Chapter 16 - An unexpected visitor.




The Brotherhood had moved into the Xavier insititute without much trouble. As they had already been living there for just over a week because of Sidney's injury, most of the unpleasantness of the two groups living together had already happened. Evan and Pietro still had major problems, and it seemed as if Lance and Scott would tear at each ohters throats at any second. Other than that, everyone was getting on fine, even Todd and Kurt were making an effort to get along. A few weeks had passed and Sidney healed fine. Sabertooth had refused to stay at the mansion as soon as she was healed, he was a wanderer by heart and didn't like to stay in one place for a long period of time. He appeared every now and again, but everyone knew he was looking for Pickles. The whole group were now gathered at the bus stop. A school trip to some sort of wilderness retreat had been planned for the entire student body, except the freshmen class. Sidney was the only exception, she had been allowed to go on her scholastic achivement and was the only freshmen going on the trip. This meant, to the utter joy of the adults, the Xavier mansion would only have three students for four days, Kitty, Todd and Evan. These three were now seeing off the rest of the students. Sidney gave Todd a hug and a kiss goodbye.

"Try not to destroy the house while i'm gone", she said with a chuckle.

"Hey, i've already had one house burn ta the ground", said Todd, "i really don't need another one goin' down".

"Will all students please get on the buses", shouted principal Kelly through his loudspeaker, "they leave in five minutes".

"Theres my beep", said Sidney, picking up her bags and waving goodbye, "have fun you guys".

"Oh yeah", said Evan rolling his eyes, "extra training seesions with Logan, we'll have lots of fun".

Everyone got on the busses and they drove off. Leaving Bayville behind for the next four days.

"And then there were three", said Kitty with a sigh.

"Errrrr two", said Evan with a nervous chuckle, "i'm going to go skating, if Logan really meant we had more training, i really don't want to be arround the mansion".

"Oh gee thanks Daniels", said Todd, crossing his arms, "ya do realise that the guy can track ya down don't ya?".

"He'll have to catch me first", said Evan, jumping on his skateboard and going as fast as it could carry him.

"Huh. He makes you feel like he deosn't want to be near you", said Kitty, crossing her arms.

"Welcome to MY world", said Todd with a chuckle, "people stay away from me twenty-four-seven. I'm gonna go get a pizza".

"Hey could you get me one and fetch it back to the institute?", asked Kitty, "please?".

"Yeah, yeah", said Todd with a sigh, "veggie, right?".

Kitty nodded and both teens went their seperate ways.




A long black limousine pulled up into the insititute's driveway. This, being an unusual occurence, brought Logan out. A chauffer stepped out from the drving seat and walked over to the end of the car, opeing the door. A tall man in his mid fifty's stepped out. He carried a walking stick and wore a buisness suit under a long coat, a hat was on his head. The man smiled up at Logan, his blue eyes a huge contrast to his pale complexion.

"Good day my man", he said in a smooth accent that sounded something between a British and and American one, "i trust this is the Xavier institute for.....gifted youngsters".

"Ya got the right place bub", said Logan with a sigh, "can i help ya?".

"Yes, i would like to see Professor Xavier if that is at all possible", said the man with a smile.

"Sure thing", said Logan, walking into the institute, "follow me".

The man nodded.

"Thank you", he said and followed Logan in.

The man stopped by the coat rack and put his coat and hat on it, revealing his dusty-blonde hair, slicked back and showing more than a few grey hairs. Logan surpressed an indignant snort, the guy certainly made himself at home without asking. Logan walked over to the professors studay and opened it.

"Some guys here wants ta see ya Charles", he said.

The man smiled and walked into the study, pushing past Logan.

"I'm pleased to meet you Professor Xavier", said the man, walking over to Xavier and holding out his hand, "i have heard much about your institute".

The professor blinked then took the mans hand and shook it. He gave looked over to where Logan was still stanbding and gave him a nod, telling him he coud go back to whatever he was doing. Xavier then turned and looked at this newcommer. He narrowed his eyes for a second, just to get a brief mental reading off him. He nearly gasped in shock this guy was.... He shook his head, he had better act unknowingly anyway, just in case.

"Thank you", he said, "Mr...."

"Daniel", said the man with a smile, "Daniel Toynbee".

The professor nodded.

"And may i ask what you want here?", he asked.

"I'm here to visit a student of yours", said Daniel, "Todd Tolenski?. I belive he moved here a few weeks ago?".

"Yes, he did", said the professor, "he isn't in right now".

"Oh", said Daniel, looking slighty upset, "do you know when he will be home?. Is it possible for me to wait for him?".

The professor narrowed his eyes, if this man was who Xavier thought he was, he wasn't exactly sure if Todd would want to talk to the man. But, it wasn't his buisness, it was Todd's.

"Yes, you can wait in the libary if you like", he said, "third door on the right. I will send Todd into you when he come home".

"Thank you", said Daniel and stepped out of the study.

He walked over to the libary and let himself in. Kitty was curled up in a chair by the fireplace with a book, he head drated up when the stranger came in.

"Oh", she said, jumping up, "err..hi who".

"Theres no need to stand up for me young lady", said Daniel with a chuckle, "i'm here to see a student, please, go on with your reading, miss.."

"Huh Kitty Pryde", said Kitty with a nervous chuckle, "who are you, like, here to see".

"Todd Tolesnki", said James, pointing to a seat, "may i?".

"Huh, yeah sure", said Kitty, how could such a regal and obviously wealthy man know Todd, who was the total opposite of the man talking to her, "so you know Todd?".

"Lets just say we are old....acquaintances", said Daniel with a sigh, sitting down, "thats better, i'm not as young as i used to be. Ahhhh 'The hound of the Baskervilles', a chillingly good read if i remember rightly".

"Huh?", said Kitty, the realsied that the man was talking about the book in her hands, "oh yeah, it's great. I like Sherlock Holmes".

"Yes Doyle is an ecceoptionall writer is he not?", said Daniel with a smile, "i have all of his work. Tell me, have you read 'A study in scarlet?".

"No, whats that about?", asked Kitty ,sitting up.

Her and Daniel Toynbee were soon talking all about their favorite books.




Todd sighed, as he walked towards the institute, it would be quiet with just three kids there, but hey, at least it gave him some time to just chill. As he got to the top of the driveway he noticed a limo parked outside, he shrugged, must be a freind of the professors. He jumped up the steps with one leap and opened the door. He was heading towards the common room when Storm stopped him.

"Todd, the professor want's to speak to you", she said with a smile, "he's in his study".

Todd blinked. Why would the professor want to see him?. Last time he checked he hadn't done anything wrong, he nodded.

"Yeah, thanks Storm", he said, putting Kitty's pizza on a table and heading to the professors study. He stopped in front of the door, before he even had chance to knock...

*Come in Todd*

Todd gave an invoulntary shudder, it always creeped him out when the telephaths spoke to him. He sighed and opened the door.

"Ya wanted ta see me professor?", he asked.

"You have a visitor Todd", said the professor, looking up from his desk.

"", said Todd, surprised, "who would visit me?. Everyone i know lives here".

"He's in the library", said Xavier, "he arrived while you were seeing Sidney and the others off. Brace yourself".

"Okay", said Todd, hopping towards the libarly, his mind racing, trying to figure out who his visitor was and why the professor had warned him to brace himself.

He got to the liabary door and entered. Kitty was sitting on a chair, deep in conversation with....

"You?", said Todd wide eyed, he felt angry and shocked at the same time, how could it be?

"Ahhhhh hello...errrr...Todd", said Daniel, smiling from his chair, "i was just having a delightfull conversation with miss Pryde here...".

"What are YOU doin' here?", asked Todd, trying to keep his temper in check.

Kitty sensed the tension and gave a nervous laugh.

"Err i'll, like, just head out", she said, phasing through the floor, making Daniel give a double take for a second.

"Fasinating", he said, rubbing his chin.

"I'll ask ya once more", said Todd, narrowing his eyes, "what are ya doin' here?".

"Why, can't a father visit his son anymore?", asked Daniel with a smile.

"Father?", Todd sneered, "i thought ya got rid of that 'father' title when ya abandoned me".

"Ahhhh i see you are still a little bitter", said Daniel, nodding, "well that could be expected. It was very hard for me to find you son. Why, you even changed your name, even if it is to your mothers maiden one,  and i must admit, that Brooklyn accent of yours is quite a nifty trick".

"Drop dead", muttered Todd, crossing his arms, "why are ya really here?. Huh?. 'Cause it sure ain't ta see me, thats fer sure".

"Well Mortimer.."

Todd was in Daniel's face in a flash.

"DON'T call me THAT!", he said angrilly, "my name's Todd, use it".

"Okay then...Todd..", Daniel said with a sigh, "as you can probably tell, i am not getting any younger, and, well, when i am gone, there will be no one to inherit the family estate".

"So this is what this is about?", Todd sneered, "money?".

"Mor..Todd, if you don't take the estate when i die, then it will go to", Daniel gave a shudder, "lower class people".

"Oh boo hoo", said Todd sarcastically, "if ya wanted me ta inherit the family estate, ya shouldn't  of abandoned me".

"Son, i did not know what to do", said Daniel, "with your mother gone. And, well, your...condition. I had no other alernative".

"Condition?", said Todd, shaking his head in disbelief, "if ya got off ya pompus butt fer five seconds ya'd realise that it's not an illness. It's a natural part of my gene pool".

"Yes be that as it may if any of the social ladder around out family knew we had a...mutant", Daniel whispered the word as if he was afraid of it, " the family. I'd be ruined".

"And ya expected me ta understand that?", shouted Todd, "i was three years old. THREE. An' you were the only family i knew. Ya left me on the steps of that Brooklyn orphanage on thanksgiving!. I was just a kid, an' you didn't even have the guts ta walk inta the orphanage ta hand me over. Did ya?".

"You make it sound worse than it is son", said Daniel, putting a hand on Todd's shoulder.

Todd jerked away from his father.

"Don't touch me", he said, narrowing his eyes, "listen 'pops' i don't wnat ya money. I don't want ya estate. I couldn't care less if it's all stripped down ta make tolilet seats. I don't want ya in my life".

"I am your father and i do not deserve to be talked to in such a manner", said Daniel, knocking his walking stick on the ground, "i should be talked to with respect".

"Ya lost my respect fer ya when ya walked outta my life", said Todd, turning his head away from Daniel, "ya can't just walk back in. Now, would ya just leave already?, 'cause nothin' ya say is gonna make me go with you".

Daniel looked at Todd for a second before nodding his head and walking towards the door.

"Fine, but you are making a big mistake", he said, some shuffling was heard on the other side of the door, the man ignored it, "this offer will not come your way again".

"I don't care" muttered Todd closing his eyes.

Daniel looked like he was about to say something else, but instead just huffed and opened the door. He stepped out to see Kitty reading a book, trying to look inocent.He closed the door, grabbed his hat from the coat stand and put on his coat. He then tipped his hat to Kitty.

"Good day miss", he said then strode out of the institue's main main door.

Kitty heard the sound of a the limo diving away. She sighed, she hadn't MEANT to eavesdrop, but her curiosity had gotten the better of her. She could hardly belive what she had heard. Todd, the Toad, was heir to a massive estate, worth who knew how much!. She shook her head, Todd sure was good at hiding his past. She felt she should talk to the guy, he must feel pretty rough after that. Kitty stood up and phased through the closed libary door. Todd was sitting in a chair with his head in his hands.

"Hey Kitty", he said, not even looking up.

"Oh, hey Todd", said Kitty, " did you know it was me".

"Ya the only one in the mansion at the moment who can come in without openin' the door", said Todd.

"Oh...", said Kitty blinking, Todd was smarter than she'd given him credit for, "sooo..what, like, just happened?".

"Why are you askin'?", said Todd, looking up, "ya were behind the door the whole time".

"No i..", Kitty began, then sighed, "okay you must have, like, good ears. Are you..okay?".

"Mmmmm, let me think", said Todd, rubbing his chin, "i've just been visited by a father i hate, who abandoned me and who wants me ta take over his estate. Do you think i'm okay?".

Kitty blinked, surprised at Todd's bitter tone. Todd sensed this and sighed.

"Sorry", he said, "it's just a bit much fer me ta handle. I didn't mean ta snap at ya like that".

"Hey it's okay, no harm done", said Kitty with a smile, then looked at Todd, concerned, "do you, like, want to talk about it?".

"Like i have a choice?", said Todd with a sigh, "as ya guessed by now, that guy is Daniel Toynbee, my..father".

Todds eyes narrowed at the word 'father'.

"He lives in uptown New York in some big plush mansion with servants ta tend at his every whim. He abandoned me when i was three years old", Todd said with a sigh, "my mutant powers manifested early. He didn't want a mutant in his family. He thought i'd stain his perfect regal bloodline".

"But what about you mother?", asked Kitty, "i mean, like, all mothers want to protect their children, so why would she let that happen?".

"She died giving birth", said Todd, closing his eyes sadly, "i've never had the chance ta meet her".

"Oh Todd, i'm sorry", said Kitty, for the first time since she met him, she felt so sorry for the frog-like mutant. He'd always been so cheerfull and upbeat...she had no idea.

"Don't be", said Todd with a wave of his hand, "ya can't change the past, so it's not worth cryin' over".

Todd frowed.

"Huh, after years of tryin' ta avoid it, i still sound just like my father", he said with a sigh, "i just wish i knew how he found me".

"Maybe he, like, looked you up through the adoption agency?", said Kitty, "they can usually do that really easy. I mean, he only needed to find out the surname of the family that adopted you and then its kinda easy from there".

"I wasn't adopted", said Todd with a sightly bitter tone, "no one ever wanted me. Why have a freaky lookin' frog-boy when ya can have a perfect, nice lookin' kid".

"But how did you get..."

"My name?", said Todd, "Tolenski was my mom's maiden name, i just made up Todd, i might have only been three, but i wasn't stupid. I knew that moneybags had dumped me, so why should i keep my old name, it'd just be a reminder of how much i hated the guy. An' how much he hated me".

"Oh", said Kitty nodding.

Kitty had come from a nice steady home, and it was now that she realised how lucky she was. Her parents had accepted her mutant power easily. They wanted her to learn to control it and they loved her. They were always there for her, no matter what. She had taken all of this for granted, she made a mental note to call her parents later, just to talk. Todd still looked throughly depressed, she decided she should try to lighten the mood a little.

"Well", she said with a slight giggle, "with a name like Mortimer, i don't blame you for changing it".

Todd looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh gee, thanks", he said with a chuckle, "by the way, if you tell anyone my birth name's Mortimer, i may have be forced ta kill ya".

"I promise i won't tell a soul", said Kitty, holding up a hand.

"Good", said Todd with a grin, "'cause i get beaten up enough as it is, i could do without everyone knowin' that too, heck i'd never be left alone".

"Yeah, so, are you going to be okay?", asked Kitty.

"Yeah", said Todd with a sigh, "i just need some time alone, i'll befine. Thanks fer takin' the time ta listen".

"Hey don't mention it", said Kitty, getting up, "does Sid know?".

"Of course she knows", said Todd with a chuckle, "she's my best friend, there ain't much she don't know about me. But other than that, ya the only one that really knows anythin' about my past, the Brotherhood included".

"Wow, do you have trust issues", said Kitty, shaking her head and smiling, "then again, i can't blame you. I'll, like, see you later Todd. And, hey, don't worry too much about it, from the look on Logan's face he doesn't like your dad either, i don't think he'll come back".

"I hope not", said Todd with a sigh.

Kitty nodded and started to pahse through the door, the popped her head back in.

"Okay, just, like, a quick question", she said, "this estate that your turning down, well how much is it all owrth. You know, your entire inheritance?".

"You really want to know?", said Todd with a sigh.

Kitty nodded.

"Three and half million dollars", said Todd with a sigh.

Kitty stumbled back.

"Whoah", she said, shocked, "thats...alot. Okay, i'm leaving before i try to talk you into taking it".

With that she phased quickly through the door.

 Todd sighed and leant back in his chair, he needed time to just be alone and collect his thoughts. He hopped Kitty was right, and that his father wouldn't step foot near the insititute again, Todd doubted he could handle another sitiutation like that as calmy as he had done again.



Chapter 17 - A plan is made.




The four days that everyone had been away for went by quickly. Thankfully, Kitty had been right, Todd's father didn't make a second apperance. When everyone had come home, they were tired and some of them smelt worse than Todd did. All of them claimed that they would never do that again, and told the three remaining teens how lucky they were to be able to stay at home. Rogue had asked Kitty if there was any decent gossip, but she kept her promise, she didn't tell her about Todd's father's visit. Instead she just told them that things were just dull and nothing intresting had happend. Rogue had shrugged and left the room, muttering about how it would take at least ten showers before she got the 'wilderness smell' out of her hair. Kitty was sitting on her bed messing about on her laptop when she heard someone clear their throat. She looked up to see Sidney leaning on the doorway.

"Oh, like, hey Sid" said Kitty, putting her laptop down and smiling at the feline mutant. Despite the fact that Sidney had left the X-men for the Brotherhood, the girls still managed to stay good friends.

"Hey Kitty", said Sidney, walking in  and sitting on the bed, "you enjoy yourself while we were gone?"

"Yeah, i guess", said Kitty with a shrug, "it was really quiet, and Logan's training sessions kinda stunk".

Sidney nodded and smiled. She looked to the floor for a second then sighed.

"Todd told me his old man came calling", she said, "it was cool you kept quiet about it. Todd doesn't like too many people knowing about his past".

"I figured", said Kitty shaking her head, "but hey, if he wants it to be a hush-hush thing, i've, like, got no problem".

"Yeah", said Sidney with a sigh, "its just one of those things ya know?. I mean, Todd isn't eactly the most open of people. Heck the only reason i know anything about him is because we were joined at the hip as kids. I guess he's kinda worried that if people knew his roots, they would see him in a different way, and not care about the person he is, only the person he was. If that makes any sense".

"I understand", said Kitty, "he's lucky he's got a friend like you".

"Yeah, i know", said Sidney with a chuckle, "i dread to think where he'd be now, if i wasn't there to tell him to keep his chin up. Anyway, thanks. Todd's gratefull too, he's just got a different way of showing it".

Sidney stood up and walked out of the room. She passed Rogue who was waiting outside the bathroom, pounding on the door.

"Come ON Jean", she shouted, "ya'll can't hog the shower ALL day. A'h need to wash too ya know".

"I'll be out in a second", came Jeans voice through the door, "why dont' use use the downstairs bathroom?"

"Kurt's in it", shouted Rogue, "a'n he gets blue fur everywhere, there ain't no way im goin' in there after he's through with it".

"Well you'll just have to wait", came Jean's voice again.

"Having fun Rogue?", said Sidney with a chuckle.

"Well a'h will have fun once a ceratin red head gets outta the bathroom", said Rogue, "a'h really need ta shower. A'h smell worse than Swamp-breath. offense to yer boyfriend".

"None taken", said Sidney with a chuckle, "it's at time like this i'm glad i can change into a cat. It's easy enough to wash without a shower with a rough tounge".

To prove her point, Sidney transformed herself into a small tabby cat and bgan to wash her paw.

"A'h envy you Sid", said Rogue, banging her head on the bathroom door.

Sidney gave a purr and trotted off down the hall, tail held in the air. She poked her head around the common room door. Lance was sitting in a chair looking exhausted. She padded over to the cair and leapt on the arm rest.

"Hey Sid", said Lance with a sigh, patting her on the head, "you given up on the shower thing too?".

She hopped down and onto the sofa, then transformed into her ordinary self.

"Yeah, well fur smells even worse when it's wet anyway", she said with a chuckle, "i take it you can't get into a bathroom?"

"No", said Lance with a sigh, "i can't. Kurt's in one and Pietro took the other. The only consaltion is that Summer's can't get into one either".

"Or Fred", said Sidney with a giggle, "but then again, that really can't be a good thing".

"Nah, he got to one before blue-boy", said Lance waving his hand in the air, "Fred's probably gone to bed, i don't think he likes too much physical activity".

"Well after staying in that slave camp, im not too fond of it now either", said Sidney, shaking her head, "i wish i'd stayed at home with Todd".

"Speaking of which, were is the little Frog?", asked Lance, "i haven't seen him yet".

"Oh, he's up in his room", said Sidney with a sigh, "he's had a tough time recently, he's just brooding alot".

"Todd brooding?", said Lance, sitting up, "man that must be serious, whats wrong with him?. You didn't dump him did you?".

"Heck no", said Sidney, "why would i want to do that? Anyway, i can't tell you whats wrong, its something that he should tell you himself, only if he wants to though. Don't hold your breath, i doubt he'll want to talk about it. He really needs some cheering up".

"Hummmmm", said Lance looking thoughtfull., "you know, i think i know what might just cheer o'l Frogger up".

"If it's a strip club forget it", said Sidney, crossing her arms.

"No way, Kitty'd kill me", said Lance with a chuckle, "but maybe what he needs is a 'guys night out'".

"I don't like the sound of that....."

"Oh i won't let him get into trouble, i promise", said Lance with a smile, he was starting to like this idea, "i mean, we could all go. I think we need a night just to us guys. I might even invite Summers......maybe".

"Invite Summers where?", said Pietro walking in.

"To our 'guys night out'", said Lance proudly.

"Guys night out whoooo", said Pietro, jumping up and down, "i like that idea. I can pick up chicks!".

It was at this point that Kitty had phased through the floor.

"Lance Alvers you had better not be going out to pick up 'chicks'", she said as she decended to ground level.

"No, it's just a guys night out, you know, to cheer up Todd", said Lance with a nervous chuckle, "besides, we could all use the time out".

"Nothing like male bonding", said Sidney, rolling her eyes.

"Look i promise that i won't let Todd near any girls....", started Lance.

"Hah!", interupted Pietro, "as if that would ever happen, Todd couldn't pick up a girl if he tried. Besides why would they want to look at Frogger when they can look at the perfection that is Pietro Maximoff?"

"Hes' right", said Sidney with a chuckle, "i've got nothing to worry about".

"I knew you found me attractive", said Pietro, wrapping his arm around Sidney's shoulder faster than she could blink.

"I was refering to the fact that no girl would go near Todd, except for me that is", she said, picking his arm off her shoulder and moving it away from  her, "i feel sorry for any girl that goes out with you".

"I'm wounded", said Pietro, putting his hand to his forehead, "so Lancester, we on?".

"Yeah", said Lance with a smile, "if the adults lets us. Go spread the word to all the guys"

"Even Summers?"

"Hey i want to see if i can get him drunk enough to do something stupid", said Lance with a shrug.

"As long as you, like, don't do anything stupid", said Kitty, "or go near another girl".

"Awwww Pretty-Kitty, your the only girl for me", said Lance "i'll behave, i promise".

"Okay then", said Kitty with a sigh, "hey Sid. i just go, like, a brilliant idea. If the guys are going to have a 'boys night out', why don't we have a 'girls night in'?".

"Mmmmmmm, sounds like fun", said Sidney with a smile, "even if there are only four of us. But if the guys can have fun, they heck, so can we".




The professor sighed and looked up at the expectant faces of Lance, Kitty, Sidney and Pietro. He wasn't too thrilled with their idea, as seen as Pickles was still on the loose, but neither Logan or Sabertooth had reported any sightings of him for a few weeks.

"Well", he said, placing his hands together, "i suppose you boys COULD go out, if you were on guard, and home in time for cerfew".

"Oh we'd be back in time for cerfew professor, i promise", said Lance with a smile, "besides, were taking captain serious with us, he'll remind us when we have to get in".

"I assue your refering to Scott", said the professor with a chuckle, "oh, alright, as long as your carefull".

"Thanks professor, you rock", said Lance cheerfully.

"Again with the rock puns", moaned Pietro.

"What about our girls night in professor?", asked Kitty hopefully.

"As long as it is just the four of you, then it will be okay", said the professor with a sigh.

"Oh it would be", said Sidney with a nod.

"Fine", said the professor, "but please don't drink too much, i really hate having to deal with teenagers with hangovers".

"Okay, thanks again professor", said Pietro, he and the others leaving, "i'm gonna go spread the word around the house".

Pietro dashed off arriving nno more a minute later.

"Everyone can go", he said slapping Lance on the back, "it took some convincing Todd, but once he found out it was going out with us, or staying in with the girls, he was only to happy to join us".

"You just be nice to him", warned Sidney, "and remeber, don't try to make him talk about what he's so down and out about. If you do, i will hunt each and every one of you boys down and kill you, got it?".

"Heh heh, got it", said Pietro, backing away from Sidney.

*Bamf*, Kurt suddenly appeared on the table.

"Yeah party party party!", he said, doing what the students had started to call ' the kurt dance'.

"Okay, Kurt...", said Lance with a sigh, "are you going to do that all the time?".

"Maybe", said Kurt, swishing his tail, "maybe not. Eeet depends what mood i'm in".

"Fair enough", said Lance with a shrug.

"I hope you all stay within your limits", said Scott, walking down the stairs, "i really don't want to be responsible for all of you".

"Awww don't be such a wet blanket one-eye", said Lance, shaking his head.

"Don't be such a party pooper", said Kurt, crossing his arms.

"Every party needs a pooper, thats why we invited you", Pietro started to sing, "party pooper, party pooper. Every party needs a pooper, thats why we invited you, Scott Summers".

"Don't make me take my shades off Maximoff", warned Scott.

"Like, you'd hit me", said Pietro with a chuckle.

"Err guys, why don't you try to get along huh?", said Sidney, "cause you'll be spending the entire night together tomorow and i don't think Xavier would appriciate it if you killed each other".

"Your right", said Lance with a frown and held out his ahdn to Scott, "temporary truce?"

"Temporary truce", said Scott ,taking Lance's hand and shaking it, "besdies, i think you need all the help you can get controling those two".

He pointed over to where Kurt and Pietro were dancing around like luantics.

"This will be....interesting", said Lance with a sigh.


Chapter 18 - Boys night out.




"Party time, party time, party time", Kurts voice rang through the house.

"We know Kurt", said Scott with a sigh, "we know".

"Hey let the Blue-boy have his fun Slim", said Fred, waking down the stairs, "maybe he'll knock himself out before he makes a complete idiot of himself".

"Hey", said Kurt making a face.

"I'm with the Fuzzball on this one", said Pietro jumping up and down, "were gonna have some funfunfun".

"Yeah, a'h bet theres nothin' like going out as a big buncha guys surgin' with testostorone", said Rogue with a sigh.

"Your just sore because YOU can't go with us", said Evan with a smile, "you have to stay at home with the rest of the girls".

"Ah bet us girls could have more fun than you guys do", said Rogue, crossing her arms, "and our night won't end in being violently sick or falling over".

"So what are you four going to do?", said Pietro with a snicker, "sit around and tell girlly stories? Give each other makeovers? Giggle?".

"I'll pretend i didn't hear that", said Rogue, "unless ya'll want me ta take off ma'h glove an' keep ya'll here Speedy. A'hm sure we could do something with that hair of yours".

"Noooooooo", said Pietro dashing to hide behind Scott, "i give, i give".

"Is everyone ready to party hardy?", said Lance coming downsatirs, followed by a less than enuthisatic Todd.

"Yeah great", said Todd unenthsiastically, "party, whoopy doo"

"Hey you gotta cheer up Frogger", said Fred with a chuckle, "Sidney's orders".

"Yeah, well i'll try", said Todd with a half-hearted smile.

"Okay people lets movemovemove", said Pietro, opening the door and starting to usher people out, "come on the night is young my friends".

"See you girls later", said Kurt, waving to Rouge.

"Tell Kitty i told her to have fun", said Lance.

"Ditto on me fer Sid", said Todd, smiling slightly.

"A'h will, a'h will", said Rogue pushing the boys out, "ya'll just go have fun like ya'll've been told ta".

With that the boys left the institute, heading for a night out on the town.




The boys were walking along the street, trying to find something to do, when Evan stopped dead. He pointed up to a sign across the road 'lazer quest arena'..

"You guys thinking what i'm thinking?", he said with a smile.

"Sounds like fun Daniels, but you know you'll never hit me", taunted Pietro.

"Okay, we'll settle this inside", said Lance, "you up to it Shades?".

"Get ready to loose Rock tumbler", said Scott with an evil laugh.

In a few minutes, Scott was being baraged with little lazers. He crouched behind a wall, wondering what had possesed him to get into this, everyone had ganged up on him, including Evan, Kurt and Fred, who were, supposedly, on his team. Todd had cheered up, he had it easy in the pitch-black arena, his night-vision gave him the job of scouting around to see if he could find where Scott was hiding. Scott's shades were giving him a serious disadvantage, it's not easy to watch out for lazers when you can only see things in a shde of scarlet. There hadn't been any sign of the enemy for a while, and Scott was starting to loosen his guard. He stepped out from where he was hiding and looked around, no one was in sight. Suddenly..

"There he is".

Scott was suddenly baraged with lazers from all sides, he'd been ambushed.

"Diediediediedie", laughed Pietro manically, shooting his lazer gun at Scott.

Scott's lazer pack started to make little beeping noises.

"Looks like your dead Summers", said Lance.

"Well i wouldn't be if my team mates hadn't turned on me", muttered Scott, "can we go now please, i'm tired of making a fool of myself".

The boys walked out, all blinking with the sudden change of light, except for Scott, at least he could be thankfull for his shades for that.

"That vas fun", said Kurt with a chuckle, "now vhat?"

"I say we go bowling", said Fred, pointing to the bowling alley across the street.

"I've never bee bowling before", said Todd.

"Never?", asked Evan, "man, everyone should have a chance to go bowling".

"Then it's settled, we go bowling", said Lance with a smile, walking acorss the street, the other guys following close behind.

"Why me?", said Scott shaking his head, and walking slowly after the group.





It didn't take long for Pietro and Fred to teach Todd how to bowl, and before long, everyone was having a good time, with the exception of Kurt, who was loosing badly.

"Come on Fur-boy", said Pietro, "you gotta be able to do better than this, heck, even Todd's doing better than you, and he's only been playing the game for half-an-hour".

"Yeah", said Kurt with a sigh, "vell Todd doesn't only have two fingers and a thumb. Eeet isn't easy to get a grip on ze bowling ball".

With his image inducer on, Kurt looked like an odd kid trying to put two fingers in one hole, two fingers in another and his thumb in the third hole of the bowling ball. Needless to say, he was getting some odd looks from the other people at the bowling alley, most of them wondering why his friends hadn't told him he was holding the ball wrong.

"Bummer man", said Evan, picking up a ball, "now you watch a pro do this thing".

"Yeah, like you could bowl better than me", said Pietro pulling a face at Evan.

"I could beat you any day of the week Maximoff", retorted Evan.

"Ooooooooooooooooh sounds like a challenge".

That was all it took. The next two hours were spent with Pietro and Evan fighting it out in the game. They kept tieing. Eventually, through a mix of sheer boredom and the beginings of migraines,  the rest of the guys had to 'escort' the two rivals out of the bowling alley.

"I still say i could have beaten you", said Evan, crossing his arms.

"In your dreams Daniels", said Pietro.

"Okay, enough", said Scott, putting himself between the two, "can we go home now, please?".

"No vay", said Kurt, "ze night ees still young. Ve still have a couple of hours before cerfew. Besides, ve vill only go home to the girlly party, and vho knows vhat horrors avait us there".

"Fer once the Blue-boys right", said Todd, "i ain't goin' back to the mansion until i have ta".

"Fine", said Scott with a sigh, defeated, "what do we do now, please let it not be athletic".

The boys walked along the streets until Kurt pointed wildy at a sign.

"Vhat about that?"

"Oh yeah", said Lance with a laugh, "that should be fun"

"Hey i'm up for anything", said Fred, "even that".

"Then it's settled then", said Pietro, walking into the building.

Scott had been trailing behind, wishing he had stayed at home. As the other entered the building he looked forlornly up at the sign.

"Oh dear god no", he said sadly, "will someone please end my misery?".

He walked sadly into the building. The sign above read 'kareoke bar'.




As the night wore on, Scott found himself sitting with a Pina Colda in front of him and a cocktail umbrella stuck to to side of his shades, both courtesy of Pietro. He sighed, the others were somewhere in the bar...he'd lost track of where they'd gone, and he'd gone past the point of caring. He gave a groan and banged his head on the table, wishing he could crawl under it.

Evan, Todd, Fred and Kurt were sitting at another table watching the kareoke, Lance was at the bar ordering as many cocktails as he could carry. At the kareoke stage someone was belting out 'Dead ringer for love', even though he couldn't carry a note, at all. Kurt groaned and put his hands to his ears.

"I vish they'd make him stop", he muttered, "my ears can't take much more of this".

"I know what ya mean", said Todd, shaking his head, "hey wheres speedy gone?"

"Where do you think?", said Fred, pointing over to a table where Pietro was sitting, with six girls milling around him, giggling.

"Huh, Cassanova strikes again", said Evan sulkilly.

"Cheer up Porcupine", said Lance, walking to the table, "you'll get a girl, you just see".

"I HAD a girl", said Evan bitterly, pointing at Todd, "she went off with him".

"Hey Daniels, chill out", said Todd, frowning,  "ya can't blame me fer what Sidney does. That girl does here own thing. And anyway, when did you HAVE her?. She didn't mention you guys dated".

"Well we went on Oh man, that WAS just dinner? Well theres my happy moment gone", said Evan putting his head in his hands.

"No one can figure out girls", said Kurt with a sigh, putting a hand on Evan's shoulder, "not even me, and chicks dig the fuzzy dude".

"If chicks dig 'the fuzzy dude', then why are they all over there with Pietro?", said Todd.

"They haven't seen me yet, thats all", said Kurt, "if i vere to go over there, i'd get a chick in seconds".

"Right from under Pietro's nose?", chuckled Fred, shaking his head, "no way could you pull it off".

"Vell if you gentlemen vant to bet on eet", said Kurt with a cheeky grin.

"Ya on Wookie-boy", said Todd, "i bet ya five bucks that ya can't pick up one of 'em six girls that Pietro has around him".

"Yeah", said Lance putting down a ten dollar note, "i got ten bucks on it".

Kurt looked at Fred and Evan.

"You guys vant to place a bet?", he asked, "or do you have faith in the fuzzy one?"

At this point Evan and Fred burst out laughing and put their own money with Todd and Lance's against Kurt. Kurt shrugged and stood up.

"Prepare to be amazed", he said.

Instead of walking to Pietro's table, he walked over to the kareoke machine. A woman looked up and handed him the menu. Kurt took a look at it and pointed to the song he wanted. He hopped on the stage and took the mike. The music started to play the opening tune to 'Hotel carlifornia'. Kurt began to sing.


"On a dark desert highvay, cool vind in my hair,

Varm smell of colitas rising up through ze air,

Up ahead in ze distance, i saw a shimmering light,

My head grew heavy and my sight grew dimmer,

I had to stop for ze night".


"Oh boy, what is he doing?", said Evan, shaking his head.

"I don't know, but those girls are enjoying it", said Lance, pointing over to where a few of Pietro's girls were watching Kurt with intrest. Meanwhile, Kurt was still singing for all of his worth.


"Velcome to ze hotel california,

Such a lovely place, such a lovely face

Plenty of room at ze hotel california,

Any time of year, you can find it here".


Kurt carried on singing until he was done, then to top it all off, he blew a kiss in the girls' direction, sending off a fit of giggles. Kurt hopped off the stage and strutted back to the table.

"Eeets in ze bag", he said with a sly smile, "you guys had better kiss bye bye to your money".

"It ain't over 'till it's over Fuzzball", said Todd.

"That was really cool", came a voice from behind them.

They looked up to see a girl from Pietro's table.

"Vell thank you", said Kurt with a smile, "can i buy you a drink?"

"Yeah sure", said the girl happily.

Kurt held out his hand and everyone payed up. Kurt grinned and walked off to the bar with the girl.

"I can't belive he just did that", said Fred shaking his head.

"He took my money", said lance with a sigh.

"It's worth it guy", said Evan, trying to hold in laughter, "just look at Pietro's face".

They turned around to see a scowling Pietro, minus one girl. They watched him stand up and walk, yes walk, over to them.

"I can't belive the nerve of that fuzzball", said Pietro, sitting down, "i mean, i'ts not like he'll get anywhere, the girl will feel his fur if she touches him".

"Hey, you didn't just loose a bet over it", said Todd, shaking his head, "bye bye money".

They heard someone tapping the microphone on the stage, but ignored it, until they heard a familiar voice.

"Hey is this thing on?".

The looked up to see Scott swaying by the microphone. He still had a cocktail umbrella stuck to his shades and by the looks of the empty glasses on his table, he'd had more than a few pina colladas.

"Oh dear god, what is he doing up there?", said Pietro, as the music started up.

It was then that Scott started to sing, badly.


"Her name was Lola,

she was a show girl,

with yellow feathers in her hair,

and a dress cut down to there,

she wore marrangas,

and did the cha cha,

and while she'd like to be a star,

Tony always tended bar".


"I think he's trying to sing", said Lance with a groan.

"They don't know he's with us do they?", said Fred, looking around.

"I hope not", added Evan.

By now Scott was dancing around the stage with the microphone in his hand.


"At the Copa,

Copa cobana.....


de da de da da de da da da da,


at the copa,

copa cobanna

music and passion was always in fashion

at the copa cabannnnnnaaaaarghhhh!.........."


It was at this point that Scott fell flat on his face.

"Does this mean we have to carry him home?", said Pietro hiding his face.

"Yep, man,  the professors going to kill us", said Evan.

"No he won't", said Lance with a grin, "if you remember correctly, Summers was supposed to be watching us, not the other way around. So he's the one that dead, not us".

"I like that outlook", said Todd with a nod of his head.

Kurt ran over to them.

"I vondered vhere Scott had gone to", he said, shaking his head, "i think he drowed his sorrows".

"I'll go get him", said Fred with a sigh.

Fred walked over to the staged and picked up Scott with one hand. He slung him over his shoulder and walked back to the group.

"Oh look ma, the ground is moving", mumbled Scott.

"Okay, i think now would be a good time to go home", said Lance with a sigh.

Scott gave a loud laugh, then started to snore.

"The girls are going to love this", said Pietro, shaking his head and laughing.


Chapter 19 - Girls night in.




"Okay guys, we have snacks!", shouted Kitty as she walked into the common room, laden with shopping bags full of junk food.

The common room had most of its furniture removed, and the girls were making themselves at home, all decked out in their nightclothes. Sleeping bags were laid out on the floor, the girls had decided to sleep downstairs that night, not only so they wouldn't wake up the adults, going to their beds, but also for the fun of it.

"Yeah, food", said Rogue from behind a pile of CD's, "a'h hope ya'll didn't just get veggie stuff Kitty".

"No, i didn't", said Kitty, putting down her bags, "i got some artery-clogging stuff for you guys too".

Sidney then entered, a bag full of videos.

"Hey i went by the video rental place and got us tons of movies", she said, grinning and putting them down.

"And i got us some board games", said Kitty, pointing to a pile of boxes on the floor.

"Hey weres Jean gone?", asked Rogue, "ah know she ain't the party type, but she could at least show up".

"Here i am", said Jean, walking in with a box in her hand.

"That had better not be your makeup", Sidney warned.

"Yeah, so?", said Jean, "whats wrong with a little makeup?".

"Obviously you haven't tried to get the stuff out of fur before", said Sidney with a chuckle, "just dont' let it get near me".

"Okay, deal", said Jean, sitting on the couch.

"So, like, what movies did you get Sid?", asked Kitty, jumping on the couch.

"I got.....", said Sidney, rummaging through the bag, "'Pleasantville', 'Road trip', 'My best friend's wedding', 'Dancer, Texas - population eighty one' oh and 'The green mile'".

"Cool", said Rogue, putting the CD player on , "a nice balanced choice".

"And i got us lots of ice cream and stuff", said Kitty, getting the food out of the shopping bags.

"Hey, cool, i can make some punch", said Sidney, looking at the items, "i'm sure that the professor won't mind us using his blender".

"I don't think so", said Jean, shurgging, "but when you say punch.....".

"Oh don't worry Red i won't use too any alcohol", said Sidney, then added under her breath to Rogue and Kitty, "not much anyhow".

"I heard that", said Jean, tapping her head.

"Darn, ya'll just can't fool a telepath", said Rogue with a chuckle.

"Hey, it's okay", said Jean, "i can be fun too. As long as we only use a little. I think the boys will be in a worse state than us by the end of tonight".

"Oh i'm counting on it", said Kitty with a giggle, "i just hope Lance behaves himself.I mean, it is a guys night out, i just hope he doesn't get himself another girlfriend".

"Nah, he won't", said Sidney, "he likes you too much".

"Aren't you, like, worried about Todd Sidney?", asked Kitty.

"Not in the least", said Sidney, shaking her head, "Todd knows me too well. He wouldn't DARE cheat on me, he knows what i'd do to him if he did".

"No doubt", said Rogue with a laugh.




A few hours later, the girls had watched 3 of the movies and were currently eating ice-cream out of the tub and drinking Sidney's own masterpiece' Cat's whiskers' punch.

"I know what i haven't, like, done in a long time", said Kitty, scooping up a spoonfull of ice-cream, "played 'Truth or Dare'".

"You know, neither have i", said Sidney sitting up.

"A'hm up fer anything", said Rogue, turning down the music slightly.

"Well i don't know you guys....", said Jean, "i mean, we can't get too carried away".

"Don't such a spoil sport Jean", said Sidney with a chuckle, "your starting to sound worse that Scott".

"I am not as serious as Scott", said Jean, crossing her arms.

"Okay then", said Sidney, "Rogue, you go first".

"Yeah", said Kitty with a giggle, "truth or dare Rogue?".

"Truth", said Rogue with a sly grin.

"Okay", said Sidney, sitting up, "iv'e got one. What is it with you and Mr Military anyway?, are you guys dating?, or do you just flirt?, or what?".

"Were not dating", said Rouge with a blush, "i guess i kind".

"Who doesn't?", said Kitty, "he's, like, so totally cute!".

"I don't like him", said Sidney, crossing her arms, "okay, hands up who DOES like Scott".

Kitty and Rogue put their hands up. After a second of thought, Jean raised hers slightly.

"I guess i'm the only one who doesn't think he's cute then", said Sidney, shaking her head.

"Yeah, well ya'll go for the amphibian look", teased Rogue dodging the pillow Sidney threw at her.

"Okay, it's, like, my turn", said Kitty, "i'll take a dare".

"A'h've got the perfect dare for ya'll Kitty", said Rogue, a'h dare ya'll ta sneak into Logan's room and steal that cowboy hat he loves so much, AND wear it fer the rest of the night".

"Piece of cake", said Kitty with a giggle.

"This should be fun", said Sidney.

The girls stood up and followed Kitty upstairs. They stopped outside of Logan's bedroom door and waited.

"Okay, like, wish me luck", said Kitty.

She took a deep breath and phased through Logan's door. She looked over to his bed, he was sound alseep and snorning. On the bed's head rest hung his hat. Kitty winced, why did it have to be so close to the guy?, he'd smell her for sure. She crept across the room and reached over to grab the hat. Logan rolled over in his sleep.

"I like fuzzy bunnies", he muttered in his sleep, "there so soft and cute".

Kitty had to bite her lip to stop herself for laughing out loud there and then. She made a grab for the hat and crept out of the room, phasing through the door as she went. She held out her hand to show the other girls the hat.

"Ta da", she said with a giggle, putting the hat on.

The girls crept back downstairs and went into the common room before bursting in a fit of giggles.

"Wow, i can't belive you didn't get caught", said Jean, shaking her head.

"Well i learned more about Logan than i really want to", said Kitty with a giggle, "he seems to like fuzzy bunnies".

That was enough to send all four girls into a laughing fit.

"So it's Sidney's turn", said Kitty, once everyone had composed themselves.

"I pick truth, ask away", said Sidney, flopping on the couch.

"Okay", said Kitty, rubbing her cheek in thought, "oh i know. Is Todd, like, a good kisser?. And you have to tell the truth!".

"Kitty, i can answer that question with four magical words", said Sidney, holding up four fingers and counting them down, "six  foot  long  tounge".

"Okay... thats, like, gross", said Kitty, pulling face.

"Hey don't mock it 'till youv'e tried it", said Sidney with a smirk.

"I think i'll pass", said Kitty with a giggle, "besides i've got Lance to keep me company".

"Okay it's Jean's turn", said Rogue giving Jean a sly grin, "truth or dare Jean?".

"I think i'll pick a dare", said Jean with a shrug, "i think i've had too much of this 'cat's whiskers' stuff. Why did i pick dare?".

"Too late", said Sidney with a grin, she looked at Rogue and Kitty, "huddle".

The three girls sat in a circle, occasionally looking up at Jean and giggling. Jean groaned, she had a bad feeling about this, she was even tempted to use her telepathy to find out what they were talking about, but before she could concentrate on her powers, the girls had turned to face her.

"Okay", said Sidney with an evil grin, "we have decided on your dare".

"God help me", muttered Jean.

"We want you to, like, put one of your bra's on the dresser of every boys room in the insitute", said Kitty, smiling scarilly.

"Are you serious?", squeaked Jean,.

"Oh yeah", said Rogue, who seemed to be enjoying this much more than the other girls, "and when we say EVERY guy, we mean EVERY guy. Logan and the professor included".

"The professor and Logan too?", said Jean running her hand through her hair, "isn't that a bit...much".

"Well if you want to back out......", said Sidney, "but you'll just prove how dull you are".

"No", said Jean, standing up, "i can do this".

With that she walked out of the room, Rogue, Kitty and Sidney in tow. Jean disapeared into her room then came back out, her hands laden with her bra's. She walked into every boy's room in the mansion, putting a bra on the dresser in each room, but stopped at Pietro's.

"Even him?", she said with a groan.

"Even him", said Rouge with a nod.

Jean sighed and put a bra on Pietro's dresser. She was starting to dread the fact that she'd sown her intials on ALL of her clothing, including her underwear. It seemed like such a good idea at the time... She managed to sneak in and out of Logan's room with no problem. She finally came to the professor's room.

"Do i really have to put one in the professor's room?", she asked, "i mean, can't i just put it in his study?".

"Nope, we were specific, only in the bedrooms", said Kitty, crossing her arms.

"Man ,i'm going to pay for this in the morning", said Jean with a sigh.

She crept into the professor's room. She was thankfull that he had taught her how to put up a mental block, she sure hoped that he wouldn't get her mental reading. He looked asleep, but with that guy, you just never knew.....She carefully placed her bra on the professor's dresser and started to sneak out. Unfortunately for her, she was concentrating so much on her mental block that she wasn't looking where she was walking. She tripped over the professor's ottoman, falling to the floor with a thud. She heard a squeal from outside the door and the sound of the girls footsteps running off downstairs.

"Jean?, do you need help with something?", came the professors voice.

*Crap*, thought Jean, *better think of something quick*.

"Errrrr yeah professor", she said, "i was just picking up this book that were were reading. I wanted to read a quote of it to the girls. I didn't mean to wake you".

"Thats okay Jean", said the prfoessor, "the book's on my dresser".

"Okay, thanks professor", said Jean picking up the book.

*And while your there you take take you bra back too, i really don't think it will fit me*.

Jean squeaked, picked up her bra and ran out..

"Teenagers!", the professor chuckled to himself before going back to sleep.

Jean finally made it back downstairs to find Kitty, Rogue and Sidney hiding behind the couch.

"Did he catch you?", asked Sidey, poking her head out.

"Yes, yes he did", said Jean sitting down, "like i could break into the bedroom of the most powerfull telepath in the world, hah!".

"Did he tell you to put back all the bras'?", asked Rogue, getting up.

"No, actually, he didn't", said Jean blinking, "maybe Storm's right, he does like to have a chuckle now and again".

"Anyway, you, like, did your dare", said Kitty.

"Yes, can we do something less nerve-shattering now please?", asksed Jean.

"A'h have a ghost-story", said Rogue sitting down.

"Oooookayyy...", said Jean with a sigh, "what is it?".

"Okay, ya'll gather 'round this one comes from down south", said Rogue with a chuckle.

"Oooooh this should be good", said Sidney, sitting down.

Rogue cleared her throat.

"A young couple were drivin' along a lonely road at night, when their car ran outta  gas. The guy had seen a petrol station a few miles down the road an' told his girlfriend to stay put, and not open the door to anybody. The guy got outta the car an' the girl locked the doors. She decided ta turn on the radio for company. She heard a news bulliten that a dangerous convit had escaped and was in the vicinity of where she was. The girl got scared, and hoped her boyfriend would be back soon. She suddenly heard scaping on the roof of the car".

To prove her point. Rogue started to scrape at the floor.

"Scrape, scarpe scrape", she said, "it went on fer hours. Suddenly, just as the girl was about ta jump out of the car, she saw the blue flashin' lights of a police car. A policeman got out an' told her to get out of the car, but not look on the roof. She got out, an' ,of course, she looked. There hanging from the overhanging trees was the gutted body of her boyfriend, his feet scraping on the car roof.From that day on that road was known as 'hangman's road' an' they never caught the espcaped convict" .

The girls were silent for a second before Rogue suddenly shouted.


This made Kitty and Jean scream at the top of their lungs, and brought Sidney into a laughing fit.

"Oh you should see your faces", said Sidney, trying to get her words out, "priceless".

"That was, like, totally scary", said Kitty, holding a hand to her chest.

"I got one", said Sidney with a smile, "if you guys can take it".

"A'h can, but a'h think Kitty an' Jean need a time out", said Rogue with a chuckle.

"Hey", said Jean and Kitty in unison.

"Go ahead Sidney", said Jean with a smile.

"Okay", said Sidney with a smile, "this is one i picked up when i was living in Wales. On one of Wales' many contry roads, there is an old oak tree called 'the devils tree'. No horse will pass it without rearing up. The road is said to be haunted by a headless horseman, who was decapitated and hung from that very tree. Most people gave the tree a wide birth, until one night".

Kitty hugged herself tightlly, trying not to show she was getting scared. Jean however hid underneath the table, still listening. Rogue shook her head at the pair and waited for Sidney to carry on.

"Anyway, a man had been to a party and was, well, slightly tipsy. He decided that he would walk right under the tree and shout abuse at it. As he did so, something hairy landed on his shoulder and wrapped it's fingers around his throat. The man couldn't dislodge the creature and couldn't call out for help, so he stumbled painfully back into the village and made it to his friends house. As his friend opened the door, the man felt the weight fall off his shoulders and he collapsed. He friend claimed to have seen nothing, but no one could explain the scorch marks on the mans throat".

"Okay, i've had enough", said Jean, climbing into her sleeping bag, "i'm going to sleep".

She closed her eyes and in a second was snoring loudly.

"She's, like, out cold", said Kitty, giving Jean a poke.

"Yeah, too much of my puch does that to a person", said Sidney with a shrug.

"Hey guys, are ya'll thinkin' what a'hm thinkin'?" said Rogue, holding Jean's makeup box in one hand and a bottle of green hair dye in the other.

"Oh yeah", said Sidney with an evil grin, "this outta be good".

By the time the girls had finished, Jean was sitting on the couch, still asleep, covered in heavy makeup with squiggly patterns on her cheeks. Her hair was now completely green and Kitty had put Logan's hat on her head for good measure.

"Its, like, art", said Kitty tilting her head, "we should take a pitcure of it".

It was at his point that the boys entered the common room, all looking tired, but happy. Fred still had the sleeping Scott over his shoulder. Lance took one look at Jean and burst out laughing.

"Oh my god, what did you do to the poor girl?", he asked, shaking his head.

"We gave her a makeover", said Rogue proudly, "what did ya'll do ta Scott?".

"Is that a cocktail umbrella?", asked Sidney with a raised eybrow.

"Yes, yes it is", said Evan with a sigh, "he had a few too many pina colladas. He collapsed after singing 'Copa cobanna' at a kareoke bar".

"Yeah, Jean had, like, too much of Sidney's punch", said Kitty with a giggle, "she passed out after hearing some ghost stories".

"Oh no, not the return of the dreaded 'Cat's whiskers' punch?", said Todd, shaking his head.

Fred slung Scott from over his shoulder and propped him up next to Jean.

"Now THAT really needs a picture", said Pietro, "i'll go get my camera".

He dashed off and in half-a-second returned with his camera in hand.

"Errrr.. who's bra is it on my dresser?", he asked, with a chuckle, "not that i'm complaining".

"It's Jeans", said Rogue, "we played 'truth or dare', theres one in every boys room in the institute, includin' Logan's. She tried to put one in the professor's room, but he caught her".

The boys all grinned stupidly.

"Whoever thought up that dare is my new best friend", said Fred.

Meanwhile, Pietro was taking pictures, lots of pictures of the snoring pair.

"Oh boy, is this good for blackmail or what?", he said laughing manically, then looked down at the board games, "hey Twister!".




A few minutes later.....

"Right foot blue", said Fred, looking up from the chair.

Kitty sighed and put her foot on a blue circle, it wasn't easy to keep her balance on this thing.

"Okay Lance, left hand green", said Fred.

"Okay, no problem there", said Lance, moving his hand, he was getting closer to Kitty now..

"Pietro for the last time, stop trying to look down my top", shouted Sidney.

"Hey i'm not", said Pietro inocently, "i can't help it where the board tells me me be. Besides, your in your night clothes, it's not my fault that their..revealing".

"I'm going to hurt you Pietro", warned Sidney.

"Left foot yellow Sid", said Fred.

"Ya better not be tryin ta hit on my girlfreind again", warned Todd, looking up from the card game he was playing with Rogue.

"Ooooooooooohhhhh what are you going to do Frogger?", mocked Pietro.

"This", replyed Todd.

He sent out his tounge and grabbed Pietro's ankle, giving it a yank and bringing him cashing to the mat.

"Hey you made me loose!", said Pietro sulkilly.

"Too bad", said Todd with a shrug.

"Well what if i come over there and ruin your little card game?", said Pietro.

"Ya'll do an i'll knock ya'll out", said Rogue, removing one of her gloves.

"Okay, fair enough", said Pietro, deciding instead to poke the sleeping form of Evan.

"Right hand red", said Fred.

Lance reached over to try to get to the circle but lost his balance, bringing both Sidney and Kitty down with him.

"Okay, i'm spent", said Kitty, climbing into her sleeping bag, "i'm going to sleep".

"Hey were do we get to sleep?", said Kurt, looking up from the video he was watching.

"Well Evan fell asleep down here a'n there no way a'hm movin' him or Scott", said Rogue with a sigh, "so the rest of ya'll might as well stay down here too".

"On ONE condtion", said Sidney, "Pietro sleeps on the other side of the room from me".

"As if i'd do anything!", said Pietro.

"No a'h agree", said Rogue, "ya'll can just keep away from us girls".

"Well what about Lance and Todd?", protested Pietro, "they'll be sleeping in the same room as their girlfreinds, can THEY be trusted?".

"Hey", said Lance, "who do you think i am? You?".

"Look", said Sidney with a sigh, "lets just go to sleep, 'cause i'm past the point of caring. If your THAT worried Pietro, i'll change myself into a big cat, then no one can go near me".

With that, Sidney changed herself into a tiger and curled up on top of her sleeping bag.

"Well if me and Rogue, like, hide behind you Sid, then we'll all be safe", said Kitty.

Sidney gave a purr and Kitty and Rogue moved their stuff behind her. She was now a living baricade between the boys and girls. One by one the boys found chairs or rugs to sleep on and before long all the teens were alseep.