[ Devils Eyes ] by Dani

Chapter 3: The Ritz


“Whoa, this place is, like, totally huge!” Kitty stared around in amazement at the foyer of the Ritz. Marble and red carpet were everywhere. It was simple and elegant, very stylish.

BAMF. Kurt teleported in and stared to.

“So where is our room Keetty?” The Prof. rolled up to them and waited for them to settle.

“The room arrangements are as follows. Kitty/Lisa/Jean are sharing room 174, it adjoins to room 175, where Scott/Evans are staying. Kurt has his own room but it adjoins to Rogue’s, since they’re family. Storm and Logan are sharing and I have my own room because I’m paying for all this. Storm, are you sure our young thief will be staying here? It’s a little expensive isn’t it?”

Ororo nodded.

“I am sure, he has always loved art and this place is very classy. He grew up with Jean-Luc LeBeau who would never let a son of his go through life unappreciative. He has an eye for beauty.” She smiled at some private memory.

“So Storm, what does this guy look like?” Scott wanted to know more about the thief who was richer than Rupurt Murdoch and Bill Gates put together and was only 17.

“Well, he is tall, about as tall as you Scott. He is rather lean, and always wears the same old trench coat. He has reddish hair and his face…” Storm didn’t know how to describe Gambit’s face or his body for that matter.

“Well, I don’t know how to say what his face looks like, but he has a Cajun accent and whenever he swears he does so in French. The boy swears a lot. Well, that’s all I’ll say for now, be on the look out, he is an excellent pickpocket.”




Rogue dumped her bags on the bed. The place was nice. Cream walls, ivory carpet and beech wood furniture made it classy, understated elegance. The bed was a double, dark red sheets and covers as well as comfortable fluffy pillows made her look forward to sleeping that night.

Kurt grinned as his foster sister examined her room. The adjoining bathroom was equally swanky, gold taps; glass shelves, fluffy towels and even a spa bath all looked great.

“I am zinking zat you like zis place, liebchen?” Kurt smiled as she nodded. After they found out they were siblings, though not by blood, they had formed quite a close bond.

“It’s real nice Kurt. I still wanna know more ‘bout this thief. Stormy seemed kinda reluctant ta talk ‘bout him, maybe he’s real ugly.” Kurt shrugged.

“Storm was secretive, but I am more interested in what ze thief put in his letter. Storm and Logan together? Soundz a little odd, does it not?” Rogue nodded.

“Yeah, the Canadian wild man an’ Ms. Composure? A little like Iceman an’ Poison Ivy.” Kurt grinned, they both had a passion for tacky movie’s, especially Batman. They were both startled by a voice from across the room.

“When you have finished discussing my love life, perhaps you could come to the Prof.’s  room, he wishes to speak with us. I received another note.” Storm looked happy, like one does when they hear from a friend not spoken to for a while.




Professor Xavier looked from the desk over to his students. They seemed anxious.

“Relax. The thief, ah, Gambit, has left another note that I hope will give you some enjoyment.” He began to read.


Dear Stormy,

                   I knew you’d come here! It’s good to see you again, even if you didn’t know I was there. So I am going to put a small amount of excitement into your sad little life.

The mayor of New Orleans is holding a ball. I, Mr. James Cromwell, have of course been invited. I extend this invitation to you, Stormy, and your, friends? Team mates? Allies? Lovers?! It is enclosed in this envelope. But be warned Stormy, if you decide to call the cops or pull a “we’re going to save the world” I will not give back this lovely Empress Emerald, as I plan to. I have a buyer, he won’t be able to tell the real from the fake by the time I’m through with it!

Hope to see you soon,



Xavier looked up. Most of the X-men looked excited, Logan looked thoughtful and Storm looked annoyed and upset. Rogue was thinking things over, adding things together.

“So, does this sound good? Wait, I will read out the invitation.”


To Whom It May Concern:

You are cordially invited to the gala ball, held in honor of our new mayor, the good Mr. Alistair Good-thought.

Time: Starts at 9:30 pm

Date: Saturday, 13th April

Place: (A/N I’m not sure were balls are held in New Orleans)

Dress: Black tie, evening gown. The theme is medieval times. So have fun looking for outfits!


“Prof. How are we going to get tuxedos and evening gowns by tomorrow night?”

“And, how are we going to afford it all?”

“Why did Gambit say he was James Cromwell?”

“Why is he inviting us?”

Evan and Kurt kept firing the questions until Logan shut them up by unsheathing a claw right in front of their faces. Storm thanked him and then answered.

“There is one last note in the letter.”

 It read:


P.P.S Stormy, I go to Le Petite Ange Boutique for the women, Tux’s and Tie’s for the men. Tell them James lsent you.

Have fun Stormy, see you tomorrow night. Laissez Le Bon Temps Rouler!


Storm grinned. He always did make sure everything fell into place. That’s why he’s the best, she thought. She looked up to the students.

“To answer your questions, that’s where we will get the gowns and such. The Prof. can pay and you can pay him back later. James Cromwell is just one of the thousands of made up names he uses as a thief, so as to leave no trails. He is inviting me because I am his friend. I think he is inviting you because he finds you amusing and wants to meet the people I live with. Any other questions?”

“One. Do we have to go?” Everyone turned to Rogue. Lisa answered in a shocked voice.

“What do you mean why? Of course you’ll want to go! Dress up like a princess, dance the night away. We never do anything like this Rogue,” she gasped and then grinned. “We can get manicures and everything!” Everyone groaned at the thought of manicuring Lisa’s nails. Jean smiled at Rogue kindly.

“Come on, it’ll be fun. We can get weird dresses and everything.”

“Yeah Rogue, free food and a thief, what else were you planning on doing.” Evan was just as comforting as Jean, though he was worried at the thought of someone not wanting to go. Xavier ended the discussion.

“That’s enough. Rogue, we would be happy if you joined us, please do so. Now, everyone to bed, we have a big day of shopping tomorrow,” he shuddered at the thought of trying to fit Kurt into a tux but pushed it into the back of his mind.

“I hope you will join us Rogue?”

Rogue shrugged. She’d go, but she didn’t like the idea of dressing up. It just wasn’t her thing. Jean might like it, and Kitty thought it would be wonderful. But the idea didn’t send thrills of young girl’s joy down her back.

“Fine. I’ll go. But I am now going up to my room, ordering room service and then going to bed.” She left, Kurt followed behind.

“Wait sister. Vhy to you not vish to go? It iz going to be fun, yah? You may even meet zome dashing young Cajun! And zen I can tell ‘im to keep hiz dirty handz off my sister!”

The blue mutants’ yellow eyes glowed at the thought of it.

Rogue smiled and shook her head.

“Come on mah brave defender, though I don’t need it. Ain’t cha forgot ‘bout these,” she held up her gloved hands. “Who’d want me?”

They arrived at the room, Kurt’s room. He opened the door and bowed.

“After you liebchen. I zink a good Batman movie iz on tonight! Vill you do me ze great honor of vatching?” She laughed at him and nodded. He could always make her laugh, only him.

“Ok elf, let’s go!” She noticed the flicker of upset in her brother’s eyes. It was sometimes hard for him. Even though he could touch people his appearance still left a little to be desired.

“Sister, do you zink anyone vill ever vant me? I mean, I know you haf it worse but still, it vould be nice. I know everyone knows I like Kitty, but vhy should she ever vaste her time on me?” Rogue smiled, Kitty had walked past just as he said it.

“How dare you! Like, of course I like you! And what do you mean waste my time? Your gorgeous, fuzzy, and I’m not going to leave you…I promise!” Rogue ducked into the room just as Kitty hugged Kurt and gave him a kiss on the end of his fuzzy nose. He looked shocked then grinned. Rogue smiled and closed the door, looked like she’d be watching the first part of Batman alone.


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