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Chapter Three: Unexpected Conspiracy

They all gathered in the professor's office whom by the way had been out
for the past 2 days in a trip.
"And you know what's worst, the guy supposed that because I keep a little bit of make up I'm fake!!!" said Jean .
"I see everyone of you has a letter. May I see them?"

The notes said as following :
Kitty's: "Like thanks you for your like laptop! Valley girl ! "
Jean's:  "What will you do now with out your makeup?"
Kurt's: "Thanks blue man, nice watch."
Scott's: "Hope you don't mind I took your car, I was getting tired of
taking the bus."
Evan's: "Your skate was pretty cool , so I decided that I should take it
Rouge's : "You really don't know where to hide your money, Its really
stupid from you to hide it in your socks."
Ororo's : "Hey white hair, nice boobs!"
Kate's and Allison's : "Hey you thanks for the free porn, so ya had a nice
bubble bath? Umm... really steamy and thanks for TRYING to catch me ,
believe me I laugh like mad listening to your plans, sorry I'm too fast
aren't  both of you just mad?
Beast's: "I played a little with your computer, didn't know the password,
so I managed to change it, try to find out, bet you will, hairy."
Logans: "hey! My old friend, nice seeing you again, you haven't forgotten
me. Right? So ,what's up, I would never imagine you here, never ever, it's
a damn fine place you've got  my friend. I hope you won't get mad bout me coming in and outta here taking some stuff of yours. Well gotta go now, have some stuff to do ... you know , teenage people stuff, oh! Yes by the way Ill be seeing ya soon. Bye."
Ps: yeah hum.. see ya on, that, place, you know where.

Ororo looked embarrassed, so did Jean, Allison and Kate, Kitty looked
furious her laptop was her life, Scott and Evan looked depressed for
their stolen vehicles and Kurt was desperate he didn't had his watch
anymore  what would he do with out it he wouldn't go to school obviously
until the guy who took it gave it back, but that day (Saturday) there was
a big party on one of Kurt's class mates house which he wouldn't be able
to assist looking like a hairy blue elf . Beast was thinking to him self, 
while the professor seemed concerned and Logan was grinning at an old memory. He turned around and went off in his motor bike.


It was getting dark, and the air outside was warm and damp, everyone in
the house was oddly quiet. Rogue was listening to nine inch nails in her
walkman, Scott was reading, Jean was doing her homework (typical of
her), Ororo, Beast and the professor were trying to figure out who the thief was and what did he had to do with Logan, Kurt was eating trying to forget somehow his lost watch and relax, Kitty was writing in her diary since she didn't had her laptop , Evan and Allison were each one in their room sleeping. Kate was the only one who had nothing to do except for her homework but she  was too wiped to do it, anyway she never did it, she'll just copy Kitty's later. She changed her usual clothes a white and  beige   sleeves t-shirt  and indigo jeans for a black sweatshirt with 3 fuchsia- bright pink stars from one top side to the other (trough her chest)  a pair of a sort of baby blue jeans , black and dark blue sketchers and a black waistcoat (tank top) and decided to go for a walk, everybody was to concern in their lost stuff and the mysterious thief to notice Kate was going out , she went out by the front door and walked outside the enormous house gates.

She walked along the side walk , going to the middle of the town , hoping to find some cute guy at the mall's cinema. Once she got there it was already dark, although she didn't like going her way home alone and in the darkness she didn't care to much, since she lived in New York and since her parents got divorced she was used to travel alone at night to avoid her mother as much as possible. But any way she could get a cab or maybe catch a bus. She rummaged through her jeans pockets to check she had enough money and she realized she'd didn't have money at all. "Oh shit!" she sat on a bench and put her face in her hands thinking of what to do, if this had happened only before ,she could have called Scott and he'll pick her up. "That stupid kleptomaniac. Why did he have to stole Scott's car  now?! God! Gr.!..." she was whining and shouting and groaning when suddenly she heard a voice, a voice she had heard before, a voice she knew very well.

"Well, well who do we have here..." Kate turned her face and looked up. Out of all people she could find in the mall in that kind of situation she found the one she most hated the one who made her life at school a living hell.

"Oh great...Pietro..."  she moaned, Pietro sat down in the bench next to her. "Yeah , great to see you too ... so you  in trouble?" she looked at him amazed, it was as if he could read her mind but , wasn't speed his mutant ability?...`hum... weird she said to her self.

"What?!" said Pietro as he noticed the strange look she gave at him. She looked down, her eyes were sad and tired , she kept silent and Pietro kept looking at her unsure of what to say. `Maybe I've been too nasty... oh, no! She gonna cry... no way ! Pietro thought. He looked around trying to find some topic to talk about, `maybe the weather... nah, to obvious ... He was thinking and thinking till Kate stood up and started walking, Pietro followed her and grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him, he couldn't believe that this time it was him chasing
for a girl and not the other way round, and he wasn't completely sure he
liked things that way.


*meanwhile at the Xavier mansion*

Rogue decided it was enough Nine inch nails for her, in all that time alone
she had had time to think bout her life and her incapacity of having
physical contact she was getting really sad  and decided to go and walk
over the front yard and cry there where no one saw her. The air was getting cold but was a bit damp she walked along the inside part of the gate and the wall ,it was pretty dark when she saw a shadow crawling down the wall and jumping over to the ground she approached to it
slowly it seemed that the shadow had got hurt or something cause he was
checking his ankle. 

"Hum... who is it there!?" There was no response, Rogue began to take one of her gloves just in case she was to use her hands, she came near, and a strong hand  grabbed her and pulled her down. She could see him perfectly well, now that her eyes had adapted to the darkness. The word beauty wasn't enough to describe him, his pale golden skin was a perfect match to his auburn hair. His high angular but at the same time delicate cheek-bones that were not so prominent but squared shaped and sort of sharp make him look both angel and devil, he wore a pair of black sunglasses, and had his hair tied on a small pony tail.

The guy looked at her and was amused by the girl in front of him, she was
crying and her makeup was coming out but even though she looked beautiful. Rogue looked at him, she had seen him before somewhere, she couldn't think much, she was pretty scared and sad. The guy was the first one to break the ice.

"Hum... I'm sorry chere it was not my intention to scare you the way I did, sorry I made you cry , I didn't know I was so ugly..." 

Rogue managed to smile a bit. "No, its not that..." she shut up for a while.
`What the hell I think I'm doing.. this guy may be the thief oh, no...what
I'm gonna do... he's so cute anyway...great Rouge, yah falling for a
kleptomaniac... who stole your money... she thought.

The guy moved his hand over to Rouge's face she immediately  caught his hand with her gloved hand, the guy looked at her "what's wrong chere? I just wanna dry of your tears."

Rouge looked down "Well...I... I'm a.. well.. hum mutant...I know you'll
think I'm crazy and stuff but its true, I swear it is" Rouge couldn't
understand why she was being so open with this stranger, the guy who was wearing gloves lifted her chin up.

"I know its true...I'm one too, my name is Gambit."

Rouge smiled, "Rouge."


*Back with Pietro and Kate*

"Let me go Pietro!!!" demanded Kate. Pietro smiled awkwardly, talking to Kate in that moment made him somehow nervous.

"Err...Kate... would you possibly hum... consider going on a date with me?" Kate looked at him strangely, how he could be asking her out after he acted as though he hated her?

"In a date? I'm sorry but the past days well in fact months you haven't acted as if you like me much, and you've not been the perfect friend you know...and.."

Pietro was pissed "Ok, ok I know that, and besides I expressed wrong ... I was asking you if weather you wanna hang out or not, its simple... and I know I haven't been nice and blah, blah ,blah, I know all that." Kate looked down `Well... he's trying to be nice at me... well his version of being nice to someone...well what do I have to loose I don't have any money any way, and I guess he'll walk me home ... she thought.

"Ok..."  Kate smiled " But I don't have any money to go to the cinema or something so I don't know what we could do."

Pietro smiled "See I knew you were in trouble or something like that,  I'll pay" Kate didn't  know how to behave so she looked down.

"Thanks I'll pay you Monday...if we don't have a x-men  V/S brotherhood fight this weekend" Pietro was smiling as cute as he could .`well he even looks kinda cute when he smiles like that said a little tiny voice inside of Kate's head `Where did that come >from...?! " Oh no, please no, I don't need this please no..." she whispered to her self.

" So... what are we gonna do?... Wanna go watch a movie?" Pietro asked her while they walked towards the mall 

"Ok" said Kate, Pietro sighed `God! I wish she'd say more... he thought.
When they saw the movies that were on that day the didn't found any that
was interesting, anyway  they decided to go in to any of the movies and
throw popcorn at the people watching it. They sat on the back row, there
weren't many people ,about 10 maximum, so If they had started to throw
popcorn they would have been catch  right away. They just watched the movie in silence although Pietro tried to hug her a couple of times.


When they got out it was raining. "Oh no! Great...!" Kate said.

"Yeah seems like we ought to stay here for awhile" from behind Pietro put
his arm round Kate shoulders and hugged her. Kate immediately turned round, "What are you doing?" she asked him annoyed and at the same time confused.

Pietro backed up a little "Well...I though... you ...liked me..."

"When did I say that?"


"See I didn't  and I don't  know why the hell you're being so kind with me
...I'm going home...thanks for the movie..."

"Kate wait up... let me walk you home and  end up this "date" decently." He looked really ashamed and was a bit blushed, Kate felt sorry for him and agreed, they way to the Xavier mansion was full of laughter and they really got the chance to get to know each other better, although they were
soaked , and a bit cold.

They where a block or so further from the mansion when they stopped.
"I think we must say goodbye here." Kate said, she started thinking that
maybe Pietro wasn't that nasty after all.

"Yeah...... see you Monday..."

"Yeah... bye..."

Kate walked alone and silently thinking about  that day and about the time
she spent with Pietro `Maybe he has been nice to me now because Mystique wants me to join the brotherhood or something...no way I'll join them...damn Pietro...how stupid have I been... I believed him ...crap!...a thick tear ran across her cheek


* back with Rouge and Gambit *

As soon as Rogue said her name a few raindrops started to fall. Gambit smiled at her while he stood up "Think I'd better go now, Its been a pleasure meeting you chere, I'll see you soon."

"But when?, when will I see you again?..." Rouge stood up too.

"Sooner than you think my belle Rouge...sooner than you think..." and with the same agility he came in. He jumped to the wall and passed to the other side. He decided to run cause it was pouring and only a few seconds in that kind of rain would get you completely soaked. He was running , tap ,tap, tap his footsteps sounded hard in the wet pavement, it was raining hard and the water began dripping in his face so he looked down.

At the same time Kate was in the same situation and was only a few meters from Gambit. She was running head down and eyes closed (how stupid of her, I know...) anyway there wasn't even a soul at sight. When she had a feeling that she should open her eyes and opened them it was too late, she crushed with Gambit and both fell on the ground.

Gambit got up and lifted Kate, when she saw him she immediately recognized him. He was the cute Cajun accent guy from school. She stared at him and didn't know what to do.

"Oh, no! , again I've made somebody cry, gosh and I thought I was cute..."

Kate immediately stopped crying, somehow the guy's presence eased her
sadness and made her feel comfortable and sort of sleepy too. That was the last thing she remembered. When she woke up she was lying down a tree in the middle of the front yard wet and cold. Her head bumped , she felt as though it would explode. She sat up and touched her forehead gently, it was boiling but she was too puzzled to figure anything out. She stood up and walked slowly and dizzily to the house's door she opened it and went inside holding from the wall as she walked. Everything moved and was distorted she could hardly walk, every time she gave a step she felt sick, finally, she decided to give up and sat in the floor lying her back on the wall.

"Oh my god is she like fine?" Kitty bent over to have a good look at Kate
that was sleeping sitting in the floor against a wall, and had been there
during the whole last night.

"Oh...I don't know she does look pretty bad to me" Rogue said " I think we better call Logan or Mrs. Monroe or the professor ...look! she's waking up."

Kate started to move and stretch, and began waking up, Kitty smiled and
touched her head. "Good morning Kate like time to wake up!" Kate muttered something ,but Rouge and Kitty couldn't understand any of the words she said.

"She looks very pale...don't you think?" Rouge bent over and touched Kate's forehead.

"Oh... she has temperature...I think a rather high temperature..."

Kitty looked at Rouge and touched Kate's forehead. "Like we should call the professor...I'll go get him." And Kitty passed through the wall and was soon back with the professor and everyone else.

"Hum...I see.." said the professor "I think she rather stay home today
she's quite sick..."

Kurt teleported and took Kate to her bedroom.


The next morning everybody got ready for school every one except Kurt and Kate who had argued several times that she didn't want to stay in bed, it wasn't that she wanted to go to classes or anything, she want to clear up things with Pietro, but Logan had threaten her several times with a new punishment and her actual punishment wasn't over yet, so finally she
decided to resign and stay.

"It vont be that  bad...you'll be vith me...vell have fun!!" Kurt said, (I
know you are saying "what the hell is Kurt doing in the house instead of
being at school?" well, it's very simple, he doesn't have his watch)

"Yeah...whatever..." Kate sighed.


"Yes! Soon the nightmare will be over...I need Allison to come and tell me
ALL the gossips...crap! I should have asked her to ask Pietro about what I wanted to ask him...hum.. well, I can't do much now" ring , ring!...  the phone ringed (duh...). "Hello?... hum... with Kitty?...Lance?...ok... wait a minute..."Kate knew that kitty and everyone else hadn't arrived yet, but this was her opportunity to make  things between Lance and Kitty a living hell , she cleared her throat and said "Like, Lance?" `lets see how long he takes to discover me she thought and they talked almost for two hours, by then kitty had already arrived, but she didn't came up.

"So... did you like the scarf I send you ?" Lance said while Kitty walked
in front of Kate's room and Kate could have a glimpse of kitty's scarf
which she liked a lot.

"Uh... the scarf?... Yeah like really nice, but couldn't have you, like
picked a  nicer color?!" Kate said sarcastically and angrily. Clang!
And she hanged the phone.

"Like who was it?" kitty popped her head trough Kate's wall.

"Nobody. Wrong number."

"Like well... ok bye!"

"yeah, yeah...bye..."


Next day, kitty was walking down the hall with her new scarf on, although
it wasn't cold. She was walking with a red copybook in her arms when she devised Lance walking straight in front of her. She tried to look calm, and cool, but couldn't control her self  and started giggling and smiling nervously. Lance was a few cm a head of her , when kitty smiled and said: "Like, hi Lance...!" she expected a warm `hey from Lance and that as usual he'll get nervous , but Lance just  passed next to her and didn't say a thing.


"Hey! Lonely girl, it's...SHOW TIME!" Kate shouted as she kicked Rogue's bedroom door with her feet, (Like karate style kicking) Rogue startled, Kate had scared her to death , cause all in that house was quiet and calm.

"It's show time?" Rogue said.

"It's time to eat, show time...whatever..." Kate said.

After dinner kitty came near Kate. "I don't know what s going on with him, he doesn't even look at me now, and I haven't ,like, done anything to him!"

"Mmm... I don't know maybe he's making it hard for you , you know...maybe he's trying to get you jealous or something... well, I must go... lot of homework to do..." Kate left smiling `Finally , my plans are going exactly the way I planned them.

[ Chapter Two ]