[ I Turn To You ]  by Todd Fan

Chapter Four: Revelation


Sidney awoke to the deafening sound of her alarm clock. Groaning, she reached over and knocked it off. She sat up and stretched, her lithe feline muscles moving with ease. She climbed out of bed and walked over to her dresser and looked in the mirror. Once again, her hair was wild and tangled. She made a face and plodded off to the bathroom. An 'occupied' sign hung on the girl's bathroom door.

"Fantastic", said Sidney sarcastically, sitting on the floor and leaning against the wall to wait, she was NOT a morning person. Before long the door opened and Rogue stepped out.

"Mornin' Sid", she said with a yawn, "it's all yours".

Sidney smiled and nodded, heading into the bathroom when Rogue put her hand on her shoulder, stopping her

"Hey are ya'll okay?", she asked worried, brushing the bangs out of her eyes, "after what happened with Logan last night?".

"I'm okay", said Sidney with a smile, "thanks for asking. I just got upset, that's all. I really don't like it when people try to control me, I had enough of that from my mother. I guess I just freaked out. I'm fine now though".

"Alright, as long as ya'll okay", said the southern mutant with a smile, heading off to the room she shared with Kitty.

After showering, getting dressed and attempting to tame her hair, failing of course, Sidney went downstairs. All the other students were already having breakfast and Sidney took her place at the table. She started to eat her breakfast in silence, while the others talked amongst themselves. Logan entered the room and sat down, staring at Sidney. Sidney stared right back as if challenging him to start on her again. All the students had stopped talking and eating to watch the pair. Kurt had a piece of bacon dangling from his mouth and Kitty still had a spoon of cereal party raised from the bowl. In other circumstances, it would look funny, but right now, the other students felt they could cut the tension with a knife. Logan sighed.

"Alright Tiger", he said defeated, they were right when they said you couldn't beat a cat in a staring contest, "I'm sorry I yelled at you like that. I don't trust any of the Brotherhood. I just want you to be safe".

"I AM safe", said Sidney, "I can look after myself, and besides, Todd wouldn't hurt me, ever".

"So we can agree to disagree?", said Logan, a slight smile crossing his lips.

"Fine by me", said Sidney with a grin, carrying on with her breakfast.

The tension gone, the others gave a collective sigh of relief and carried on eating, happy with the peace, while it lasted.


Meanwhile, across town, the members of the Brotherhood were waking up. Todd opened his eyes at the sound of his alarm clock. As usual, he reached out his arm to hit it, and, as usual, it was just out of his reach. Todd groaned when he noticed his clock was about three feet away. He gave a sigh, the noise was really stating to hurt his ears now. He decided enough was enough and sent out his tongue, easily covering the distance and smacked the clock with it, turning it off. Unfortunately, he was too awake now to go back to sleep, and besides, he needed to get up for school. He gave a moan and fell out of bed, taking half his blankets with him. The events of the night before then came rushing back to him. Was it just a dream?, or had Sidney really come back?. He walked out of his room towards the bathroom, only to find it locked.

"Aww come on Pietro", said the diminutive mutant, knocking on the door, "ya can't stay in there forever".

"I'll be out in a minute", came the voice of Pietro on the other side, "you'll just have to wait".

"Fer a guy wit' super-speed, it sure takes ya a long time ta get ready in the mornings", said Todd drumming his fingers on the wall.

Just then the door opened and Pietro stepped out.

"Hey perfection isn't easy Froggy", said Pietro with a grin, "I have to look good for my adoring public. Besides your psycho girlfriend messed up my hair last night, it took me ages to get it just right again".

It was obvious that Pietro was still a little bitter about the night before, at least he clarified for Todd that it wasn't just a dream.

"She's not my girlfriend Pietro", said Todd, shaking his head, "were just really good friends".

It took him a few seconds before he realised what he just said. He put his hand to his head.

"Aww man, I'm talkin' like Lance now", he said, shaking his head and going into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

"Maybe your in denial, just like his is", taunted Pietro from the outside.

The door opened and a slime ball came shooting out, Pietro just about managed to dodge it in time.

"Oooooooh Toddles is in a mooooood", laughed Pietro, running off to see if there was anything edible for breakfast.

Once washed and dressed, Todd hopped downstairs to the kitchen, where Lance was brooding over a cup of coffee while trying to ignore a VERY hyperactive Pietro. Todd came in and sat down, picking up what he hoped was a piece of toast. Lance looked mournfully up from his coffee, Lance was always depressed in the mornings until he had finished his morning caffeine dose.

"Hey Todd", he said, still ignoring Pietro, who was currently trying to steal Lance's drink, "how did your night with Sid go?".

"It went alright yo", said Todd with a grin, "we talked about old times, looked around Bayville. We had fun. What about you and Kitty-cat?".

"None of your business", said Lance, blushing.

"You know what this means don't you?", said Pietro with a sly grin.

"No, but I have a feeling your going to tell us", said Lance, with a sigh.

"This means that I get two people to pick on for dating an x-chick", said Pietro proudly, "not just one".

"I'm not dating her", said Todd and Lance in unison.

"Whatever you say guys", said Pietro with a grin, "now give me some coffee Lance".

"No!", said Lance guarding his cup, "you know your not allowed caffeine OR sugar, house rules".

This rule had been made when Pietro had eaten some chocolate ice cream, then washed it down with some of Lance's coffee. He had run off, laughing like a maniac, shouting something about the mummies coming to get him. It had taken all Brotherhood members, including Rogue at the time, to get him back. They had Rogue touch him to knock him out, but she only ended up absorbing him in his sugar and caffeine rushed state, and Pietro recovered quickly anyway. In the end they had to get Freddy to grab both of them and tie them to chairs until they had calmed down. The others had sworn they would never let it happen again, particularly Rogue, who had violent migraines after for weeks.

"Aww you guys are no fun", Pietro pouted, crossing his arms.

"Who's being loud?", said Fred sleepily coming into the kitchen, rubbing his eyes.

"That would be Lance", said Pietro, pointing wildly at Lance, "bad Lance, you shouldn't be loud in the morning. You disturbed Freddy's beauty sleep, and trust me, he needs it".

"I'm too tired to hurt you today Pietro", said Fred with a sniffle, "I was up most of the night sneezing. I'm sure I'm allergic to your girlfriend Todd".

"She's NOT my girlfriend", said Todd, banging his head on the table.

"Yeah right, and they say I'm in denial", said Lance with a chuckle, "anyway, we haven't got time to argue about it, we have to go to school".

"Do we have to?", said Pietro, "I don't want to face Daniels and the other x-geeks after yesterday".

"Too bad Speedy", said Lance, "we gotta go, now".

The Brotherhood left their house and piled into Lance's jeep, heading for another day at Bayville high.


Sidney strode out of the principals office, holding her new lesson timetable. She looked at it and squinted.

"What's this written in, Gorgon?", she said, to herself, turning it at various angles, trying to make it out. She was startled by a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see a blonde guy with the schools jersey on him. He had 'jock' written all over him.

"Hi", he said, flashing her a smile, "you new here?, you need help with that?"

Sidney sighed, she hated having to ask help from a jock, but as seen as none of her friends were around yet, it looked like she had no choice.

"Yeah sure", she said, handing him her timetable, "do you know where I'm supposed to be?".

The jock looked at it and nodded.

"Yeah, you've got history first period. Mr Delancey", he said, pointing down the hallway, "go down the hallway and turn left. It's two doors on your right, you can't miss it".

"Thanks", said Sidney, taking back her timetable and beginning to walk away, only to be stopped by the jock again.

"So what are you doin' tonight", he said with a grin, "'cause I'd love to take you to dinner. I'm Duncan".

Sidney used all her willpower not to growl at the guys name.

"Duncan Mathews?", she said, closing her fist, "aren't you dating Jean?".

"Well yeah", he said, caught a little off guard, "but you know, I'm sure we could sneak out tonight. I can show you a real good time".

He put his arm around her shoulders. That was enough to make Sidney loose it. She grabbed his arm and pulled it off her shoulders, twisting it at the same time.

"I want to explain something to you Mathews", she said angrily, twisting his arm harder, heedless to Duncan's squeals of pain, "I don't date jocks. And another thing. If you go anywhere NEAR Todd Tolenski again I will rip both your arms right out of their sockets. Do I make myself clear?".

"Crystal", Duncan squealed, attempting to get out of Sidney's grip, but being unable to.

"Good", said Sidney, releasing the jock's arm, "now if you don't mind, I'm late for class".

With that she stalked off. Duncan watched her go in pure astonishment. The girl had one heck of a grip. Duncan wasn't sure if it was the pain making him delusional, or if that girl's hand really had felt furry. He rubbed his injured arm and lopped off, hoping one one had seen that, his pride hurt more than anything.


After her first few classes, Sidney decided that high school wasn't as bad as she thought it would be. She could cope easily with the work and the teachers liked her. She was glad when the bell rang for lunch though, she was starved. As she exited her class, she noticed the Brotherhood making their way to dinner.

"Hey guys", she said with a smile, walking up to them, she then smiled seductively at Pietro and waved at him, "hi Petey, how's your hair?".

Pietro's eyes widened with fear when he saw Sidney and ran to hide behind Fred.

"Back foul temptress, back", he said, peering at her from behind Fred, "I'm warning you".

"Oooooooh what are you gonna do Casanova", said Sidney with a grin, "set snuffles there on me?".

True enough, Fred's eyes were already beginning to water.

"Man, I really gotta get somethin' for this allergy", he said, walking away, sniffling as he went.

"Welcome to Bayville high and all it's weirdness", said Lance with a sigh, "trains depart for the normal world at four pm".

"Hey, you wanna eat wit' us Sid?", asked Todd hopefully.

"You bet I do", she said with a grin, "if I sit with the other guys, Evan tries to steal my milk and Kurt tries to steal my food".

"Well we can't promise you we can't keep Freddy away from your food once he's eaten his", said Lance with a chuckle.

"Well I just hope you won't embarrass me AGAIN!", said Pietro crossing his arms, "all I heard were sniggers from the X-geeks this morning".

"I promise I won't embarrass you", said Sidney, holding up a hand, "as long as you keep your hands to yourself I won't harm you".

With that they, headed off to the cafeteria, getting their lunch and sitting at a table. Sidney looked at her lunch, giving it a cautionary poke.

"Are you guys sure this is food?", she asked.

"Not really", said Lance, "it's an...acquired taste".

"Hey your buddies don't look to happy with you sitting here", said Pietro, nodding over to where the X-men were sitting. Sure enough, the majority of them had scowls on their faces.

"Awww, let 'em brood", said Sidney, waving her hand, "I'm eating lunch with my best friend and they can't stop me, Logan's rules doesn't include school".

"Yeah, Kitty told me about that", said Lance, shaking his head.

"No fair man", said Todd with a sigh.

They were interrupted by a blonde-headed guy coming up towards them.

"Hi", he said to Sidney, with a smile, "your new here right?".

 "Yes I'm new", she said closing her eyes and sighing, not this again.

"Well I'm Paul, Scott's friend", he said, waving over to where Scott was sitting, his scowl replaced by a grin, "and I was wondering if...well.. if you wanted to go out for a bite to eat after school".

"Look, Paul is it?", said Sidney, putting her hand to her head, "your the fifth guy that's asked me out since this morning, I'll tell you what I told everyone else. I'm still feeling my feet here and don't particularly need a boyfriend right now. Okay?".

"Yeah, okay", said Paul, looking a little disappointed.

"Oh and do me a favour. Tell Scott that unless he wipes that grin off his face, I'll wipe it off for him. Oh and tell him I can sit where I like. Can you do that for me?".

"Huh, yeah, sure I guess", said Paul walking off.

"Thank you", said Sidney sweetly.

She smiled as Paul walked over to Scott and leaned over to talk to him. Her smiled got even bigger when Scott's eyes widened and looked nervously at Sidney. She gave him a smile and a wave and carried on eating her lunch.


The rest of the day went on without a hitch. Sidney walked into the mansion and sat down, happy to put her feet up. Logan walked into the room and grinned.

"Enjoy your day Tiger?".

"Yup", said Sidney, looking up from her chair, "school isn't as bad as I thought it would be".

"Good", said Logan with a nod, "and now your day gets better. You all have some training to do, now".

"Now?", moaned Sidney

"Yep, I suggest ya get ready".

It didn't take long for Sidney to get dressed in the x-man uniform that had been given to her. It was much like Kitty's only in red, not purple. She and the others gathered outside, waiting for Logan's instructions.

"Okay rookies", said Logan, marching in front of the students, military style, "the meaning of this exercise is to avoid the projectiles thrown at ya. Jean will be controlin' 'em with her powers. The person who gets to the other side in the fastest time wins. Understood?".

The students nodded.

"Good, Porcupine, ya up first".

Sidney watched as each of her teammates ran the gauntlet. She studied the way that the projectiles moved and the way that the others avoided them, by the time it was her turn, she had figured out a plan.

"Okay, your turn Tiger", said Logan.

Sidney nodded and walked to the starting line. Her eyes glowed briefly and she changed herself into a Cougar. Logan blew his whistle and she ran off, keeping at a steady gallop. Jean closed her eyes and sent some disks spinning in Sidney's direction. Sidney dodged each and every one of them by swerving effortlessly out of the way. She made it past the other obstacles with equal ease, and as she neared the finish line, it looked like she had the fastest time. All of a sudden, alarms started ringing and lights flashing. Sidney stopped in her tracks and and changed into her normal form, looking back at the other students, who appeared to be preparing for a fight. Logan looked particularly angry as he sniffed the air.

"Sabertooth", he said with a growl.

"Who?", asked Sidney walking up to the group.

"An old enemy of Wolverine", said Scott, adjusting his visor, "one tough mutant".

"What can he do?".

"He has, like, the same sort of powers as Mr Logan, near enough", said Kitty, "you know, enhanced senses, enhanced strength, healing factor. But he hasn't got an adamantium skeleton like Mr Logan".

"Oh", Sidney said.

A figure then jumped over the wall. His codename suited him very well. He looked wild and certainly had cat-like teeth. He had long, wild blonde hair with blonde sideburns. His eyes were a deep red, and his clothes were tattered.

"Get out of here NOW bub",  said, Logan, popping out his claws, "I'm in no mood ta play with ya today".

"Ya think too much of yourself Runt", said Sabertooth with a snort, "as much as I'd like ta tame your hide, I ain't here ta see you".

"What are you talkin' about Creed?", asked Logan, taken of guard.

No one had noticed Sidney's eyes widen upon hearing the name 'creed'.

"I'm here on a family visit", said Sabertooth with a grin, walking over to where Sidney stood, "hey long time no see kid".

"Who..who are you?", asked Sidney backing away, "how do you know me?".

"Ya mother forgot ta mention me", said Sabertooth, sarcastically, "ya do know that the x-genes heredity right?".

"What are ya talkin' about Sabertooth", said Logan with a growl, "I hate it when ya talk cryptic".

"You stay out of this Logan", said Sabertooth with a snarl, then turned back to Sidney, "can't ya see I'm tryin' ta have a talk with my niece?".

"Your....niece?", said Logan, in astonishment. It certainly explained the uneasy feeling he got around her, if she was related to his mortal enemy.

The other students looked just as stunned.

"What are you talking about?", said Sidney, shaking her head, "my dad was an only child and my mother said her brother Victor had died years ago".

"No", said Sabertooth, shaking his head, "she was ashamed and afraid of the fact that her brother was a mutant. She wasn't happy with me working for Magneto, and didn't talk ta me unless she had to. When you were born and she saw you were a mutant, she freaked out. She was worried I'd steer you down the wrong path, so she told me to stay away from you. I kept my promise, but hey, with both ya parents dead, I thought it might make ya feel better to know that ya had SOME family out there".

Sidney stood still for a moment, taking all of this in. She couldn't believe it. How could her mother lie to her like that? She saw how alone and worried Sidney had felt when her powers started to surface. Instead of letting Sidney learn more about being a mutant, she had locked her away, and kept her from the one member of her family that would truly understand what she was going though.

"I...can't believe it..", she said, shaking her head, "all this time....how could she not tell me?".

"She was just worried about you", said Sabertooth, shaking his head, then producing a small package from his pocket, "this is fer you. It was your grandmothers".

Sidney took the box from her uncle and opened it, ignoring Logan's mumblings that it was a trap. Inside was  a ring of Celtic design, incased in the middle was a cats-eye jewel.

"It's the Creed family ring", Sabertooth explained, "traditionally given ta the first born in each generation But I think your better off with it than me. I ain't the ring type".

"Thank you", said Sindey, still a little stunned, putting on the ring.

"I'd better go kid", said Sabertooth, nodding over to a VERY irritated looking Logan, "I don't think I'm welcome here. If ya need anythin', anythin' at all, ya can contact me through the Brotherhood.  The message will get through ta me eventually. See ya around kid".

Sidney nodded as she watched Sabertooth leap over the wall. Sneering at Logan before he disappeared.

"See you uncle Victor", she said under her breath, looking at the ring he had given her.


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