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Competitions - Yes, there are prizes!! Come and see if you win in the Mutant Manor competetion! 

Fan Stuff - Well this section is all up to you! Send me your fan art and stories, as well as any thing else you can think of! I also have a Fanfic Challenge here - get your entries in before it's too late!

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Miscellanea - The miscellanea! Here I will include the competitions and anything else I happen to think of later including petitions, adoptions and tests etc.

Downloads - I want to put links to places you can download the best X-related Kissake dolls, Otaku mascots and Sim stuff here. As well as any wallpapers I have got or may be that you could send in? *Hint, hint ;)*

Spotlight - The spotlight on an evolution character. You choose the character to be featured and I will find many pictures, animated gifs, great individual websites and include information on their comic book counterparts. Currently on hiatus for a little while but you can still vote.

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