[Flammable Icing and Barbie Dolls]

By Pyromaniac C




For the next couple of weeks the gang worked long and hard. Sabertooth had gone searching for Magneto towing a wagon holding his Barbie Summer Fun Dream House and plastic playmates. While Remy went clubbing, searching for the perfect girl (and getting his share of the action on the way).

Pietro smiled he got those idiots to do all the work, and all he had to do was show his pretty face on the day of the party. He burst out in maniacal laughter at the thought of his daddy giving him a promotion. John and Peter looked at him with a worried expression of their faces. Pietro giggled then sighed and left the room. “Damn that gorgeous Pietro, he’s nothing but a daddy’s girl” John angrily said secretly hoping that Pietro had heard the compliment.

“Um, don’t you mean daddy’s boy? “

“Have you seen the way he runs?”

“Good point”


Meanwhile at McDonald’s Remy was holding auditions for the cake girl.

“Okay, it says here on your application that your name is Candy, you are 25, a part-time stripper, and a single mom.” Remy looked at the applicant. “But your McDonald’s name tag says Bob… And you are fat with gray hair and a mustache.

“I can make my stomach talk”

“Intriguing, come back tomorrow. Meanwhile I will have a chicken nugget Kids Meal.”

“Okay, giggle,” said Bob as he danced back to the counter.

“NEXT!” Remy screamed.


Random shots of Sabertooth having a picnic with his Barbies.


“I love this, does it come in pink?” Pietro twirled around in his new jumpsuit. The other children in Wal-Mart stared at him. “Oh no, I have to get Daddy’s gift and here I am once again in the little girl’s section. Curse my lack of self control, curse it – ohh, ruffles!” After two hours of trying on the Little Miss fashions, Pietro left with two bags and a huge grin. “I love shopping excursions!”

He walked around the mall. “Now where did I leave Peter and John?” He found them stuck in a tiny rocket ride by the water fountain.

“You pay this time!” Shouted Peter.

John was crammed underneath him. “Sure luv, let me just, relax before I get my quarter out.” Peter began to grow nervous as John searched for the quarter.

“Hey, that’s my pocket!”

“Heh heh, sorry luv. Ah here it is!” John found the quarter and dropped it into the coin slot.

“Wheee, we’re Space Men!”

Pietro watched happily. “Sigh, my little boys are growing up right before my eyes!”


Random shots of Sabertooth pushing a swing with Hawaiian Barbie on it.


Back at the mall with Pietro, Peter, and John.

“Peter, John, did you get the supplies for the party yet?” Pietro asked them, when the ride was finally over.

“Umm no”

“I’m going to get daddy’s gift, and you guys better get the supplies” Pietro snapped. “Or I won’t sign your names on the card”

“Yes sir!” Peter said saluting.

“Wow Pietro has a nice ass!” John said with a grin watching Pietro’s retreating backside.

“He does…….I’m jealous.” Peter whispered. “Anyway gotta another quarter?”

“Hell ya!”




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