[ Devils Eyes ] by Dani

Chapter 4: Shopping Time


“Storm, this place looks real classy, I don’t think we’ll be allowed in!” Evan was right, the place was classy. Le Petite Ange Boutique was a largish shop with gown upon gown on shelves, racks and ready to be made. The boys were still in the car with Logan, he was taking them and the Prof. for tuxedoes.

“Do not worry Evan. Just say that Mr. Black sent you, you will be fine. Goodbye, have fun.” Logan got out of the car for a minute and pulled Storm aside. He whispered something in her ear, whatever it was it made Storm giggle and nod.

This was too much for the students, who had noticed their minders growing interest in each other for the last two days.

“OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH. Aren’t they just the cutest?”

“Like, that’s so funny!”

“Vhat, you cannot wait till ve get back to ze hotel?”

“Yeah, try and keep those hands to yourselves!”

Scott hit Evan and Kurt over the head and shushed Jean and Kitty. Logan growled and got back in the car, to Kurt and Evan’s amusement, he was blushing.

“Go Logan, go Logan, go, go, go Logan,” they chanted. They were shushed again but they were still grinning as the car pulled out.

“Bye girls, have fun.”

Storm shook her head as they drove off down the street. The boys were never going to let this rest.

“Alright girls. It is time to find you all gowns. Remember, they have to be very dressy.”

They walked inside the shop, much to the dismay of the keeper, a middle aged man with a receding hairline and the reputation for making the best dresses in town. He saw a woman with white hair and four teenage girls, one wearing a little too much make-up and another dressed as a Goth.

Trouble-makers, he thought.

“I’m sorry, I don’t think you’ll find what you’re looking for.” Storm, Rogue, Kitty and Jean turned around at the sound of his voice. The keeper was slightly taken aback by their beauty but he purged on.

“There is a Target down the road that might be more suited to you.” Storm’s eyes flashed.

“We have been sent by Mr. Black.” The change in the shop owner was instant. His eyes flashed a little fear, then he snapped into professional manner.

“Right this way ladies.”

The afternoon was spent choosing dresses. In the end Storm chose a pale blue gown that hugged her figure and had tight, elegant sleeves, making her look like a queen of some kind. Something like a goddess, the shop owner thought. He had introduced himself as Henri.

Kitty had picked a pink dress that had a bell shaped bottom half, suiting her wonderfully when she put her hair in a bun.

Jean chose a darkish purple one a good choice that looked surprisingly attractive against her pale green eyes. Rogue had helped pick it.

Lisa was wearing a tight, low-cut, short, leather, tacky mini dress. They had all reminded her it was a medieval style ball but she wouldn’t listen. Lisa pouted at her reflection and then grinned.

“Gorgeous, I’ve still got it.” Rogue rolled her eyes. She still hadn’t found a dress, none that she liked. The fact that the owner had been paying more attention to the others made it a little harder.


“Psst.” A voice woke her up from her little daydream about cutting Lisa’s fake blonde hair. A small Asian woman was calling her. She was holding a bag.

“Over here. I noticed Henri didn’t help you much. Here,” she shoved the bag into Rogue’s hand. “This is your size. I also put in some accessories and a small amount of make-up. No gothic look for you tonight, though. Just mascara and lip gloss. Wear your hair like this,” she motioned to a picture on the wall. “There you go, it’s all paid for. Have fun tonight.”

And she disappeared to the back of the shop before Rogue could thank her or look in the bag. She shrugged, why not? She walked back to the rest of the group.

“You guys ready to go?” They nodded. Kitty and Jean spoke of how expensive dresses were these days with Rogue walking beside them in companionable silence, enjoying hearing the girls chatter, whilst Lisa kept butting in about how she would be the bell of the ball. They rolled their eyes. Jean muttered.

“If she keeps on like that I’m going to encase her in a ball and bang her head against a wall.” The others laughed.

The car pulled up and drove them back to the hotel. They all had lunch and, later, went to their rooms to get ready.


Rogue realized she hadn’t looked at her dress yet. She opened the box and gasped.


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