The competition has finally begun - I haven't decided on the prize yet but their will be one eventually! This is going to be an ongoing thing that'll last quite awhile, hopefully I won't confuse you too much as I explain the rules:

Please read these rules/instructions!
Starting from January, there will be a new mini competition every month or so until the closing of the competition, making a total of five mini-competitions. Anyone can enter the competition at any time, so for example, you can enter the second of the mini competitions only, or do all of them, but if you want to win it is advisable that you enter all mini competitions, as the points from all mini-competitions will be added up as a grand final score for each contestant at the end. The contestant/s with the most points will win. (If you don't get what you have to do e-mail me and I'll try to explain bit more clearly.)

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Mini Competition One:

Below are three pixilated pictures of three different characters. There is only one character in each pixilated picture. Which three charters are they?? Use the form to send me your answers. If you only know two of the three just guess the others, or guess them all - I'm non-judgmental! Simply  delete what's already in the boxes and add your own stuff and in the answers box please add the current answers along with the mini competition number and a numbered list if necessary. E.g.:

"Mini Comp 3"
Question 1 = Rogue
Question 2 = Day Of Reckoning

Good Luck!!! :)




Who are these three characters?



(If the form happens to be feeling particularly malicious and doesn't work then please e-mail me the info at mistressofthemanor@hotmail.com instead!!) 


Points Table: 

Name Location Website?

Points (Round 1)

Total Points
Laydee / Brotherhood Files 2 2
Chibikitty / Hikage Neko 2 2
Sheena Wisconsin N/A 2 2
Lilly USA Lilly's X-Men Evo Site 3 3
Cykegirl Bayville(!) N/A 3 3
Reyz / Shades Of Redd 3 3
Amanda Australia N/A 2 2
Lady MR / N/A 2 2