[ The Dating Service ] by LayDee From the Brotherhood Files


"Um Hey Scott... Did you like hear?"

" Hear what?"

"O you didn't, well Jean and Duncan are on break they both want to see new people."

"What!!" Scott at that moment fell backwards and began to roll. And roll, And roll.

"Scott stop... Rollin."

Aren't you gonna like ask Jean out?"

"Yea.. I will... I'm a man!!!!" 

Later on that day:

"Kurt help!!! Please Kurt HELP!!!"

"Ok the fuzzy one's in the house!"

"Um right... So your gonna ask Jean out right?"

"Of course."

"Good I'm going to go make reservations at the Moon Light."

"Wow.. Me and Amanda are going there too!! It's our one month, um but how can I..."

"Great Kurt I'll be goin out now."

"Ri..gh...t. Hey Kitty... Um... I have to go to Amanda's now.. so can you do me a favor and ask Jean out for me."

"Like wow Kurt big Pimpin!"

"Um yea what ever that means, oh yea tell her it's to the Moon Light in two days."

"Sure Kurt."

Later on that day:

"Hey Rogue can you ask Jean out for Kurt... cuz I can't ask her for him now cuz I have to go shopping with Amara."

"Well sure, but I'm kind of busy... why don't you ask Kitty to ask?"

"I love to, but she's the one who told Bobby who told me."

"Um ok sure... (to herself) stupid Jean... ride the popularity train you witch."

Um professor I have to go to the park and meet up with Risty to go to Korn concert, so can you tell Jean that Kurt wants to go out with her in two days at the Moon Light?"

"Sure Rogue... I'll tell her now."

"Thanks professor."

"Logan can you hear me or at least sense my thought??? Logan?? Logan??? Logan??? Hey Logan listen to my thoughts??? Logan???"

"Good grief professor. Your giving me a headache."


"I'm here.. I can hear you."

"I need you to ask Jean out for Kurt?"

"Wow the kid reminds me of me I use to date older girls when I was his age."

"Yea a million years ago."

"I wouldn't talk baldy... Hey Jean Kurt wants to know if you want to go out with him."

"Wow, I'm so flattered I can't believe Kurt would want to go out with me. Wow I mean can you believe it. That Kurt wants to go out with me. Gosh I wonder how Amanda feels, wow she mush be jealous of me. Wow...

"Is that a yes... or what?"

"Um I guess so... but can you believe it wow.. I mean I only am on break for a day.. and a guy asks me out already.. wow..."

"Professor did you hear that?"

"Sadly all of it. Kurt... Kurt... Kurt Wagner... Are you out there??? Kurt... Kurt... The Blue fuzzy one are you in the house??"

"Um no Professor I'm at Amanda's."

"Well it's a go."

"Go where???"

"Jean said Yes."

"Really... wow that's great."

"Yes... I'll tell her now. Jean.... Jean... Jean Grey..."

The Next Day:

"Kurt tomorrow goin to be so COOL!!!"

"Yea I'm pretty happy about it too. Hey Scott what's that on your nose?"

"Scott.... Scott.... Scott Summers..... Can you hear me Scott Summers???"

"Professor I... I .... I .... I have a pimple!!!!!"

"O... well I have to play Chess with Beast now... I thought something had happen."

"Kurt what am I going to do??? I'm so screwed... how can let Jean see me like this?"

"Well I have some Clearasil, and Neutrogena, and Proactive Solution."

"Really Kurt!!!

Your my hero, your a life savor."

Later on that day:

"Nothing working.. Nooooooooooooo Noooooooooooo Nooooooooooooo."

"Like what's wrong Scott?"

"I.... I ...."

"He has a pimple Kitty."

"O well like I always say nothing a little makeup can't hide."

"Wow Kitty.. You can barely see it!!"

"Wow just in time for tomorrow's big date!!"

"Wow Kurt your sure excited... Jean is too."

"She should be, right Kurt???"

"You bettcha."

"Hey guess what I like ask Lance to go with me to the Moon Light too."

"Great Alvers..."


The next day at Moon Light:

"Hey Summers didn't expect to see you here... Gotta date???"

"Of course I do... Alvers. Hey look it's Jean!" Scott walk toward Jean, but she walk right past him to the Blue Fuzzy one.

"Wow didn't know blue boy had it in him."

"I know Lance.. Hey isn't that like Amanda?"