UPDATE: Spotlight is currently on hold as there seems no point in creating an additional section for some characters when I haven't even completed all the normal bios yet. However, you can still vote and when I have completed all or most of the normal biographies for characters Spotlight will return from its hiatus!         

Well, what can I say? This is the Spotlight section of my site . . yes really!! You'll be able to vote via monthly polls as to who will be featured in the next spotlight. After a certain time, the character with the most votes will get this whole page devoted to them and their comic book/other universe counterparts. I will try to get pictures, good websites, animated gifs, sounds and anything else I can on the character and anything related to them . . . I guess you could say these pages will be like mini-shrines to individual characters.

So, now that I've filled you in, who do you want the first spotlight to be about? It's up to you! Simply vote by June 22nd and your wish is my command! Right, got all that? Good! ;)

Your first choice is between the main X-men themselves and their mentors, so get voting . . . . 

Spotlight #1
Who would you like the first Spotlight to be about?

Jean Grey
Professor Xavier

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