dinner after all, no reason to get so worked up".

"I know", said Evan, looking at his aunt, "it's just..iv'e been waiting all week for this, i want it to be perfect. Do you really think i look alright?".

He was wearing his best shirt and pants, along with a tie, his jacket was still flung over the chair.

"Yes Evan", said Storm with a smile, "you look very handsome. Sidney's a lucky girl".

"Thanks auntie O", said Evan blushing.

It was then that Sidney chose to walk into the common room. She was dressed in a low-cut top whitch stoped at her midrift. The sleaves were long and bell-bottomed a pashmina around her shoulder She wore a dress, which was very rare for her along with high heeled shoes. A very differnt attire to her usual jeans, T-shirt and combat boots. Her hair had been tied up in a pony tail and looked like ti had been tamed, slightly. Evan looked at her, open-mouthed and wided eyed.

"Wow Sid", he fianlly managed to get out, "you".

"Well you don't look to shabby yourself Porcupine", said Sidney with a laugh, "so you reay to go?".

"Yeah sure", said Evan, comming out of his daze and grabbing his jacket.

"Good", said Sidney with a smile, holding aout her arm, "shall we".

"We shall", said Evan with a smile, taking Sidneys arm in his own and heading out, "see you auntie O".

"Have fun you two", said Orono, watching the pair leave.

"Porcupine and Tiger gone?", asked Logan comming in.

"Yes, Evans really nervous, i think if he had stayed here any longer, he would have paced a hole in the floor".

"Well i saw the Tiger", said Logan sitting down, "she cleans up pretty good".

"Well a'h should think so", said Rogue comming in follwed by kitty.

"Yeah it took me and Rogue, like,  two hours to persuade her to wear a dress", said Kitty.

"An' don't even get me started on me tryin' ta tame that mop on her head", said Rogue sitting down exhausted.

"Well you girls did a lovely job", said Storm with a smile.




The restaurant that Sidney had chosen was exactly as she had described it. It had an old fanshioned feel to it, like it had been there for decades. Sidney had ordered a rare steak, saying being so cat-like, she thought that it tasted better rare instead of  well cooked. Evan decided against the rare steak for himself, ordering some chicken instead. The dinner had gone quiet well in Evans perspective and he was disapointed when it had come to an end. As they left the restraunt, Sidney looked over at the theater and smiled.

"Hey you want to see half a musical?", she asked Evan with a grin.

"Yeah, but i haven't got much money", he started.

"Who said anything about money?", said Sidney, grabbing him by the arm, follow me.

They came to the entance where some of the audience of the musical were stood ouside, taking a breather or having a cigarette while the intermission was on. An attendant came and opened the door, and the people started to walk in.

"Just pretend your with one of the adults", said Sidney with a smile, walking in.

Evan did as he was told and was surprised that he was let in. The group entered the theater and were ushered to their seats. Evan entered the darkened room and looked around for Sidney, he was suddenly yanked into an isle. Sidney looked at him with a smile, her eyes shining in the dark despite her image inducer.

"See i told you we didn't have to pay", she said, indicating to the musical that had started again, "of course, you have to watch it from halfway through, but you get the jist of it".

"Cool", said Evan stting down next to Sidney to watch the musical.

After the musical had ended, it was getting close to cerfew time, so Evan and Sidney walked back to the institute.

"Thanks for taking me to dinner Evan", said Sidney once they got back to the institute, "i actually had a great time".

"Me too", said Evan with a smile, "and i can't belive that it didn't cost us a penny".

"Hey like they say",  Sidney said, then sang, "the best things in life are free".

"Yeah", said Evan, "thanks for comming with me. I didn't think you'd come".

"Hey, like i said, i keep my promises", said Sidney, "but i'll admit, i had more fun than i thought i would. So thanks".

She gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked upstairs.

"Goodnight Porcupine", she said with a smile before disapearing into her room.

"Yeah goodnight Sid", said Evan with a sigh.

"Had a good time?", asked Storm, walking out of the kitchen.

"Oh hi auntie O", said Evan, nodding, "yeah i had the best time ever".

"Good", said Storm ruffling her nephew's hair, "now off to bed with you, it's late".

"Okay, goodnight auntie O", said Evan going into his own room, feeling happier than he had done in a long time.




Sidney walked along the darkened alleyway cautiously. She heard a can being kicked and spun around, her ears moving to pinpoint the direction of the sound. She was currently in the form of a tiger, and was using the cat's heightened senses to her advantage. Suddenly a group of men with rifles came out of the darkness towards her. She gave a snarl and went into a full-fledged assault on her attackers, spreading them in all directions. When the last of the men had retreated she smiled a feline smile and purred proudly, washing a paw. Suddenly she felt a burning pain in her side and felt herself being catapulted across the alley. She hit the wall on the other side with a yelp and fell to the ground. She looked up in shock at her attacker. It was Todd!. She gave a snarl and changed into her normal form.

"Stop the simulation", she shouted angrilly.

The alleyway around her faded and frazzled out, as did the holograph of Todd.

"What do you think your doin' Tiger?", shouted Logan, coming into the danger room, "you know the rules. Don't call off a simulation unless your really hurt. How many times to i have to tell you kids that?".

Sidney gave a low growl and her tail started to twich, a sure sign she was irritated.

"I was promised that Todd wouldn't be in my danger room simulations", she said, "i will NOT fight against him".

"Tiger", said Logan with a voice that showed his paitence was fading fast, "the danger room shows ya likey situtions that you could get inta. I'm just gettin' ya prepared for what's likely ta happen".

Sidney shook her head violentley.

"Todd would never attack me", she said, "and i would never attack him".

"How can ya be sure of that Tiger?",  said Logan with a low growl, " in case ya haven't forgotten, he's a member of the Brotherhood, and if he's ordered to attack ya, he probably will. Do ya really trust him?".

Sidney growled angrily, her hackles raising, she couldn't belive what she was hearing.

"I trust Todd with my life", she said, then gave a grunt, "i know what this is about. I know you guys have something against Todd. He told me about his 'auditon'. No one else got that treatment, why did the professor make Todd go through it?".

"Because people like him don't deserve ta be in a place like this", said Logan angrilly, "at least the audition got rid of him".

"Really?", said Sidney with a snarl, "then maybe i don't belong here either".

With that she pushed Logan out of the way and headed out of the danger room. Logan heard her storm upstairs and slam her bedroom door.





A few hours later, Logan was sitting in the common room watching tv. He was flipping aimlesley through the chanels, feeling guilty for the way he had talked to Sidney. He knew he shouldn't have used Todd in an exercise for her  He groaned. He knew how much she cared about the Toad, even if he couldn't stand the guy. Dispite what he'd told the professor, the fact that Sidney was Sabertooth's niece WAS a problem for him, and he berated himself for letting it be. He got up with a sigh and headed upstairs, he needed to talk to Sidney, so he could get her to at least understand that what he had done was in her best intrests. He got to her closed bedroom door and knocked on it.

"Tiger", he said through the wood, " i need a talk to ya".

He got no response. Logan figured she must be sulking.

"Tiger?", he said knocking once again.

He go no reply once again. Logan tried the door handle and was surprised to find that the door wasn't locked. He took a deep breath and entered the room. He stoped dead as soon as he had entered. The room was empty. All of Sidney's possesions had been cleared away,her X-men uniform was on her bed and her image inducer lay on her dressing table. The French windows leading to the rooms balcony were open, curatins blowing gently in the breeze. Sidney had gone.


Chapter 7  -  Change of heart

In the Brotherhood house, Lance was sitting alone watching the WWE on televison. The other members of the Brotherhood had gone out to get food, so he was enjoying the peace and quiet...Well if you could call watching men trying to tear each other to pieces peace and quiet.

"Go on hit him!", shouted Lance at the televison, "suplex! Suplex!. Aww come on my granny could hit better than that!".

He was interrupted by a knock on the door. Frowning he stood up and backed out of the living room, his eyes still on the tv. Once he was out of sight range he turned to the door.

"I don't know why you guys are knocking, you all have keys", he said opening the door.

He stopped short when he saw Sidney stood by the door, looking like she was both very angry and very upset. She had a suitcase in one hand and her guitar case slung over her back.

"Hey Lance", she said with a sigh.

"Hey Sid", said Lance, "Todd isn't in right now, he's gone shopping with the guys that a suitcase?".

"Yeah it is", said Sidney, "i kinda had a fight with Logan and left the institute. Is it okay if i stay here?. Todd did say that i was welcome to come if i needed to".

"Uuh yeah..sure", said Lance, "you can stay here. Here, let me help you with that".

He reached to get her suitcase.

"No it's okay, i've got it", said Sidney with a chuckle,as independant as ever "but if you could find me a room i'll be really grateful".

"You got it", said Lance, showing her to an empty room upstairs.

"It isn't as glamourous as one of those rooms in the mansion", he said, looking around the room, "but its standing".

"It perfect", said Sidney with a smile, "it's inbetween the mansion and the farmhouse, it's just right for me. Thanks Lance".

"Your welcome. I'll leave you to unpack", said Lance, starting to walk out, then stopped by the door, "hey are you okay?".

"Yeah, i think so", said Sidney with a sigh, "it's taken me this long to realise that i really didn't fit in at the mansion. I'll be okay once iv'e settled in, thanks".

"Okay, if you need anything, just give a holler", said Lance leaving the room.

Sidney sighed and looked around her new room. Lance was right, it wasn't plush, but it was enough for her. She unpacked her stuff and lay down on her bed,  she was exhausted, she hadn't got any rest after her danger room session and she could use some sleep.




A few hours later Todd, Pietro and Fred came in through the Brotherhood's door, laden with shopping bags.

"Honey i'm hoooooooome", shouted Pietro, "and iv'e got foooooooood!".

"Hey guys", said Lance a smug smile on his face, "weve got another recruit".

The three other boys looked at Lance like he had gone insane.

"What are you talkin' about Rocky?", asked Todd, cautiously putting his shopping bags down.

"Is it someone we know?", asked Pietro.

"See for yourself", said Lance, pointing to the stairs where Sidney was walking down, rubbing her eyes and yawning.

"Hey guys", she said with a smile noticing the others were home.

"Sid?", asked Todd, wide-eyed.

"What's SHE doing here?", demanded Pietro, pointing at Sidney.

"I live here", said Sidney, then smiled, "hey i didn't realise how good that would sound".

"YOUR the new recruit?", asked Fred, blinking.

"Yep. To put a long story short, i had a fight with Logan, and..well, here i am", she smiled and pointed at Fred, "your not sneezing".

"Errrr no i'm not", said Fred, "i went out and got some allergy treatment. Good thing i did if your living here now".

"So your one of us now?", asked Todd.

"Yep", said Sidney with a smile, "looks like i'm a member of the Brotherhood now".

She saw the shopping bags and smiled.

"Hey what do you say i cook something for dinner tonight?", she said with a grin, "i don't offer to cook very often, so if you want to try my cooking, i may not offer again for a long time".

"Sure", said Lance with a smile, "that would be great".

Sidney smiled and walked off into the kitchen, taking a few shopping bags with her.

"She CAN cook right Todd?", asked Lance, worriedly.

"Can she ever", said Todd with a smile, " and she makes the best choc-chip cookies on the planet".

"Mmmm", said Fred with a smile, "i like her already".





Meanwhile, back at the institute, Xavier was breaking the news to the rest of his students.

"She's gone?", asked Kurt wide-eyed.

"Yes", said the professor with a sigh, "she had a...disagreement with Logan and she left out of her window".

"I can't belive it", said Kitty, shaking her head, "Sid was, like, so happy here, why would she want to leave?".

"The same reason a'h left the Brotherhood", said Rogue, "she didn't feel like she belonged here".

"I bet she's run off to live with the Brotherhood", said Jean bitterly.

"More than likely Jean", said Xavier, "but remember, we can't force anyone to live here if they don't want to. Remember that, it's her choice and you should respect that".

The students nodded sadly and left the professors study, talking amongst themselves. Evan had been very quiet.

"You okay Porcupine?", asked Rogue, putting an arm around Evan's shoulder.

"Not really", said Evan with a sigh, "i thought she liked me. But she obviously doesn't. I got ditched for the Toad".

"Ah'm sorry Evan", said Rogue, "ya'll really liked her didn't ya?".

"Yeah", said Evan, closing his eyes, "look i appreciate your concern Rogue, but right now, i just want to be by myself. Okay?"

"Yeah sure thing", said Rogue, giving Evan's shoulder a pat, "but if ya'll want ta talk, ya'll know where ta find me".

Evan nodded and went to his room. Rogue sighed and watched him go. The poor guy looked heart-broken.

Back in the professors study, Logan was staring through the window.

"It's my fault the Tiger bolted Chuck", he said, shaking his head, "i shouldn't have let my feelings against Sabertooth effect the way i treated her".

"It isn't your fault Logan", said the professor, shaking his head, "i have a feeling that she would have left us before long anyway. Her family and her...and Todd are in the Brotherhood. She had more reason to live there than here".

"I know", said Logan with a sigh, "i just shouldn't have been so hard on her".

"You shouldn't blame yourself old freind", said Charles, "but if i know you, your going to brood over it anyway".

"Ya know me too well Chuck", said Loagn with a half-hearted chuckle.

Xavier nodded and started to wheel out of his study.

"Now if you don't mind, i'm going to make a visit to the Brotherhood house".

He was stopped at the door by Evan.

"Professor, if your going over there, can i come with you?", he asked.

"Well..i don't know Evan..", said the professor with a sigh.

"Please?", said Evan pleadingly.

"Okay", said the professor, deafeated, "but you can't try to convince her to come back".

"Oh i won't professor", said Evan shaking his head, "i just want to say goodbye".

With that, Evan and the professor got into the professors car, driven by Storm, and headed for the brotherhood house.




At the Brotherhood house, everyone was tucking into Sidney's dinner. Even Pietro had to admit, the girl could cook. There was a knock at the door and Pietro sped away to answer it, in half a second, he had returned with a scowl on his face.

"Baldy's here", he said, crossing his arms, "and he's got Daniels with him".

"You want me to go bust some heads?", asked Fred, slamming his fist into his hand.

"No thanks Freddy, i'll think i'll take this on my own", said Sidney with a smile, standing up and walking to the door, "don't worry guys, i'm not going anywhere".

She walked outside and true enough there was Xavier, with Spyke leaning against the car, looking at the ground.

"Hello Sidney", said the professor with a smile.

"Hey professor", said Sidney with a sigh, "look, i'm sorry if i caused you any grief, but i finally realised where i belong".

"Don't worry about it Sidney", said Xavier with a wave of his hand, "you don't have to excuse yourself. I have come to bring you something you forgot".

He reached in his jacket and brought out Sidney's image inducer.

"Awww but i don't deserve this", said Sidney with a sigh, "i'm not part of the X-men anymore".

"I know Sidney", said the professor, "but you need it to go to school. You ARE still planning to go to school right?".

"Well yes, of course i am", said Sidney, sheepishy taking the image inducer back, "thanks professor".

"Well, good luck Sidney", said the professor wheeling back to the car.

He stopped when he came to by where Evan was standing, looking down at the ground.

"If you need to say anything, i suggest you get it off your chest now Evan", said the professor sympathetically, "it doesn't do any good to keep things inside. Your aunt and i will wait in the car for you".

"Thanks professor", said Evan sadly and walked over to Sidney, "hey Sid".

"Hey Evan", said Sidney with a smile, "you okay?".

"I can understand why you left", he said with a sigh, "i wish that you hadn't. Your the most...amazing girl that i've ever met. I like you alot Sidney, and i'm loosing you already".

Sidney blinked for a second, she hadn't been expecting this.

"Look Evan", she said with a sigh, "i 'm afraid i don't feel the same way.I'm sorry to disapoint you Procupine. Your a nice guy and all but..."

"But", Evan gave a sigh, "you like Todd don't you?".

Sidney gave a nod.

"Yeah, i do. In fact, i think i only realised it a few hours ago. Todd doesn't even know yet", she said with a smile, "look Evan, your a great guy, and i have no doubt in my mind that you'll find someone who's perfect for you. She'll be a lucky girl, but she isn't me".

"Yeah, thanks Sid", said Evan with a sigh, "i guess your right. Well... i hope you'll be happy here".

"Thanks i will be", said Sidney, giving Evan a kiss on the cheek, "goodbye Porcupine".

"Goodbye Sid", said Evan with a sigh, touching his cheek and watching the feline mutant disappear inside the Brotherhood house.

"Are you okay Evan?", asked Storm as he got back into the car.

"Yeah, i'm fine", said Evan, "i got to say goodbye, thats what i wanted".

"Like they say Evan", said the professor as they drove away, "the course of true love never did run smoothly".




Sidney walked back into the Brotherhood kitchen looking at her image inducer.

"What did they want?", asked Lance.

"Xavier wanted to give me my image inducer", she said, holding it up.

"What about Daniels?", asked Pietro, a little bitterly.

"He said goodbye", she said with a sigh, "poor guy".

Sidney sat down to finnish her dinner then looked at the Brotherhood members.

"So what do you guys do for fun around here?".




"Dr Plum, in the kitchen with the revolver", said Pietro with a wicked grin, "hey i win!".

"Again", said Sidney, rolling her eyes, perhaps a board game hadn't been the best idea, or anything competitive at that matter in Pietro's case.

Pietro was now dancing on the table, holding three Cluedo cards in the air.

"I am the Cluedo king, all bow before me", he said, laughing manically.

"Well 'oh great king of Cluedo'", said Sidney sarcastically, "i think i'm tired of getting beaten badly at this game, i understand now why the others quit ages ago".

True enough, Fred, Lance and Todd were sitting away from Pietro and Sidney, playing a card game.

"What!. You mean your not going to play with me anymore?", asked Pietro, making puppy-dog eyes.

"Nope", said Sidney, unfazed, "i'm going to play with my guitar".

She walked off, picking up her instrument and flopping into a chair, starting to tune in the strings.

"Oooooooooh that looks like fun", said Pietro, moving from the table to next to Sidney in a heartbeat, "lets have a singalong!".

"You have GOT to be kidding me", said Sidney, raising an eyebrow.

"Okay then", said Pietro crossing his arms, "be like that, i don't care".

Sidney chuckled and shook her head and started stumming the first few notes of  'Dream a little dream'. Pietro perked up.

"Hey i love that song!", he said pointing a finger and Sidney's guitar, "Todd told us you were a good singer, or was he just making that up?".

Sidney shot Todd a glare.

"I'm not gettin' involved in this", said Todd, slinking further into his chair.

"If you must know i can sing", said Sidney, turning her glare to Pietro, "but that doesn't mean that i'm going to".

"Awww come on, just a few verses", said Pierto, "i want to see how good you are".

"Actually, i want to hear this too", said Lance, looking up from his card game.and moving over to sir by Pietro

"Yeah me too", said Fred, following Lance.


"Yeah Sid?".

"Remind me to kill you later".

"Don't blame me if i forget ta do that", said Todd, getting up from his chair and joining the others.

"Come one, sing, sing, sing", said Pietro, jumping up and down.

"I will if you shut up", said Sidney with a snarl that made Pietro squeak and sit down,Sidney smiled sweetly "thank you. Okay guy's, but youv'e got to promise not to laugh, i'm a bit rusty".

The boys held up their hands.

"We wont laugh at you Sid", said Lance.

"Okay here goes nothing", said Sidney, taking a deep breath and starting to play on her guitar.


"Stars shining right above you

Night breezes seem to whisper 'i love you'

Birds singing in the sycamore tree

Dream a little dream of me".


Lance, Pietro and Fred's jaws all dropped open, while Todd smiled.

"She's improved", he said casually.

The others could only manage a collective 'wow'. Todd had been right, Sidney had the voice of an angel.


"Say night-ie-night and kiss me

Just hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me

While i'm alone and blue as can be

Dream a little dream of me"


It was at this point that Pietro decided to join in, much to the dismay of his teammates.


Stars fading but i linger on, dear

Still craving your kiss

I'm longing to linger till dawn, dear

Just saying this


The other Brotherhood members gave a sigh of defeat and joined in.


Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you

Sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you

But in your dreams whatever they be

Dream a little dream for me


When they finished the Brotherhood gave their latest recruit a round of applause.

"Wow, your..excelent". said Lance, with a grin.

"Yeah, you got talent", said Fred.

"You could probably beat ME with that voice..don't let anyone know i said that", said Pietro.

"Thanks guys, your not too bad yourselves....sort of", said Sidney with a laugh, "you could be my backing singers any day".

"See what youv'e done know?", Todd said with a chuckle, rolling his eyes, "youv'e inflated her ego a little bit, we won't hear the end of this for days".

He quickly dodged the pillow that Sidney threw at him. With Sidney living in the Brotherhood house now, things were certainly going to get more....interesting.



Chapter 8 - Just another normal school day.....or not.



Sidney looked up at Bayville high school with a look of dread. It would be the first time she would see her former teammates since she left them for the Brotherhood. She was thankfull that she had left on a Friday, and so had the whole weekend to prepare for today, with the support of her new teammates and uncle. She jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"You okay?", asked Todd.

"Well i feel like i'm going to my own execution", said Sidney with a nervous laugh, "but other than that, i'm fine".

"Aww it ain't that bad", said Todd with a smile, "besides, ya ain't doin' this on yer own, ya got me ta help ya out".

"Lucky me", said Sidney chuckling and rolling her eyes.

The bell rang, signalling to the students that they had five minutes before they had to go to their first class of the day. Sidney took a deep breath.

"Okay, here goes nothing", said Sidney, heading with Todd into the school.

As Sidney opened the door, Todd started humming the funereal march, earning a cuff on the head from Sidney. Sidney hoped she could avoid the X-men as much as possible, or at least until Lunch time. Lady luck wasn't smiling on ther though, because the first person she met as she and Todd walked through the door was Kurt. She sensed Todd tense up next to her, she knew that her friend didn't like Kurt in the least, and just hoped that both boys could keep their cool, she really didn't want to have to break up a fight.

"Hey Sid", said Kurt, waving at her and walking over, he seemed okay.

"Oh hi Kurt", said Sidney with a sigh.

"How are you holding up?", asked the German boy with a freindly smile, "i hope your happy over there".

"Why wouldn't she be Wookie-boy?", asked Todd, narrowing his eyes at Kurt.

"I'm fine thanks Kurt", said Sidney, putting a hand on Todd's shoulder and pulling him away from Kurt, "look i know you guys are disapointed in me but...i just didn't belong in the institute".

"Eeets okay, ve understand", said Kurt with a sigh, "ve vish you hadn't left, but you have to be vhere you feel most happy. I hope this doesn't mean that ve can't still be freinds though".

"Of course it doesn't", said Sidney with a laugh, shaking her head, "who says we have to fight ALL the time?".

Kurt nodded, satisfied.

"Okay then", he said with a grin, "ve have shop class now Sid, you comming?".

"Yeah sure, see you later Todd", she said, giving her freind a pat on the shoulder and heading off, "and please don't try to kill anyone okay?"

"Yeah, i'll try. See ya later Sid", said Todd, watching her go before heading off to his own history class.





Todd managed to get into his shop class early for once. He took his place and looked around the room, boredom setting in pretty quickly. He noticed a VERY depressed looking Evan sitting at his own desk a few tables away. Evan looked up and Todd could swear that the guy was scowling at him. what the heck had HE done?. Just then, Evan stood up and strode determindely towards him. Evan stopped in front of Todds desk and frowned.

"What do ya want Daniels?", asked Todd, he was in no mood to start a fight with the guy, besides, Sidney had asked him not to hurt anyone, he wouldn't break a promise to her.

"I want to congratulate you on getting your new recruit", said Evan, a slightly bitter tone to his voice, " you should count yourself a lucky guy, getting a girl like Sid".

"Yeah", said Todd, then blinked, "hey what do ya mean 'gettin' a girl like Sid?'".

"Well you know.. Sidney told me..and", suddenly realisation spread across Evan's face "...oh oh!".

"What are ya 'oh oh'in'  about Daniels?", asked Todd, looking suspisously at Evan, "what did Sidney say?".

"Errrrrrr.. nothing, nothing at all, i didn't say anything", said Evan, rushing back to his seat.

Todd blinked. That was weird. What could Daniels be talking about?, and what was the guy hiding?, and what had this got to do with Sid?. His thoughts were interupted by his teacher comming in, barking orders for the class to shut up and turn to page 23 of their History books.




Todd had sat restlessy through the mornings lessons, trying to figure out what Evan had meant. He was glad when the bell rang for lunch, at least now he could ask Sidney about it. He entered the caffeteria to look for her. Lance and Kitty were off talking, completely unaware of anyone else but each other. Pietro was chatting to Freddy, who was trying to eat a sandwhich. Sitting at their table was Sidney, munching on an apple, engrossed in a book. Todd took a deep breath and headed over, sitting down next to Sidney. Sidney looked up from her book and smiled.

"Hey Todd", she said,then seeing her friends face,  "woah, you look like youv'e been thinking WAY too hard, whats wrong".

Todd chuckled, he was reminded about how well Sidney knew him, it was spooky.

"Yeah, iv'e been thinkin'", he said, "Daniels said somethin' weird in history, i've been trying ta figure out what he's talkin' about".

At the sound of Evan's name, Pietro looked up from harrasing Fred.

"Come on, Daniels never says anything that isn't weird", said Pietro tapping his foot, "but i understand 'Evan speak', unfortunately, i've had years of practice. Lay it on me Frogger".

"Okay", said Todd with a shrug, "he wished us luck in gettin' our new recriut, then he said somethin' about me bein' a lucky guy gettin' Sid, then he said Sid told him something. He was about ta say what when he got a funny look on his face and said 'oh oh' and walked off".

"Mmmmmmm....interesting", said Peitro, scatching his chin with his hand, "that is weird, even for him. I'd say he's covering something up".

"Tell me somethin' i dont' know Pietro", said Todd with a sigh, "do ya know what he's talkin' about Sid?".

Sidney had gone quiet from the second Todd had mentioned Evan, she shook herself out of her trance.

"Huh?", she said,going red, "no, i don't know what Evans talking about. I didn't tell him anything. Not a thing".

"Okay, i know ya well enough ta know that ya hidin' somethin' Sid", said Todd crossing his arms, "come on, i thought ya could tell me anythin'".

"I can Todd, honestly, i'm not keeping anything from you", said Sidney, "i'll tell you whats on my mind, but not yet...okay?".

"Yeah, i guess", said Todd, not looking very convinced.

They carried on with their lunch, Sidney breathing a sigh of relief. She knew she'd have to tell Todd how she felt eventually, but for some reason the very thought of telling him terrifed the normally brave and headstrong mutant.




Kitty and Lance were deep in conversation over at their table.

"So i'll, like, meet you at the mall at seven?", said Kitty smiling.

"Yeah, sure", said Lance, with a grin, "that would be great".

"Are the guys suspicous of us yet", she asked nodding over to the Brotherhood table.

"Kitty they've been suspicous of us since we started hanging out" said Lance with a sigh, "but they just like to tease me. The only one who knows about us is Sidney, and i don't want to go inot that story again. What about your freinds?".

"Well Rogue knows, it's kinda hard to hide things from your roommate", said Kitty with a sigh, "and Kurt has an idea, he has got to, like, stop watching all of those soap operas".

"But you gotta admit", said Lance, putting his arm around Kitty, "there good for ideas".

"Lance!", said Kitty with a blush, "if my freinds see us, i'll be totally dead".

"Awww let 'em look", said Lance with a grin, "i'd love to see Summer's face if he found out you were dating me".

"And i'm sure you'd love to see Wolverine's face too when he finds out and tries to hunt you down", said Kitty with a laugh.

"Point taken", said Lance nervously.

The bell rang.

"Well, gotta go to class", said Kitty with a sigh, standing up, "i'll see you tonight Lance".

"I'll be looking forward to it", said a grinning Lance, watching Kitty leave for her class.




After school, Lance was nervously pacing the living room of the Brotherhood house.

"You okay Rocky?".

Lance jumped and spun around to see Sidney at the door, her arms crossed and an eyebrow raised.

"Huh, yeah, i'm just fine, never better", he said with a grin.

"Looking forward to your date with Kitty?", asked the feline mutant with a grin.

"Yes, and i really wish that you wouldn't say it out loud like that", said Lance with a groan, "why i told you is beyond me".

"Lance, no one else is here, anyway you heard me talking to Kitty on the phone about how much i like Todd", said Sidney with an evil grin, "so i needed some jucy gossip from you in return".

"Yes, and how many times do i have to tell you it was an accident?", said Lance with a sigh, "i wanted to talk to Kitty and i knew you were talking to her. How was i supposed to know what you were talking about?".

"Well there is such a thing as knocking before you enter a room Lance", said Sidney rolling her eyes, "anyway, where are you taking her?".

"I'm taking her to that nice coffee house in the mall and then maybe a walk in the park", said Lance, "sound okay?, from the viewpoint of a girl?".

"It sounds great, really romantic", said Sidney with a sigh.

"Well you know, if you just told Todd how you felt, you could do all that romantic stuff too".

"I'm not telling him yet", said Sidney, shaking her head, "i haven't got the guts to do it".

"This comming from the niece of Sabertooth. Tut tut Sidney, your putting the Creed bloodline to shame".

"I don't care, as long as i don't have to bear my heart and soul and find out he doesn't feel the same way and wrecking my life-long friendship..", said Sidney, getting a little stressed out, "well, you know, i'm just not ready to tell him yet".

"Speaking of him, where is the little frog?", asked Lance.

"He's gone out to get a video and some pizza", said Sidney, "as seen as Freddy and Pietro are going to see that space movie thing, he said he'd stay home with me. He knows how much i hate space movies. He'll be back later".

"Okay", said Lance, looking at his watch, "well iv'e got to go on my date now, so i'll see ya later".

"Okay, good luck Rocky", she said, waving him off.

Lance nodded and walked out the door, stopping and moving aside.

"Hey Mr Creed", he said, nervously, the big mutnat terified him, "i'll be going now".

Sabertooth walked in, watching Lance run off.

"That kid is really.....odd", he said, shaking his head, then smiled and turned to Sidney, "how ya doin' kiddo?".

"Hey uncle Vic", said Sidney, flashing Sabertooth a smile, "i'm fine thanks. Sick of ol' Romeo and Juliet incarnate telling me I should tell Todd how i feel".

"I take it ya refering ta the Rocky boy and the Valley-girl", said Creed with a grin, "well i'm afraid ya get this keepin' ya feelin's bottled up thing from your mothers side of the family. Ya great grandfather was the worse, ya couldn't get anythin' outta him even if ya had him pinned up against the wall".

"Great, thats comforting", said Sidney with a sigh.

"Nah, don't worry about it", said Sabertooth with a wave of his hand, "it gets less through the generations, heck, your kids could be normal. Besides, don't worry yaself too much Kiddo, i bet the Frog's just about as crazy about ya as you are about him".

"Yeah, i guess", said Sidney with a sigh, "thanks uncle Vic".




Meanwhile, in the mall, Kitty and Lance's date was going well. They'd chosen a table outside of the shop, close to a baclony area which overhang the main part of the mall.

"This is a great idea Lance", said Kitty dreamily, absentmindely stirring her coffe.

"Yeah, thanks", he said with a smile, "i never knew how handy it would be having a girl living in the Brotherhood place. At least then i can be told what and what not to do".

"Well remind me to thank Sidney tomorow", said Kitty with a giggle, " talking of which, have you had any luck convincing her to talk to Todd?".

"No way", said Lance with a sigh, "geez that girls stubborn, she's convinced that he doesn't feel the same way, when it's obvious that he does".

"Well i guess we'll just have to keep grinding at her", said Kitty, "eventually i think she'll, like, tell Todd how much she really likes him".


The couple spun round to see Todd standing there, wide-eyed, holding a pizza box in one hand and a video in the other.

"That can't be good", said Kitty.

"Errrrr Todd...", Lance started to say.

"You mean Sidney likes me, and you knew???", asked the frog-like mutant, looking like he was about to pass out, "and you didn't tell me?"

"Well she kinda wanted me to keep it a secret and...Todd where are you going?".

"Where do you think i'm going?", Todd shouted over his shoulder at Lance, "i'm going to talk ta Sidney".

Before either Kitty or Lance could stop him, Todd ran out of the mall, heading back towards the Brotherhood house.

Chapter 9 - Confessions and pizza.



"Bye uncle Vic", said Sidney, waving Sabertooth off at the door. She watched him speed off on his motorbike and went back inside. She hoped Todd would be back with that pizza soon, she was starved. Suddenly the phone rang. She sighed and picked it up.

"Hello?. Lance?. Whoah slow down. What are you talking about?. Aren't you supposed to be on your date with Kitty? Oh, you are there. Look you can't expect me to give you advice right now...What do you mean he's comming?. Who's comming? Yes i know Todd's comming, he's bringing me pizza, i've told you this.. What do you mean he knows?. Lance slow down...Lance.. Oh just put Kitty on. Hi Kitty, what's your idiot boyfriend talking about?. Uh huh. Yeah.. You told him WHAT!. He's comming here?. Now?".

As if on cue, Sidney heard the door open hurriedly. She gave a squeak and dropped the phone, looking manically for a hiding place. She could hear Todd making his way into the front room. She dropped to the ground and slid under the couch.

"Hello? Sid are you, like, there?", came the sound of Kitty's voice through the phone.

"Sidney?", said Todd, heading into the living room, "where are you?. We really need".

He scanned the room, he was sure he heard someone in here a minute ago. He then noticed a tabby-striped tail sticking out from under the couch. Despite the situation, Todd couldn't help but smile, Sidney always was terrible at hiding.

"Sidney, are you hiding under the couch?", he asked.


"Sidney...i can see ya tail".

There was a shuffling sound.

"Awwwwww man".

"So are ya gonna come out?".

"I don't know", came a muffled reply.

"Well i really would like ta talk ta ya", said Todd with a sigh, "but i think it might be a bit easier if i could speak ta ya face, rather than ya tail".

Sidney gave a sigh of defeat and more shuffling was heard. The shuffling sound suddenly stopped.

"Err... Todd?".


"We have a little itty bitty tiny baby problem".

"Sid please, ya know that ya should be able ta talk to me in front of my face by now. Theres no need to hide from me yo".

"It isn't that".

"Well what is it?"

"I'm...kinda stuck".


There was more shuffling then a yelp.

"Oww, that hurt. Yep i'm stuck and now i have a spring sticking in my back".

"You need a hand?".

"That would be nice", came the sarcastic reply.

"Theres no need ta be sarcastic. You got yourself in this mess", said Todd walking over to the couch, "why didn't ya transform inta a small cat, ya coulda fit under there then".

"You didn't exactly give me enough time to do that", Sidney said irritably.

"Well if ya just told me the truth in the first place, ya wouldn't be in this mess right now", said Todd, starting to move the couch.

"Owwwwww watch the tail", said Sidney, "and what did you expect me to say?. 'Hey Todd. You know, even if weve been friends forever , i've just realised how much i really like you, even if i'm living with you now'. Are you crazy?".

"Well i woulda thought ya could tell me anythin'. I AM ya best friend.", said Todd, trying to lift the couch up, but being unable to, "how can this thing be this heavy?".

"Hey, you haven't got all this weight on your back", said Sidney with a moan, "and the fact that your my best friend WAS the problem. I didn't want to tell you and find out you didn't feel the same way. I didn't want to ruin our friendship. And...ouch!, could you hurry it up please, before my back gives in.

"Hang on", said Todd, bracing his legs against the back of the couch, "and who said anythin' about me not feelin' the same way. Did it ever occur ta ya that i might feel exactly the same as you do?".

It was at this point that Todd gave the couch a gentle kick, which sent the couch flying across the room, only to hit the wall on the other side. It also brought him and Sidney face to face.

"Really?",she said wide-eyed.

"Really really", said Todd with a smile, "i'm crazy about ya Sid".

Sidney smiled and blushed, she went to move and gave a yelp.

"Owww, i think iv'e twisted something".

Todd gave a chuckle.

"Here let me help ya up".

Todd reached down and grabbed Sidney by her waist helping her to her feet. He helped her walk over to a chair and sat her down.

"Where does it hurt?", he asked her.

"Everywhere", said Sidney with a laugh, "that couch is heavy....errrr was".

She indicated to the now battered couch. It was bad enough before but being kicked by Todd AND hitting the wall was too much for it. It couldn't even pass off as a bean bag anymore, it was truly destroyed.

"Oooops", said Todd with a chuckle, "i guess i really don't know my own strength".

Sidney laughed.

"Lance is gonna freak out", she said  sitting up, the giving a yelp.

"I'll go get ya some ice", said Todd, heading off into the kitchen.

Sidney watched him go and smiled. Even though she felt like she had been trampled by rampaging buffalo, she felt ecsatically happy. She couldn't belive it, after all of her doubts and fears, Todd felt the same way. She would have jumped up and danced around the room, but it didn't seem like a good idea just yet. She smiled smugly and waited for her ice to come.




Meanwhile at the mall, Kitty put Lance's cell phone off.

"So what happened?", asked Lance, looking up worried..

"Well from what i could make out. Sidney got stuck under the couch and Todd somehow got it off. There was, like, a big bang. And then they pretty much told each other how they felt. Sidney's hurt and Todd's gone to, like, get her some ice", said Kitty with a smile.

"And you hung up?", said Lance, wide-eyed, "but it was getting good".

"Lance, give the poor guys some privacy", said Kitty, waggling her finger at him, "besides, you should be concentrating on OUR date".

"Yes, i should", said Lance with a cheeky grin, "i can't neglect you now, can i?".

"I should hope not", said Kitty with a grin, grabbing Lance's arm, "now lets go for that walk in the park you promised me".

"Yes Kitty", said Lance with a sigh, letting himself get dragged along with a goofy grin on his face.





Back at the Brotherhood house, Sidney had an ice pack on her back, another on her ankle and one more on her shoulder.

"Remind me not to hide under the couch again", she said with a chuckle.

"Okay", said Todd, "i doubt ya need ta hide again though, unless theres somethin' else ya not tellin' me about?".

"Nope", said Sidney patting Todd's hand, "the fact that iv'e been harbouring a secret love for you is about it".

"Isn't that enough?", said Todd with a chuckle, "so....what do we do now?".

"Mmmm well i'd sugest we'd go see a movie", said Sidney with a sigh, "but for one thing, i don't think i can actually walk that far. And another thing, Pietro and Freddy are already there, i don't particually want to run into them right at this moment in time. You know what Pietro's like, he'll cause a scene".

"Yeah, we don't want him throwing a hissy fit in the middle of the movie dome", said Todd, "well...ya know we do still have that movie i rented and a pizza, it's kinda cold, but i think i can reheat it".

"Sounds like a good idea to me", said Sidney with a smile, "okay, you go heat up the pizza and i'll try to get the VCR to work".

"Rather you than me", said Todd, walking into the kitchen.

He grabbed the pizza, putting it in the microwave. As he waited for the pizza to reheat, he thought how lucky he was. Usually, girls woudn't look at him twice, he wasn't exactly one of the most popular guys in Bayville high. Now, suddenly, the most beautifull girl he'd ever met in his life liked him! He'd been heart-broken when Sidney left the first time, and when she came back, he was unbelivably happy. He had always liked her, but never really brought up the courage to tell her, if he hadn't overheard Lance and Kitty talking, he probably would never have said anything. He made a mental note to thank Lance and his Valley-girl girlfreind for being gossipers. The microwave dinged and he took out the hot pizza, heading back into the front room. Sidney was crouched over the VCR, pressing various buttons.

"Havin' trouble?", he asked, sitting down on a chair.

"No, i'm fine", said Sidney, putting the tape into the VCR, pressing play.

She stood up and walked over to Todd, sitting down next to him.

"So whats the movie?", she asked, gabbing a slice of pizza.

"Its 'Dead man on campus', it's a comedy", said Todd with a grin.

"Sounds interesting", said Sidney with a smile.

About half-an-hour into the movie, the pizza was all gone.

"Is it just me or does Cooper remind you of Pietro?", said Sidney, looking contemplatively at the screen.

"Ya know, come ta think about it, he does", said Todd with a nod, "but that Lucy girl is just like Kitty-cat".

"Well watching a movie about suicide and getting good grades while squashed up in a tiny chair with a twisted shoulder and ankle wasn't exactly the idea i had for our first date, it turned out to be perfect", said Sidney cuddling up to Todd's arm, causing Todd to blush.

"Ya really think it's perfect?", he said with a smile, "even if ya got stuck under the couch?".

"Even that", said Sidney with a smile, "though it wasn't the best part of the evening".

"Really?", said Todd with a raised eyebrow, "well what was the best part?".


She leaned over and gave Todd a kiss. Todd's eye's widened, his first Kiss!. And it was with Sid! He closed his eyes and fell into the kiss. He smiled when Sidney pulled away.

"Okay, i'll have a agree with ya there", he said, "thats gotta be my favorite part of the date too".

"I  thought so", said Sidney with a giggle, putting her head on his shoulder. Todd sighed and put his arm around her, he had to admit it, he felt amazing.





Pietro and Fred came home from the movie with Pietro chattering ten to the dozen. It was starting to grate on Fred's nerves.

"Wowwhenthespaceshipexploded,ithoughttheywereallgonnadie!", said Pietro, quicker than usual, perhaps, Fred thought, it WAS a bad idea to let Pietro eat some sweet buttered popcorn, but it was too late now.

"I know Pietro", said Fred with a sigh, "you only told me a million times aready".

"Really?, onlyamilliontimeshuh?", said Pietro opening the door and bouncing in "welli'lltellToddandSid, they'llappriciateit".

The hyperactive mutant dashed into the living room.

"Yeah right", said Fred closing the door.

He heard a squeal comming from the the living room and sighed, walking towards the living room to see what had bothered Pietro. He walked in and stoped in his tracks. Todd and Sidney were sitting cuddled up on a chair together, fast asleep. An astonished Pietro was pointing at them, his mouth moving but no words comming out. Fred sighed.

"Awww how cute", he whispered.

"Cute?", said Pietro under his breath, the shock bringing him to talk normaly again "what the heck is going on? Did i miss something?".

"If you did, so did i", said Fred, scratching his head, he then noticed the couch, "oh my god!, what did they do to the couch?".

"Thats the couch?", asked Pietro, pointing at the mangled heap, "i really don't want to know, i'm going to sit in the kitchen until Lance comes back".

"Good idea", said Fred, backing out of the room, while Sidney and Todd still slept.




Meanwhile Lance was saying goodbye to Kitty at the front door of the mansion.

"I had a really great time tonight Lance", said Kitty with a smile.

"Me too", he said.

"Hey, listen, my mom gave me tickets to go to that new Theme park for my Birthday, wanna come?".

"Yeah", said Lance with a smile,then stoped, "your birthday?".

"Yeah, next week silly", said Kitty with a giggle.

*Oh god*, Lance thought, *Her birthday?. Didn't she aready have one of those?. Oh man, i haven't got her anything. Oh great now she's looking at me, you better say something Alvers*.

"I knew that", said Lance with a smile.

*Smooth move idiot*, he mentaly berated himself.

"Good", said Kitty with a smile,then noticed Logan staring at her though a window, "errrr. I think you'd better be off before Mr Logan, like, comes out to get you".

"Yeah, i gotta go see how Sid and Todd are, i hope they didn't kill each other. Heck, if they didn't Speedy and Freddy will be home now, i have a bad feeling that Pietro would have lost it".

"Yeah", Kitty giggled, "well..goodnight Lance".

She gave him a goodnight kiss and skipped into the mansion.

"Goodnight Pretty-Kitty", said Lance with a smile.




Lance opened the door of the Brotherhood house and listened. It was really quiet. HAD they really all killed each other? He snook into the front room, closing his eyes as he opened the door, expecting to see a blood-bath. Instead, all he saw was Todd and Sidney fast asleep, cuddled up to each other, he smiled. They actually made a cute couple. He grabbed a blanket and put it over the pair. It was then that he noticed the couch.

"Man, Kitty wasn't kidding", he said with a sigh, "that things thrashed".

He walked out of the living room quietly closing the door behind him and headed into the kitchen. Standing there was a very anyoyed looking Pietro and Fred, who looked like he was ready to strangle Pietro, spending too long in the speed demon's company did that to a person.

"Oh so Romeo finally decides to come home", said Pietro, tapping his foot on the floor and crossing his arms.

"Hi Lance", said Fred in his 'i'm trying to stay calm but can snap at any second' voice.

"So do you know whats going on with Cat-girl and Frog-boy?", asked Pietro.

"Yeah guys", said Lance with a sigh, "sit down and i'll explain it to ya".

It took a while for Lance to explain to the rest of the Brotherhood about Todd and Sidney. Pietro kept insiting that Lance should have told him if he knew. Pietro HATED to be left out of anything. Fred took it in an nodded, saying he hoped they would be happy together and they really were made for each other. All was calm now and the boys were drinking cups of coffie and watching the kitchen's black and white TV when Sidney and Todd came in, Sidney still limping slightly.

"Welll hello there", said Pietro with a smug smile, "sleep well?".

"Pardon?", asked Sidney, blinking a few times, then realised what he was talking about, and blushed, "oh well yes actually".

"Tut tut tut", said Pietro waggling his finger at them, "you could have said something to me. I am the relationship king".

"Yeah,  well 'relationship king', you could never get a date with me now, could you?", said Sidney rolling her eyes.

"Well obviously", said Pietro, with a snort, "thats because you aready liked Todd and..Oh my god, what am i saying? A beautifull girl picked the Toad over me! Over ME!!".

He banged his head on the table a few times.

"Anyway...", said Lance shaking his head at Pietro, "you two ARE together now, right?".

"Yup", said Todd with a smile, giving Sidney a cuddle.

"Awww, i'm so happy for you guys", said Fred, giving them a hug, picking both of them up easily.

"Owww Freddy, i'm injured", said Sidney, her voice muffled by one of Fred's arms.

"Yeah and i'm kinda running outta oxygen here", siad Todd.

"Oh sorry guys", said Fred, releasing the two mutants.

"I hate to break up the love", said Lance, "but what are we going to do about the couch?".

"Errr, get a new one?", offered Sidney.

"Why should we waste good money on buying a new couch", said Pietro suddenly looking up, "i'll make one".

"YOU know how to make a couch Speedy?", asked Todd doubtfully.

"I could learn", said Pietro with a shrug, "leave it to Pietro, i'll get the job done".

"Why do i have a feeling of dread about this?", muttered Lance under his breath.


Chapter 10 - Couch making for dummies.


Todd awoke the the sound of someone sawing. He groaned and looked at the clock, it was only six am. He sighed and crawled out of bed, heading towards the source of the noise. The sound was comming from the living room, Todd opened the door with a feeling of dread. The living room was a jungle of wood, tools, nails and fabric. Propped up on a plank of wood was a book intitled 'Couch, chair and upholstery making for dummies'.

"Pietro?", he asked with a sigh.

Pietro's head popped up from the middle of lots of piles of wood.

"Hey Frogger", he said with a grin, "how are you this morning?".

"I'm fine Speedy", said Todd, indicating to the mess, "why are ya doin' this now?".

"Well, you know i'm an early riser, so i went to a twenty-four-hour DIY store and got all of this neat stuff", said Pietro excitedly, "you know, i read the book there, and this couch making is really easy".

"Whats all of the noise?", said an irritable Lance, walking in, the seeing the mess, "oh good god, what crashed in here?".

"Pietro's makin' a couch", said Todd bluntly, "isn't that...great?".

"I think i'm going to sit in the kitchen until school starts", said Lance, walking off.

"I'm surprised ya haven't woken Sidney up yet", said Todd rolling his eyes, "she's a really light sleeper".

"Oh she came down two hours ago", said Pietro indifferentely, "she threatened to scratch my eyes out if i didn't stop the hammering, so i started sawing instead".

"So where is she now?", asked Todd.

He was answered by a pathetic meow from somewhere amongst the mess.

"She' here", said Pierto, indicating the room around him.

"What the heck did ya do to my girlfriend?", asked Todd, looking around the rubble, "Sidney, keep meowing honey, i'll move to the sound of your voice".

More mewoing was heard and Todd clambered over pieces of wood, trying to pinpoint the noise. Eventually he moved a piece of wood and picked up a grey cat. The cat gave a low growl and jumped out of Todd's arms, stalking over to Pietro. She hopped onto a piece of wood next to him and stared at him, her ears back.

"Oh hey Sid", said Pietro with a grin, "you got out".

Sidney stared at him for a second before growling and swiping out a paw at Pietro, scratching his hand.

"Arrrrrrrrrrrh!", shouted Pietro, grabbing his hand and hopping about, "she drew blood, she drew blood. I'm feeling weak. Medic!".

Sidney gave a growl and stalked away, her tail swishing, into the kitchen. Todd following her, walking past Pietro, ingoring his screams of agony. When he got into the kitchen, he saw that Sidney had changed back to her normal form, dusting sawdust and wood shavings off herself.

"I can't belive the nerve of that guy", she said, shaking her hair, sending up a cloud of dust, "i was stuck under there for two hours, and he didn't even notice".

"You know Pietro", said Lance, taking a sip of his coffee, "once that guy starts one of his little 'projects', not much can get in his way".

"Yeah", said Todd, pouring a bowl of cereal, "you should have been here when he tried ta 'fix' the shower. Water, everywhere!".

"In that case, i'm glad i wasn't here then", said Sidney with a chuckle, putting some bread in the toaster, "wheres Freddy anyway?, his room is right above the living room, i woulda thought he would have been woken up by now".

"Nah, Freddy can sleep through and earthquake", said Todd eating some cereal, "trust me, i speak from experience"

Sidney gave a glance towards Lance, who coughed and looked down at his coffee.

"Okay, i don't want to know", said Sidney rolling her eyes and buttering her toast.

It was at this point Pietro came in, holding his hand and scowling at Sidney. He rummaged about in a cubard and pulled out a first aid kit. He dropped it on the table and looked at it.

"I might need help here", he said with a sigh, "it's kinda hard for even ME to bandage my own hand".

"Oh i'll help you Peetey", said Sidney with a unnaturally sweet voice, "i feel really bad about scratching you. Let me make it up to you".

"Errrrrr", Pietro glanced over at Todd, who shrugged, "okay, thanks Sid".

"Sit down", she said pointing to a chair.

Pietro did as he was told while Sidney rummaged about in the kit. Pulling out a bottle.

"Hey that isn't the stuff that stings is it?", asked Pietro, worridely pointing at the bottle.

"No Pietro, it isn't the stuff that stings", said Sidney with a smile, "hold out your hand".

"You promise?"

"I promise".

Pietro sighed and held out his hand while Sidney put some of the bottle's contents on a cotton ball. She gave an evil grin before dabbing the wet cotton ball on Pietro's wound. Pietro screamed blue murder, jerking his hand away and holding it  close to his chest, away from Sidney.

"You promised it wasn't the stuff that stings", he said after he'd finished yelling in pain.

"I lied", said Sidney with a nonchalant shrug.

"Your a mean, horrible person", said Pietro, backing away from Sidney and looking at Lance, "will you dress my wound Rocky?, please?, i'm scared of phsyco cat-girl over there".

"No, i will not dress your 'wound'", said Lance, drinking his coffee, "besides it's only a little scratch, it doesn't need dressing".

"Hah, that shows how much you know", said Pietro with a snort, "what about infection, which reminds me, i hope you've had your shots missy".

"I beg your pardon?", said Sidney, tapping her foot, "i happen to be a very healthy individual thank you very much".

"Hey guys, what happened to the living room?", asked Fred, comming into the kitchen with a yawn.

"Ask Mr Fix-it over here", said Todd, nodding over at a sulking Pietro.

"Awww Speedy your still not planning on making a couch are you", said Freddy with a sigh, "you know, it would be easier just to buy one".

"None of you have faith in me", Pietro said, crossing his arms, "don't worry, it's a one day job, tops".

"Where have i heard THAT before?", said Lance with a sigh.

"Hey i didn't predict that the shower water main would explode!", said Pietro defensively, "that was an acident".

"Sure you keep tellin' yaself that Speedy", said Todd, patting Pietro's shoulder.

"Okay guys", said Sidney pointing at her watch, "don't we have to be in school in quarter of an hour?".

"Oh oh", said Lance,jumping out of his chair "i can't be late, Kitty'll be waiting for me. I can't not say hi to her before lessons start".

"Oh that WOULD be a tragedy", said Pietro sarcastically.

"Just shut up and get into the jeep", said Lance, hustling everyone out of the kitchen.

"I'll just finish putting these few nails in the wood", said Pietro, dashing into the kitchen, "i can easily get to school in less than five seconds".

"Okay, but don't blame me if you get a tardy", said Lance walking out.

"I would never get a tardy", said Pietro shaking his head and returning to his work.

"So how are you two going to survive the day?", asked Fred as he clambered into the jeep.

"What are ya talking about Freddy?", asked Todd, hopping in, Sidney jumping in beside him.

"Well you two are dating now right?", said Lance.

"Yeah, so?", said Sidney.

"Well think about it", said Lance, starting up the jeep, "one of the most sort-after girls in the school dating one of the most avoided and hated guys. It'll be around the school within seconds".

"Let 'em talk", said Todd, putting his arm around Sidney's shoulders.

"Yeah, we don't care", said Sidney, giving Todd a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Alright", said Lance with a sigh, "but i warn you now, prepare for whisperings".

"And snickering", said Fred, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah, because we don't get that already", said Sidney sarcastically.





As Lance's jeep pulled up in the students parking lot, Kitty came bounding over to them, followed by a less excited Rogue.

"I'm leaving before this gets too sappy", said Fred, getting out of the jeep and walking off.

"Like hi Lance", said Kitty, giving Lance a hug and a kiss as he stepped out of the car, "how are you?".

"I'm fine thanks", said Lance with a sigh, "despite being woken up at an ungodly hour by Pietro. He's making a new couch, aren't we lucky?".

"Oh yeah", said Kitty, looking over at Todd and Sidney as they climbed out of the jeep, "so you guys are together now right?".

"Yeah Kitty", said Sidney with a smile.

Before they knew what was happening Kitty gave a squeal of delight and bounded up to the pair. Todd and Kitty could only manage a terrifed squeak each before Kitty had grabbed them both and started bouching up and down.

"This is, like, so great", she said happily, "i'm so totally happy for you guys".

"Kitty will ya'll let the poor guys go?", said Rogue, rolling her eyes, "a'h think your gonna cut off their oxygen".

"Ooops, sorry guys", said Kitty, dropping the pair.

"Thats okay Kitty-cat", said Todd, rubbing his side.

"Yeah, i think you guys will be the last ones that'll be happy with our relationship", said Sidney with a sigh.

"The cheerleaders are happy", said Rogue with a smile, "they don't have to hold really tight reigns on their idiot boyfriends anymore. But a'h think all the jocks'll want ya hide Swamp-breath".

"So what else is new?", said Todd with a shrug.

"Hey guys", said Kurt , walking over.

"Oh hi Kurt", said Kitty, jumping away from Lance, they were still trying to keep their relationship from the institute kids.

"Oh keep hugging your boyfriend Kitty", said Kurt with a wave of his hand.

"You know?", asked Lance, wide-eyed.

"Oh please, everyone knows", said Kurt with a chuckle, "think yourselves lucky, everyones more preocupied talking about Sid and Todd than you guys, so i don't think Scotts caught on, yet".

"Thats reasuring", said Lance sarcastically.

"What is it with these people?", said Sidney with a sigh, "they hear one little thing and it spreads like a disease".

"Get used ta it, it's called bein' in a high school", said Todd.

The five minute bell rang and the students began to file into the school.

"You okay?", asked Todd.

"Well you know me, i'm too proud for them to get at me", said Sidney, but then grabbed Todd's hand, "but better safe than sorry".

As the two mutants entered the hallway, the chattering students fell silent, and stared at the pair.

"Oh yeah, theres no tension here", said Sidney sarcastically.

"Never mind them", said Todd with a smile, lets just get our stuff and head off ta class".

When Sidney and Todd disappeared from the corridor towards where the freshmen lockers were, the chattering started up again.

"Wow, i can't belive it".

"Yeah, it's not fair man, what a waste on such a cute chick".

"I think their suited for each other".

"Yeah, well your an idiot".

"Anyway, i heard that Alvers and that Pryde geek are dating too".

"Shut up!".

"No i'm so serious".

"Wow i bet Scott Summers totally freaks, you know how protective he is of the institute kids".

"Yeah, hey, wasn't Cagney part of that institute?"

"Yeah, but she left for the boarding house, freaky huh?"

"Whats going on with those two places anyway?".

The chattering was stopped once more when Kitty and Lance walked in, they got the same treatment as Todd and Sidney got.

"Hey i'll see you later okay?", said Lance giving Kitty a hug.

"Yeah, see you Lance", said Kitty making a show of giving him a kiss before heading off in the same direction that Sid and Todd had gone in.

She caught up to the two mutants as they were at the freshmen lockers, getting their stuff.

"Hey guys", said Kitty with a sigh, "did you just, like get the silent treatment?".

"Yeah, i thought we were on trial, the looks we got", said Sidney with a sigh.

"Don't worry girls", said Todd, "trust me, if i know this place, the gossip will die out before the weeks out".




The rest of the day had gone without a hitch. Evan had glared coldly at Todd a few times, but other than that, the couples had come out pretty much unscathed. Scott had found out about Lance and Kitty and had nearly got into a fight with Lance, causing both boys to get after school detention. The Brotherhood had to walk home, but it didn't bother them too much, they didn't live too far from the school. When they eventually got in Sidney sighed and collapsed in a chair in the kitchen, the living room still a jungle of planks of wood.

"What a day", she said with a sigh, "but i bet Xavier will ground Scott for trying to break Lance's head open with that text book".

"Yeah", said Pietro with a chuckle, "i mean what damage did he think he could do with a text book?".

"Maybe Slim needs those shades of his fixed", said Freddy, starting to root about in the cubards for something to eat, "hey theres no food again".

"Who's turn is it to shop?", said Sidney with a sigh, "wheres the rota gone?".

"Here it is" said Todd, pulling a big piece of card from behind the fridge, "now why would someone want ta hide it behind there?".

"Maybe because it's Pietro's turn", said Sidney, looking at the card and tapping at Pietro's name.

"Oh it's MY turn?", said Pietro inocently, "we'll i guess i'll have to leave my work for a second to go get some food".

"Wait a minute", said Sidney looking at the rota, "Todd, it's YOUR turn to do the laundry".

"It IS?", said Todd, mocking shock, "oh i had no idea!".

"Guys your not slaking off on your duties", said Sidney, crossing her arms, "i already did my share of the work, i took the garbage out and i cleaned up the living room, until SOMEBODY put a load of wood in there".

"Okay, okay", said Pietro backing out, "i'll go get the food, Freddy, could you help?".

"Hey i got cooking duty today", said Fred, "you go shop by yourself".

"Fine, Sid, you help me".

"No, i've done my work for this week, i'm going to go have a cat-nap", said Sidney, walking off to the living room.

"Fine, i'll go all alone", said Pietro with a sigh, "and i'll probably get the wrong food and get Freddy low-fat...."

"I'm comming with you", said Fred, standing up and walking out of the house.

"Works every time", said Pietro with a grin, following Fred out.

"Yeah, right", said Todd with a sigh, packing up the dirty laundry and heading out to laund-a-rama.



Lance walked into the Brotherhood house and sighed, he'd had a hard day of detention and still hand't got a clue what to get Kitty for her upcoming birthday. He walked into the kitchen and saw the rota on the table.

"Man, i thought i'd hid that thing", he said to himself, shuddering at his name next to 'bathroom duty'. He guessed that everyone had gone off to do their chores, but it looked like Sidney had already done her chores, she had ticks next to her name.

Lance walked into the living room and looked around, scanning the roomfull of wood and tools. Perched on the windowsill was a white cat, sleeping soundly, her tail swishing slowly off the edge. The tell-tail markings around her eyes gave her away for who she REALLY was.

Lance quietly walked over to the cat and gently prodded her.

"Sid", he said, almost whispering, he knew from Todd it wasn't the best idea to wake up the feline mutant quickly, so he took his time, "hey Sid, come on wake up".

The cat slowly opened one eye and regarded Lance drowsily before she gave what could only be called a feline sigh and opened both eyes. She gave a yawn and stretched before sitting up on the sill. Lance stepped back to give her the chance to change into her true form. Within seconds, sitting on the windowsill was a very irritated looking Sidney.

"This better be important to interupt my nap Rocky", she said, crossing her arms.

"Oh yeah, it's really, really important", said Lance, nodding wildly, "it's about Kitty".

Sidney sighed and put a hand to her forehead.

"What now?", she asked, trying to be patient.

"Well it's her birthday next week and i don't know what to get her", Lance said, "i want to get her something really special to show her how much i care about her. But i'm not too good at that stuff. And, well, your a girl....".

"Get to the point Rocky, i'm loosing nap time", interupted Sidney.

"Oh, yeah, sorry", he said, "anway i was just wondering if you could give me any advice on what to give her, you know, from a girls point of view".

"You want the most tomboyish girl in Bayville to give you a girls point of view?", asked Sidney, an eyebrow raised.

"Well okay, your the only girl i know that would give me advice without telling Kitty", Lance admited, "but i do need your opinion, please?".

Sidney sighed, defeated.

"Get her something personal", she said, "it doesn't have to be big, it doesn't have to be expensive. As long as it comes from your heart, she'll love it. If you can, put a story to it, girls love things with story's attatched to them. Serenading her won't hurt either. Can i go back to sleep now".

"Yeah, thanks Sid, that really helps", he said with a smile, "serenading huh?. Can i borrow your guitar".

"Do i let anyone touch my guitar?", asked Sidney.

"", said Lance.

"Then theres your answer", she said.

Before Lance could retailate, she had changed back into a cat and was settling back down to sleep. It was obvious that Lance would get no more from Sidney until later on. He sighed and left the room, leaving Sidney to her cat-nap, he had to think of something to give Kitty.