[ New Stuff ] by Barbara

Chapter One


It was a typical morning at the institute, everyone was getting ready for school. Jean went down the stairs and looked around, there was nobody.
“Kate!” she called out.
“I’m coming!” Kate flew (literally) down the stairs , Jean put her hands in her hips in a sign of disapproval “Kate! You know you have to control your self, in school you can’t go down stairs flying."

Kate rolled her eyes and looked up “I know , I know...you’ve told me that like...100 times, besides, we aren’t at school now are we?”

Jean sighed , then smiled kindly, Kate was new, she was passing through what she passed when she joined the X-men “well, are you ready for the first big day?”
“Yes ... I guess so...” Kate didn’t consider going to school fun as Jean did.
“Lets go then , Allison is already in the car”

Kate was the newest member of the X-men. She was 15 years old and her personality was a lot like kitty, but with some aspects of Rogue's, she could be nice and feminine like Kitty, most of times she was, but also she could be strong and a rebel like Rogue. Most of people considered she was pretty, (although she wasn't popular in her last school) she was middle high with a lot of curves but still thin. Her face had a diamond shape, not too long neither round, her brown- gray eyes weren’t so big, just big enough to show the mysterious look on them , her lips were pink-red, her inferior lip was plump and the upper one was thinner and delineated, her hair was middle long , more or less down the shoulders and it was orange-brunette, she put it up in a high pony tail in which she looked a bit messy but sexy enough to catch her male team mates attention.

Allison Irwin, Kate’s roommate and new to the X-men too (although she arrived before Kate), was 15 years old, had brunette hair and violet streaks dyed all over her hair that was above her shoulders. She was middle high and similar to Kate’s body. She had around cheeks, big brown eyes (not mutantly big) and dark pink plump lips. She was quite shy so she really got along well with Kurt, and also shared some of Kate’s ways of being so she got along really well with her too, since they were roommates they had a special bond, they were best friends. Both of them thought the hole concept of the X-men was a little to snobbish, neither of them liked Scott very much (Kate thought he was cute) or Jean, they thought she was Miss perfection and both thought Kitty was a little dumb.


The bell rang and it was time to go home. Scott who was very tired after a long school day was only thinking `bout getting home as soon as possible so he walk as fast as he could towards his car and opened it before actually getting to it. He was a few meters from reaching it when suddenly “Hey Scott, wait up!!” it was Taryn´s voice, Scott acted as if he hadn’t heard her, but Taryn didn’t give up, she ran to Scott and stood behind him and quickly took off his sunglasses so she could, finally, see his eye color. Obviously Scott closed his eyes, so nobody would get hurt . “Come on Scott, open your eyes, they can’t be that bad!” Scott took her hands, that were in his face, and pull them apart. “Err... Taryn, I would really like to show them to you, but I didn’t slept well last night and my eyes REALLY hurt when there is to much light like today. Could you PLEASE give my glasses back?” Taryn looked upset, then smiled and said, “Ok...but only if you promise that tomorrow you’ll have lunch with me.” Scott smiled, what Taryn was asking wasn't really difficult to do, so he agreed, Taryn satisfied, gave him his glasses back and left. Soon Scot was riding home. But he didn’t realize that while he was asking his glasses back to Taryn a mysterious shadow was getting inside of the back part of his car.

After Scott parked his car in the institute’s garage and went inside, the mysterious shadow got out of the car “finally I can breathe” he thought.


“Rogue, like ,why do you have to leave YOUR stuff in MY side of the bedroom” Kitty was as usual fighting with Rogue, it was obvious that they were totally opposite. Rogue put a dumb face and said “like cause I want to?! I swear if I spend one day more with you I'll end up acting like you.”

Jean was coming from the bathroom and as she passed by Kitty's and Rogue’s room couldn’t resist telling them to stop and being the “heroine” and told them “stop, you’re supposed to be room mates, you should be friends!” Rogue crossed her arms, she hated when Jean, - don’t hate me for being beautiful-, Grey told her what to do.

“You’re saying that cause you don’t have to share the room with her!!” Jean, seeing that there was nothing she could do, left the room.
When everyone was already sleeping the mysterious shadow managed to get into the house, when he saw Scott for first time he guessed he had plenty of money (even to clean his butt with it) so he thought of stealing in his house. At the same time Kate was waking Allison . “Wake up, wake up, everyone’s asleep, lets go to the kitchen for cookies”, Allison looked at her confused “What? You’re >crazy, it’s too far away, and besides I’m sleeping.”
“What are you talking bout? You’re awake, and as hungry as I am...come on lets go” Allison thought bout it for a moment “...Ok, only cause I’m hungry... lets go, but quick I need to sleep.”
They arrived at the same moment as the thief did , he saw them first and was quick enough to hide under the table. The girls went right to where the cookies were and to the fridge for milk so they didn’t realize there was somebody there, they put the stuff on a tray that was on the table and accidentally dropped a cookie that fell right under the table. The thief’s heart beat accelerated , Allison’s hand was near his , so with out any other choice he gave the cookie to her ,he thought “luckily she is so sleepy or maybe drunk, that she won’t notice.” Allison stared for a moment at the strong and big hand, then with out even thinking it twice she took the cookie and said “Oh!, thank you!” immediately the thief put his hand back . Kate looked in a weird way at Allison, “to whom were you talking to?”

Allison looked at her and smiled, “to the hand that gave me the cookie, I’m not crazy enough to be talking to my self!”

“Oh, I see ,you were talking to THE hand!!! The hand ...funny.. I didn’t knew there was a hand in here” they laughed, they were really, really asleep. While the thief was thinking of a way to escape he thought “ Jesus!, this chicks are really crazy...or well, maybe drunk” The girls were still saying “the hand!, the hand!” when they were interrupted by the noisy way the thief was running away, they looked at each other and said terrified (and awaked) at each other at the same time “The hand!!!!!!” Immediately Kate chased the thief, so did Allison with the tray still in her hands and dropping milk all over the place, suddenly the thief jumped through the window and threw a bright shinny red card to Kate’s ankle so she bend over to have a look at it (although it was dark).

Allison who was running towards her couldn’t stop in time and crushed with Kate, they both fell into the floor, dropping milk , cookies and broken glass all over the place, eventually the security system activated and the alarm woke up everyone making them put on their x-suits.

When they arrived down ready to fight they found no one else but Kate and Allison lying in the floor surrounded by a mess that covered the carpet, the walls, furniture and themselves.


[ Chapter Two ]