[Flammable Icing and Barbie Dolls]

By Pyromaniac C




Last time we saw the gang, Pietro was shopping, Peter and John were playing Spacemen, Remy had went to McDonalds, and Sabertooth played with his Barbies.


“A card, a card I need a birthday card” Pietro mumbled as he browsed through the card aisle at the mall. “Awwww it’s a picture of a puppy wuppy! He’s so cute! Daddy will love him-and oh? What’s this? The Powerpuff Girls? Screw the puppy I’m getting this!


“Wow lookie at all the kitties!” John said excitedly pulling on Peter’s arm. “Please can I get one? I promise I’ll play with it every day!”

“That’s what you said about the hamster, and do you remember what happened to it?”

“Yes sir”

“Good, now lets get out of here, those guys keep pointing at us and giggling”

“Hey! That guy over there who keeps blowing us kisses looks so much like that freaky dude who took care of the boss’s daughter!”

“Oh dear lord it is him! Run!”


“Wow, who would’ve thought that there was so many girls in this town. I don’t know who to choose!” Remy said looking at all applications. “I should have hired Bob on the spot. I need a drink” Remy jumped up and ran out the door to the nearest bar…only to get distracted by a group of teenage girls. “Hey!” he yelled to them. When they looked over he threw a bunch of his business cards at then. “Call me!”


Meanwhile John and Peter had split up.

“Hmm, Pietro said I had to get low budget games, but what games would the boss like?” Peter said looking around the mall. He stopped suddenly. “How about put-the-magnet-on-the-fridge? He’ll love that!”


John skipped down the sidewalk singing the ‘Care Bears’ theme song. “Heheheh I love my job!”


Random shots of Sabertooth walking old ladies across the street.


“Why didn’t I think of this sooner?” Pietro asked himself as he posed for an artist on the boardwalk. “The perfect gift for daddy is me! There, all done shopping!” Pietro ran off as fast as his girly legs could carry him. He needed to get back at headquarters first.

And he did.


“There you are John” Pietro said as John leapt into the room gracefully. “Did you get the cake?” Pietro asked

John giggled, “A funny thing happened on the way to the Bakery.” He said, “I met this REALLY nice old man. He offered to sell me these magical beans that he had. So I bought them. I was broke so I started to come home, and I went across this bridge. And there was another guy with magic beans. So I jumped him. Turns out he was my reflection in the water, and a fish ate the beans that I dropped. And that’s when I learned my lesson of the day: A penny saved is a chicken hatched.”

“So…you didn’t get the cake?” Pietro asked

John giggled again “Well I did find these car tires that we can stick icing on, and then Remy’s girl can jump out of them.”

Pietro looked at him “Where did you get the tires?”

Scene cuts to Scott coming out of the mansion to the car garage.

“What the hell happened to my car?” Scott yelled

Scene goes back to the YMCA, secret HQ of Acolytes.

“Um, around.” John said sweating a bit

“Well, I guess that’ll do.” Pietro mumbled

Peter walks in with a large sack slung over his shoulder.

“Peter” Pietro cried spotting him “About time you got here, did’ya get my daddy’s piñata?”

“Um no, but good ‘ol Kurt here-“ Peter opens the sack reveling a gagged Kurt “-decided to volunteer”

The gagged Kurt violently shakes his head no

“Thanks Kurt!” Pietro said smiling “Anyone seen Remy?”

“Ummmm” Peter said trailing off

Scene cuts to when Peter was walking back to HQ

“Hey Petes! Lookie at me!” A voice yelled from above him

Peter looks up and sees Remy dancing on top of a building in his boxers with Bob from McDonald’s and a bottle in his hand.

“For the love of god, Remy La Beau you come down here right now!” Peter scolded, stamping his foot.

Remy giggled “Hehehe look cherié! No pants!”

“Remy, that’s very nice, now come down here and put on your pants.”

“Viva la Resistance!” Remy cried ripping his boxers off.

“Good thing John isn’t here, but then again-“ Peter pulls out his trusty camera “-I can use this for blackmail later”

Scene once again goes back to Pietro and the gang

“Somewhere” Peter said stroking his camera.



[Chapter Two]