[ Devils Eyes ] by Dani

Chapter One: A darkened shadow

Disclaimer: This applies to all chapters: I own it all! Everything! Mine mine mine (lawyer whispers in ear) What? Fine, I own nothing, marvel owns everything but if they wanna give me Gambit and Rogue I’ll take ‘em happily!

“Like, Rogue! Can’t you keep your own, like, stuff on your own side?” Kitty was pissed off. It was 11:30pm and she was trying to get Rogue’s calf high black boots to Rogue’s side of the room. She looked over to the Southerner. Many people had said Kitty was pretty in her time, medium height, brunette, and sweet, but she was nothing compared to Rogue. She was slim, petite and strong. Neither Kitty, nor any other team members had seen her without her Goth make-up on except Kurt, and only because he was her brother and they had been having a water fight. If the others had seen her they probably wouldn’t have gotten over the shock.

Her hair was a reddish colour but with two white streaks through it. Courtesy of a two bottles of hair dye but it looked great.

Rogue was sitting Indian style on her bed, eye’s closed. She opened one eye and grinned. She put on a valley girl accent and fluttered her eyelashes mindlessly.

“If I, like, did, like, that I’d, like, end up like you! And that would be so, like, awful.” She closed the eye again. Kitty scowled and hurled the boot at Rogue’s head. She waited for the satisfying thunk she hoped would follow but Rogue simply lifted a hand and grabbed the boot midair.

“Kitty, don’t throw things around the room. Just get into bed and sleep, its late.” Scott was tallish and, in some opinions, a tight ass. He had been walking past in his PJ’s to do his teeth. Kitty glared at Rogue, this was her fault. Rogue grinned again and winked at Kitty. She then looked at Scott, and burst out laughing. Kitty looked over to see what was so funny; then stopped dead.

“Mah, mah! Mr.Summers, the great and good X-man, in pink loveheart PJ’s!” Rogue was rolling around on the bed laughing and Kitty was finding it hard to stand up. Scott went bright pink as the rest of the X-men came out to see what all the noise is about.

“Look mein fraulin, his face matches his top!” Kurt had started laughing to; holding onto Evan for support and Evan was finding it hard to breath through his guffaws.

“Oh Scotty, I had no idea, you look so pretty!” Jean teased, giggling like a schoolgirl at her boyfriend’s blushing face.

“Don’t worry Scott, I think they make you look gorgeous.” He turned around. Lisa Nack, newest member of the X-team, was coming up the hall. She flicked her bleach blonde hair over one shoulder. Kurt and Evan groaned whilst Kitty and Jean rolled their eyes. Lisa was rude, selfish, overly bossy and tried to seduce any member of the team who was male, even if they already had a partner.

“Alright everyone, back to bed. Come on, we have an assignment in the morning.” Xavier managed to calm them all down, though every now and then one would chuckle and the rest would start laughing again.

“What kind of assignment?” Scott asked, trying to maintain what little dignity he had left.

“Have you all seen the news reports lately?” They nodded their heads. Someone had been getting into the most maximum security systems and stealing some of the most valuable artifacts seen in a long time.

Incan masks, the worlds largest gem collection, the Mona Lisa, the crown jewels and the Stars of Africa where just a few. Then, even more mysteriously, no alarms went off, no sirens, no one found out till the next day. A week later the item would be returned, always with a note. The last one had said: The crown didn’t suit me; I’m more a ruby person myself. The Maharaja of India was not amused.

“What about it Prof.?”

“We have reason to believe it is all the work of one man. A mutant, though we haven’t told anyone, since it would cause an up roar.”

“But Prof. Why vould zey do this, who vould have ze skill?” Kurt seemed just as baffled as the rest of them.

“Have any of you ever heard the legend of the Guild of Thieves?” No one had. “It is said to be almost 300 years old. The members are the best. The smartest, sneakiest, most wanted. There is a rumour that one in particular holds the ring of the Master thief, proclaiming him the very best in the world. It is said that it is based in New Orleans. That is also where we have detected another mutant. So, sleep well, tomorrow we go to New Orleans. Oh, by the way, we have in the Mansion the Empress Emerald. I am looking after as a favour to a friend. I tell this so as to warn you, do not go in the danger room at the moment, it’s most likely you will be killed. Goodnight.” They went back to their rooms.

Kitty looked over to Rogue. It didn’t matter how much they fought, they were still team mates and, yes, almost family members.

“Who do you think this guy is?” Rogue shrugged, she knew no more than Kitty did.

“Probably just the guards playin’ a joke. Goodnight.” They turned out the lights.

They didn’t notice the shadow peering from the darkness. It watched until the girls fell asleep and then slipped silently past the window.


The shadow smiled. This was going to be easier than he thought. He didn’t know who these jokers were but it was going to be real easy to get out that emerald. He waited until the one in pink pyjama’s fell asleep. He twisted the window knob and slipped inside.

The Emerald was one of the easiest pinches he’d ever done. His eyes picked out the infared beams straight away, his thief sensitive ears picking out the near silent whirring of the motion detector. He moved so fast and fluidly that he seemed a blur. His cards hit the laser depositors that went off every twenty seconds, he slipped silently up to the glass case. C’est marrant, this is boring. The code to the keypad was easy, the computer hacked into in a couple of taps. The glass slid away, revealing the emerald. The touch sensor was avoided, the emerald a cold trophy of victory in his hand.

He was back in the hall. Walking silently past the bedrooms he checked each one. Why not add to the bounty. They were well off. He continued until he found a door. He opened it and grinned at the sleeping woman inside. She would definitely remember him. He put down the note and slipped back out.

He continued down the hall. A boy with yellow hair was mumbling in his sleep whilst a girl with bleach blonde hair was snoring like a rhino. He was just walking past another bedroom, empty except for a young brunette, when he heard a door open. He sprang quickly up, his mutant ability helping him do it lightening fast, his other abilities doing it silently and sat on the roof rafter.

It was a bathroom door. Out came a young girl, only about 15, maybe 16, in nothing but a towel. The shadow looked closer, and almost fell off the rafter.

She was stunning. Her hair was wet and messy, her slender figure wrapped in a towel. She had full, reddish lips, high cheekbones and naturally arched brows. But it was the eyes that did it. They were huge green orbs, the same colour as the emerald in his hand. They were delicate and haunting, and looking straight at him.  

He once again thanked the gods for shadows as she shrugged and walked on. He dropped silently behind her, tip toe, tip toe. She turned and opened her door and slipped inside. He wanted to follow, what 17yr old guy wouldn’t, but his instincts told him to leave. 

He slipped out of the furry blue boy’s window, and walked across the lawn. He jumped on his motorbike and rode off into the night.


An interesting steal, he thought.


[ Chapter Two ]