[ New Member ] by Dani 

 Chapter one

Notes: Hello everyone, I know that everyone’s going to say that I shouldn’t start any new stories whilst I have all my others going but this ones plot jumped out, slapped me in the face and then complained when I didn’t write it, so I am really sorry.

Kurt Wagner walked slowly to his locker, grinning. Evan had finally gotten himself a B+ and he was currently jumping around the hall in excitement with Scott trying to calm him down.

He looked across the crowded hall. Jean and Kitty were quietly discussing projects, Scott had just tripped over a skateboard and Evan was now teasing Pietro, who had gotten a C- on the same paper.

He glanced over to the locker next to his where a slender girl was punching the metal and trying to open the stuck lock. Her auburn hair with twin white bangs flew around her face while she scowled at the locker.

“Sonovabitch! You stupid piece of shit, open goddamnit.” Kurt grinned at his sister, Friday was never a good day for her, she had geography last period, and an annoying locker was the last thing she needed. She was about to try again when she heard a sneering voice behind her.

“Look guys, she can talk ‘bout kickin’ our asses but she can’t open her locker, yo!” Rogue turned to the speaker, a boy her age that smelt terrible, Todd. Behind him were Pietro, Lance and Fred.

She smiled sweetly, turned and kicked her locker with one combat booted foot, using enough force to make it creak in protest and swing open. Kurt grinned at Todd’s shocked face, before Pietro spoke out.

“So, you noticed the new guy? He’s with us.” He was obviously very pleased with himself. She shook her head, she’d ask Kurt later.

“Let’s go Rogue; I’m hungry. By the way, have you noticed ze knew guy?” She shook her head again. They walked off to break, sitting with the rest of the team. Scott was talking to Jean and Kitty, and Evan was still gloating about his grade. She excused herself and headed for the ladies.

She glanced back at the table, turned a corner and bumped into something with enough force to knock her to the ground. She looked up; ready to apologize to who ever she had bumped into. Her eyes were met by the face of a very tall boy, a year or two older than her. He didn’t even glance down at her, his mouth pulled into a scowl. His hair was in his face so she didn’t get a good look at him. He stepped over her with an ease that must have been born of long practice.

She glared at his retreating back. He was tall, a little thin. Folks round here jus’ keep gettin’ more’n’more polite, she thought to herself.




It was lunchtime. Kitty was going over her History assignment for 5th period whilst trying to tell Kurt, who was beside her, to calm down. He had an English oral, and it was most definitely not his best subject. Scott was going over his Science whilst Evan was trying to see how much coke he could drink at one time without being sick. He had already had six cans. His excuse was he had PE next and he wanted to be hyped up. Jean, who was sitting next to him, was trying not to vomit up her coke at how he gulped them down. She turned away from him and smiled at Rogue.

“Rogue, have you seen the new guy? Pietro and Lance have been going on about him all day! I haven’t seen him yet, but Kitty overheard that he was with the Brotherhood.”

Rogue shook her head. “Nah, I ain’t seen ‘im yet. Wait, I might have bumped into him, but I didn’t see his face or nothin’. Why, have you?” Jean shook her head. “But Evan has.” They looked to him. He grinned and pointed. “See over there at the Brotherhoods’ table? That’s him.” They turned and looked.

Fred and Todd were arguing over the last piece of apple. Lance was writing something down in a book between Fred and Todd, as well as trying to make them agree on something. At the end of the table, Pietro was speaking with a stranger who was drinking from a bottle of amber liquid.

It was the same boy Rogue had bumped into earlier. The strangers’ long, lanky form was stretched along the bench, feet up on the table. He was tall, about Scott’s height, and scrawny, though his lean form had flat wiry muscles. He wore a long leather duster, black jeans and top and a pair of large black combat boots. His shoulder length auburn hair was tied back off his face, though a few unruly bangs escaped the tie, effectively blocking his face from their view.

He stopped listening to Pietro for a moment and took out a deck of cards, shuffling them and doing tricks along the table.

“Wow,” said Kitty. “He’s hot, wonder what his face looks like!” Kurt glared until she kissed his nose. Scott shook his head. “What ties does he have to them? Where is he from? Who is he? What are his powers?” “Whoa, slow down Scott, chill out. We’ll just talk to Xavier tonight, he’ll have found out.” Evan leaned back and relaxed at his own words, before turning to Jean and asking for her coke.




Kitty, Jean, Scott, Rogue and Evan were talking quietly when an obviously disgruntled Kurt stormed up and shoved his books in his locker during the five minute break.

“Ah, zat stupid piece of, ugh I hate her. Zat evil Ms. Howell kept making fun of my accent. English teacher I do not zink, she did not make fun of that French exchange student, Greg, or that Dutch guy, Hans. I am sure of it, she most definitely hates me. Oh, and I think I haff that new kid in my class.” Scott motioned for him to continue.

“He just sat up ze back, did not say a thing, and Ms. Howell did not ask. I didn’t get a good look at him; just saw his jacket you talked about Evan.” Evan nodded; the black duster was the easiest way to recognize him.

“Well, well, well. Talking ‘bout our new guy, uh?” Lance shot Kurt a dirty look, as he Pietro, Fred and Todd walked up. Kitty defended Kurt first.

“Like, I don’t remember anyone asking you, or even talking to you, so, like, get lost Alvers.” Lance looked ready to fight when a Cajun accent spoke up.

“Now, now, now chere. Don’ be gettin’ angry wit’ de homme. He ain’t done notin’ wrong, oui? Don’ go gettin’ your pretty self all worked up, d’accord?”

The speaker stepped out from behind Lance. It was the same boy Rogue had bumped into earlier. The stranger smiled, his auburn bangs hung a little over his face. He brushed them aside and they finally got a good look at him. Kitty’s eyes seemed to glaze over slightly, a little like a zombie, and she nodded in obedience.

He was, truthfully, gorgeous. His face was a mix; sharp, chiselled jaw, sharp, straight nose and high, hollow cheeks, countering with soft lips, sleek, crafty eyebrows and a goatee. He wore a pair of black sunglasses so they couldn’t see his eyes.

Pietro grinned at the stranger before turning to the X-men, a smirk planted on his face.


“X-geeks, this is Gambit.”