[ Devils Eyes ] by Dani

Chapter 5: The difference in a dress


The dress was magnificent. It had a medium neck, not to flashy but revealing just enough skin; it was sleeveless and had spaghetti straps, showing off her slender arms. It was pale green in the bodice and the bottom was emerald green, the same colour as her eyes, and flared slightly but not as huge as Jean’s, Kitty’s or Storm’s. She slipped into it carefully. It hugged the top of her figure gently, accentuating all her curves. The dress had two slits on either side, up to her thigh.

She stood in front of the full length mirror and spun around. The dress flared out, showing her legs up till her knees and then whipped around before settling back into place. Rogue had never worn anything more stunning. She looked back into the bags. There was a pair of simple emerald earrings and a necklace with an emerald pendant on the end. She put on them and the head necklace with the small emeralds on it. It rested just on her fore head. She pinned her hair up in a bun with trailing wisps of white framing her face.

She looked in the bag again and there was a pair of calf high boots made out of a dark, soft, green feltish material and was strapped on either side. They looked great against the slits in the dress.

On went a little mascara and lip gloss, not much since, without the gothic make-up, she was already more beautiful than the other girls.

She felt like a princess. This was the most beautiful thing she had ever worn. It made her look like a dancer. The slits made it provocative and the whole thing swirled when she moved, making her look like a sorceress. I could get used to this, she thought.

She heard Kurt banging on the adjoining door.

“Mien Sister, are you ready? Ve haf to go down to ze car. Ze Prof. has hired a limosine!” She let him in. The image inducer and the tux made him look great but he stared at Rogue.

“Who are you and vhat haf you done with my sister?” He then grinned.

“Rogue, you look fantastic! Lisa vill be so jealous.” The whole team knew of the fact that Lisa was always making small comments about Rogue.

This must be new for you, just try to not talk too much.

You do know how to use a fork, don’t you, eating with your fingers may be fine for chicken but normal people find it better to use utensils.

If anyone asks you to dance, just say no, it’s a little to hard for some people to get the rhythm.

Rogue glowered, then paled.

“I cain’t do this fuzzy, I jus’ won’t go.” Kurt shook his head.

“You must. If you don’t I’ll never get to see Scott get hit over the head by Jean when he checks you out!” Rogue laughed. She never really liked Scott, just needed a friend. She thought of him as a team mate and a leader but never, ever potential crush material. To uptight and fussy was her opinion.

“Alright, I’ll go.”

When they arrived in the foyer, the other X-men went silent. Then;

“Rogue, babe, you look great!”

“Like, wow Rogue, you look, like, totally awesome, really!”

“Rogue, I am glad you chose to join us, that dress is stunning.”

“Rogue, you look beautiful, the green almost matches your eyes.”

“Simply wonderful child.”


They all gushed with praise, even Logan smiled and said she looked great, but Lisa couldn’t resist the urge for a bitchy comment.

“Oh dear. You must have been really desperate, not everyone has the figure for those sorts of dresses.” No one said anything, they just glared. Lisa pouted, or at least tried to, the adjusted the straps to the dress that looked like a very short black garbage bag that had been stretched to tight, because of her rather large stomach and thighs. Her make-up looked terrible and she was nowhere near as pretty as the other girls, who looked clean, healthy and stunning in their dresses.

They sat in the limo, Lisa making a couple of catty comments whenever she could, when they pulled up outside the huge building. Logan spoke.

“Ok, let’s go meet Storm’s little friend.” The ball was awaiting.


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