[ I Turn To You ] by Todd Fan

Chapter Five: Crime and Punishment


Logan sat in the professor's study with the other students, still in shock over what had happened. Sidney had gone out for a walk to clear her head. Logan had advised against it, but the professor let her go, saying she needed some time to think things over.

"I can't believe Sidney's related to Sabertooth", said Scott shaking his head.

"Eeet DOES explain where she gets her violent temperament from though", said Kurt, trying to lighten the mood.

"Maybe it's just a trap set up", said Jean, "I mean, the Brotherhood are always trying to get new recruits".

"No", said Logan, shaking his head, "I may not like Creed, but I know when he's tellin' the truth, he was. What I don't get is why he just left her here, instead of tryin' ta persuade her to join the Brotherhood".

"Sometimes, your family's happiness means more that just what you yourself wants", said Storm, putting a hand on Evan's shoulder, "maybe Sabertooth just wants what's best for his niece. It's true when they say blood is thicker than water".

"I guess", said Logan with a frown, then looked up at Kitty, "go find her Half-pint. I'd feel a lot better if she was at home right now".

Kitty looked at the professor, who nodded in agreement and stood up.

"Okay, I have an idea where she went", she said, phasing out of the door.

" So do I", muttered Logan, "that's why I'm so worried".

"Sidney won't leave us for the Brotherhood Logan", said the professor, "I can sense she's troubled right now, but doesn't want to leave the institute".

"Yeah, Ah mean, she likes it here", said Rogue.

"Indeed she does", said the professor thoughtfully.

"Do you think she'll be okay?", asked Evan looking worried.

"I'm sure she'll be fine Evan" said Storm with a smile, "the girl is certainly headstrong enough".

"Vhy the big concern?", asked Kurt with grin.

"I'm just worried about her, that's all", said Evan, blushing slightly.


"What do you mean she's not here?", asked Kitty, standing outside the Brotherhood house, looking at a puzzled Todd.

"Like I said, Kitty-cat", said Todd, "I ain't seen her since school left out. Why are ya askin? Is she in trouble?"

Kitty sighed and looked down at Todd. His face showed genuine concern for his friend, a look not normal seen on the amphibious mutant.

"Well, she found out that Sabertooth is, like, her uncle today", she said, shaking her head, "she said she needed some time alone to think".

"Sabertooth's her uncle?", asked Todd wide-eyed, "woah, no wonder she wants ta be alone. That's a typical Sidney characteristic, when faced with a problem, brood over it as much as possible".

"So you, like, have no clue where is is?", asked Kitty, rubbing her temples.

"I have an idea...", said Todd thoughtfully, "listen, you go back to the institute, if she's where I think she is, I'll go talk to her an' send her back home. K?".

"Like I have a choice", said Kitty with a sigh, "fine, just don't try to make her join the Brotherhood".

"Ha, fat chance of that happenin'", said Todd shaking his head, "have ya ever tried ta MAKE Sidney do anything?".

"Good point", said Kitty, "okay, good luck Todd".

With that, Kitty headed back to the institute, hoping she had done the right thing.



Sidney sighed as the breeze blew gently through her hair. She sat on the swing in her and Todd's childhood hangout, watching the stream flow past the clearing. She didn't know what to think. She looked down at the ring on her hand. Not only was her best friend on an opposing side to her, but now the only other member of her family was too? She closed her eyes. She was happy at the institute and didn't want to leave, she felt safe there, safe and happy. It wasn't like she couldn't see her uncle and Todd. She could contact both of them through the Brotherhood, but Logan didn't like her going there too often. She gave a sigh with almost turned into a squeal when she felt someone pushing the swing she was on. She turned around to see Todd.

"Hey you", he said with a grin, "I thought I'd find ya here. The X-geeks are worried about ya, ya know".

"Yeah, I know", said Sidney quietly, " I was just thinking things through. Trying to make sense of what's happening".

"Yeah, I heard about Sabertooth", said Todd, giving Sidney's swing another gentle push, " its been one heck of a couple'a days fer ya ain't it?".

"You got that right", said Sidney rolling her eyes, she turned her head to look at Todd in the face, "what do you suggest I do?.".

"Well", said Todd, taking a deep breath, not used to opening up to people, even Sidney "the best thing ya can do is listen ta ya heart. Do whatever it tells ya ta do, even if ya think it's a bad idea. If ya want ta stay at the institute, stay there. If ya want ta leave, leave, ya more than welcome in the Brotherhood place. But it's a decision ya gotta make fer yourself, it ain't one I can make fer ya".

"Your right", said Sidney with a sigh, "I just wish I knew what I wanted, but right now, I haven't got a clue".

She looked up at the sky and noticed the sun was setting.

"Hey Todd", she said with a smile, "remember when we were kids and sat up on the lookout board, just watching the sunset?"

"How could i forget?", said Todd with a smile, "why?"

"Well...I was wondering if you'd like to watch the sunset with me tonight. Please?", she said with a pleading face, "it'd help".

"Well, with a face like that, who could say no?", he said with a chuckle, "need help gettin' up?".

"Did I need help when we were kids?", she asked, putting her hands on her hips.

"Okay, please yourself", said Todd with a laugh, jumping high onto the board with one leap.

"Showoff", Sidney shouted up at him from the ground.

Her eyes glowed, looking very eerie in the fading light, and changed herself into a jaguar, climbing up the branch of one of the supporting trees, and scrambling onto the board. Making a satisfied purr, she changed herself back into her normal form.

"Still got it", she said with a grin, sitting down next to Todd to watch the sunset.



A few hours later, Sidney and Todd were standing at the gates of the institute.

"Thanks for talking to me Todd", said Sidney with a smile, "I really needed it".

"Any time", said Todd with a grin, "what are best friends for, if not ta unload each other's problems on?"

"Thanks anyway", she said, giving Todd a kiss on the cheek, "goodnight".

She walked slowly into the institute. Todd watched her go in before touching his cheek, a smile spreading across his face.

"Goodnight Sid", he said with a sigh, hopping off towards the Brotherhood house.

As Sidney entered the institute, Evan came out of the common room.

"Hey Sid, you okay?", he asked, worried, "I didn't see much of you after . . well you know".

"I'm fine Evan, thanks for asking", she said, putting a clawed hand on Evan's shoulder, "I think I'm just gonna go hit the hay. I should be okay after I've slept".

"Okay", Evan said with a smile, as he watched Sidney go upstairs, "goodnight".

He walked into the kitchen only to come face to face with yellow eyes.

"Arrrrghh", he said jumping back in surprise, "jeez Kurt, are you trying to kill me?".

"I saw that", said Kurt, crossing his arms.

"Saw what?", asked Evan puzzled, "what are you talking about Goof-man?".

"You vith Sidney then", said Kurt with a grin, "you vere really vorried. You like her, don't you?".

"No I don't", said Evan, blushing, "I don't know where you got that idea from man".

"The vay you look at her for one", said Kurt rolling his eyes, "it so obvious, I'm surprised no one else had picked up on it yet".

"Is it really that obvious?", said Evan with a groan.

"Vell eet is to me, but I vatch a lot of soap operas", said Kurt with a grin, "but if you vant my advice..."

"I don't".

"Your going to get it anyvay mein freind, so listen up", said Kurt, motioning for Evan to sit down, "that girl, I'll admit, is a beauty. If you haven't noticed, most of ze guys at school have seen it too, you saw how many tried to ask her out today".

"Yeah, so", said Evan, "she put them all down".

"Yes, vell that doesn't matter", said Kurt with a wave of his hand, "that vas her first day at school, she's not going to get a boyfriend on ze first day. But before long she vill be ready to take applications, and if you vant to be first in line, you vill have to work fast. Beat everyone to the post".

"Oh yeah Kurt and what am I supposed to say?", said Evan throwing his hands in the air, "hey Sidney, I kinda like you and even though you don't date jocks, I wondered if you'd like to go out with me sometime, 'cause I'm not really that much of a jock".

"Eeet might vork", said Kurt rubbing his chin with his three fingered hand.

"I was being sarcastic" said Evan, banging his head on the table, "this is hopeless".

"What's hopeless?".

Both boys looked up to see Rogue leaning on the kitchen door frame.

"Nothing", said Evan quickly, "nothing at all. Right Kurt".

"Ja", said Kurt with a grin, "nothing's hopeless at all".

"Alright guys what's goin' on?", said Rogue, crossing her arms, not fooled by the boys lousy attempt at a cover-up, "or is this 'guy stuff' again?".

"Yeah that's what it is, guy stuff", said Evan nodding, "and we really don't want to bore you with it".

"Fine. Ah can take a hint, I'll go", said Rogue, heading back out of the kitchen, the stopped, looking over her shoulder, "this ain't about how Evan likes Sid is it?".

"Awww man, does everyone know?", said Evan putting his head in his hands.

"Ah don't think Sidney does", said Rogue, with a smile.

"Oh gee that's comforting", said Evan sarcastically.

"Don't vorry about it Evan", said Kurt with a grin, "ve can make a plan of action. Eeet might help if ve had a girl to help us though".

"Ah'm not gettin' involved", said Rogue, shaking her head, "ya'll want to do this, you guys can do it for yourselves".

"Aww come on Rogue, please?", said Evan putting his hands together, "don't make me beg".

"Why do Ah always get myself stuck in these messes?" said Rogue sighing in defeat.



The next day at school went slowly, for Sidney at least. The magic of her first day had worn off quickly and by lunch time, she just wanted to go home. She sighed and stirred her pudding aimlessly. She'd lost her appetite ages ago. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Kitty, Lance and Todd approaching her table.

"Hey guys", she said with a sigh, looking up from her pudding.

"Me and the guys have, like, a totally great idea to cheer you up Sid", said Kitty with a grin, sitting down.

"Yeah", said Todd, nodding, "there's a big Stephen King movie marathon on tonight at the movie dome. You know how much ya love Stephen King".

"Really?", said Sidney with a grin, "cool".

"So we were thinking the four of us could go", said Lance.

"Yeah, that would be fun", said Sidney but then frowned, "well, if Logan lets us go".

"Oooops, I forgot about him", said Kitty, "but hey if were were really nice to him, I'm sure he'd let us go".

"It's worth a shot", said Sidney with a shrug.

"Cool", said Lance, "me and Todd will come by the institute at six".



"Come on Mr. Logan, please?".

"No half-pint", said Logan, shaking his head, "that movie marathon extends past curfew. Ya not goin'".

"But, like, Sidney needs the pick-me-up", Kitty pleaded.

"I don't care your not goin' and that's final".

"Yes Mr. Logan".

Kitty gave a sigh and headed up to Sidney's room. Sidney had been giving Logan a wide birth since finding out about her uncle, so she was waiting in her room for Kitty to ask Logan. She had been reading a book and looked up as Kitty phased through the wall into her room.

"What did he say?", she asked hopefully.

"He said the marathon extended into curfew and we can't go", Kitty sighed, plopping down onto the bed.

"Awww now that isn't fair", said Sidney, crossing her arms.

"Tell me about it", said Kitty, "I was really looking forward to spending some time with Lance".

Sidney looked thoughtful for a second.

"You know, we could still go", she said with a sly smile, "without Logan knowing about it".

"You mean, sneak out?", said Kitty, sitting up in shock, "but we'd get in trouble".

"What's the worst they can do to us?", said Sidney, "ground us and make us clean the x-jet. And that's only if they catch us".

"I don't know", said Kitty nervously, "I mean, I don't want to make the professor and Mr. Logan mad".

"Hey you want to see Lance or not?".

Kitty looked thoughtfully for a second.

"Okay", she said, "but Logan would know if we left through the door, he'll be watching it now he knows we want to go out".

"Who said anything about using a door?", said Sidney.

She walked over to her French windows and opened them, sending in a slight breeze. She walked out onto the balcony and looked down.

"You want us to, like, climb out of the window?" asked Kitty, wide eyed.

"Why not?", asked Sidney, "you can just phase yourself down and if I take a cat form, I can just jump down. It's true what they say when we cats always land on out feet".

Kitty looked uncertainly at the window and then sighed.

"I hope Lance appreciates the trouble I'm going through to be with him", she said, walking out to the balcony with Sidney.

"That's the spirit", said Sidney with a grin.

Her eyes glowed and she changed herself into a leopard. She braced her legs and wriggled her shoulders in the way cats do when preparing for a leap. She jumped off the balcony and, as she had promised, landed on her feet. She looked up and changed back into her normal from.

"Come on Kitty", she whispered up.

"Here goes nothing", said Kitty with a sigh, phasing through the balcony and falling to the ground, phasing once again before she hit. She disappeared into the ground for a second before coming back up.

"Hey that was kinda fun", she said with a laugh.

"I told you so" said Sidney, "trust me, I've broke out of my mothers farmhouse that many times, I'm an expert at it".

The two girl walked quietly and quickly across the institute's grounds, coming to the gate, Kitty phased them both through. Lance and Todd were waiting at the end of the driveway in Lance's jeep. Kitty and Sidney jumped in.

"Now would be a good time to drive away really fast", said Sidney, taking a seat next to Todd while Kitty took shotgun next to Lance.

"Why?", asked Lance, starting up the jeep.

"Were kinda not supposed to be out", said Kitty with a nervous giggle, "so if Mr. Logan catches us, were dead meat".

"Fair enough", said Lance, stepping on the accelerator, "I really don't want a run in with Claws".


A few hours later found them deep into the marathon. Right now they were watching Cujo. Kitty was holding onto Lance's arm, terrified.

"Okay, like, what's with that dog?", she asked, shaking., "he's crazy".

"Yeah, well he's rabid", said Sidney with a chuckle, "he wants to kill. Grrrrrrrr".

She bared her teeth and wriggled her fingers, but with her image inducer on, the action wasn't as scary as she had hoped. It was enough to frighten Kitty more though.

"Okay, don't do that again, please", said Kitty hiding behind Lance's arm.

Lance meanwhile was grinning like the Cheshire cat.

"This was the best idea you've ever thought of Todd", he said, indicating to Kitty, "I owe you one".

"Yeah, this comin' from a guy who swears he's not datin' her", said Todd, rolling his eyes.

"Were not dating", said Kitty and Lance in unison.

"I'm not buying it", said Sidney, shaking her head, "and anyway.. oh wait, this is one of my favorite parts".

Kitty grimaced and Cujo tore into another victim.

"You really scare me sometimes you know that Sid?", she said.



After the movie Lance drove the girls back to the institute, stopping short of the entrance to the driveway.

"Errrr guys?", he said, pointing in front of him, "isn't that Logan's motorcycle?".

Kitty's eyes widened.

"Oh oh", she said, "that can't be good".

Sidney jumped out of the jeep.

"I really think we should run and hide now", she said, turning into a small black cat, hiding in the shadows.

"I like that idea", said Todd, jumping into some bushes, followed shortly by Lance and Kitty.

"You think he'll find us?", asked Lance, cowering.

Suddenly there was a *sknit* sound and three adamantium claws jabbed into the bush, narrowly missing Todd's head.

"Does that answer ya question Rocky?", asked Todd, moving away from the claws.

"Get outta there NOW Half-pint", came Logan's angry voice.

Kitty sighed and stood up.

"Like, hi Mr. Logan", she said with a nervous laugh, "fancy seeing you here".

Logan ignored her and looked into the bush.

"You two get out too", he said with a growl.

Todd and Lance stood up, there hands held up in surrender.

"Okay, but don't skewer us", said Lance.

Logan gave a snarl and looked down at the black cat trying to look inconspicuous.

"Normal form now Tiger", he said pointing at the cat.

Sidney gave a growl and changed into her normal form, crossing her arms.

"Good", said Logan,  then turning to Todd and Lance, "you two have five seconds ta get outta here before I turn ya into toothpicks. Got it?".

Lance and Todd nodded wildly and headed back to the jeep.

"Good luck guys", said Todd, as he passed Sidney and Kitty.

"Yeah, you'll need it", said Lance.

"Three seconds", warned Logan.

That was enough to make the two Brotherhood members make a mad dash for the jeep and drive quickly away.

Logan watched them go with a growl and turned to the girls.

"You two are goin' ta the professor's study right now", he said pointing to the mansion, "I suggest ya keep quiet 'till ya get there. Ya might say somethin' you'll regret".

Sidney and Kitty sadly walked towards the mansion. When they got in, they passed the common room where Kurt, Evan and Rogue looked deep in conversation. They looked up and watched solemnly as the two mutants passed. Sidney took a deep breath and walked into the professors study, followed closely by Kitty and Logan. The professor didn't look too happy.

"You were right Chuck", said Logan, closing the study door behind him, "they went off with those Brotherhood boys. I caught 'em on their way back in".

The professor nodded and sighed, putting his hands together.

"I'm very disappointed in you girls", he said, shaking his head, "you disobeyed a direct order, and your three hours late for curfew. What do you have to say for yourselves?".

"I'm sorry professor", said Kitty, looking down at the floor, "what I did was irresponsible and wrong. It won't happen again".

"Your right there Half-pint", said Logan gruffly, "it won't".

"Sidney?", said the professor, looking at the feline mutant, "do you wish to say anything".

"Yes I do actually", said Sidney crossing her arms.

"Don't start Tiger", warned Logan.

"No, the girl has a right to her freedom of speech", said the professor, "do carry on".

"Well I bet we would have been let out if we wanted to go out with someone other than the Brotherhood", she said, "you guys are just prejudiced against them. Your dream is for mutants and normal humans to live together in harmony right? Well how can you expect that to happen when you don't let mutants and other mutants get on?"

"Tiger..", Logan started to say, but was stopped by the professor holding up a hand.

"Sidney makes a good point Logan", he said, "we should be less hard on the Brotherhood. But, you two still broke the rules and must be punished. You will be grounded for 3 weeks and have an extra danger room session every week".

"Three weeks?", Kitty started to protest.

"Fine", said Sidney with a sigh, "I'll serve my time, I guess that's fair. Can I go now?".

The professor nodded and Sidney left, followed by Kitty.

"She's certainly spirited", commented the professor when the girls had gone.

"Just like her uncle", muttered Logan under his breath.

"I thought you made it clear that Sidney's relationship to Sabertooth wasn't a problem for you Logan", said the professor.

"It isn't Chuck", said Logan, shaking his head, "it's just that...Well whenever I look into her eyes, it's like having Creed starin' straight back at me. It'll wear off soon though...I hope".



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