These are all the best downloads and other items for your own computer that I have found around the Internet. To download, click on the link provided and it will either take you to the website of origin for that item or download it directly. Credit to the makers is given next to the items because unfortunately, none of this is mine :( . However, if you have made an x-men wallpaper or kiss doll for example, then it would be fantastic if you could send it to me (mistressofthemanor@hotmail.com) and I will post it here. Thanks!


Kiss Dolls

FKiss is a program available from the people at Otaku World that allows you to "dress-up" characters made by yourself or others. You can download it by clicking here. The following are all the X-Men related dolls that I have found - not just Evo ones -, if you know of any that I have missed then please e-mail me.

All doll downloads here, unless otherwise specified, are rated G. For R and PG ratings visit the respective website of that doll and download it from there.


Doll Name (click to download) Creator


Rogue Topleka

This one is really good, she blinks and has changeable hair and make-up too. Visit Topleka's site of many dolls here. Also, you can click here for a small online example of Topleka's Rogue Kiss doll.
Rogue Version 2   Topleka

Wow! I love this! Her hair blows in the wind and there are loads of outfits and special effects! Seriously, download this doll!
Kitty and Rogue Dancing Topleka

When I found Topleka's new site (Jump Up And Kiss Me) recently I was so pleased to find all these new X-Evo kiss dolls. This is one if them, the music is great but the wardrobes not as large as the others.
Psylocke Tasha This site has many great looking X-Men kisses with really complete wardrobes and great effects like this Psylocke one shown with Betsy's original body and the Kwannon one! There are lots of special effects and loads of outfits.
Rachel Summers   Tasha

Go to Tasha's site to find the 2 expansion packs for this doll that turn it into an enormous set with really great Phoenix effects and hidden surprises.
Rogue Tasha

I definitely recommend this Rogue kiss doll, she probably has every hairstyle comic-Rogue has ever had and there are little faces of Nightcrawler, Gambit, the Phalanx (think I spelt that wrong . .!) and others that if you click will cause a change in the Rogue doll, i.e. red eyes and blue skin etc. Plus, you can change Rogue into Carol Danvers too.  

You can try this working demo of the Rogue kiss doll by clicking here, although it will only show you some of the items included with the doll set.

Gambit - Coming soon . . .  

This set is as yet, unfinished, but it looks like it's gonna be a nice doll when it is.
Kitty Sy

Another good one with blinking and most of the costumes from the show. Visit Sy's site of beautiful Evolution fan art: Revolving Around Evolution.
Jubilee Mariye

The main thing I like about this doll is the loads of special effects hidden all over the place, just try clicking on all the bits of junk Jubes has in her room and you'll see what I mean! Visit Mariye's site here!

Topleka also has a Jean Grey kiss doll on her site but the link to download it was broken :( If I have any luck with it in the future I'll post it here also.


Sims Skins

If you have 'The Sims' game by Maxis, you can download and unzip skins from the Internet into the correct files in the game. Once unzipped, paste all the skin files in to: Maxis/The Sims/Game Data/Skins or wherever else you put these folders.

There are loads of X-Men related skins out, and Sy also has a wide variety of X-Men: Evolution ones at her site. Go there to download them, as she is constantly updating the skins with newer versions. You can also download X-Men skins by the bucket-load at the Comic Skin Network

Click the link to download some of the Evolution skins  found at the 'Evolutionary Marvels' section of the Comic Skin Network and to access other X-related objects for use in the game like the Nightcrawler action figure and Magneto's helmet created by Justin Pierce, and the Rogue and Kitty picture gallery, created by Nicole Wagner, along with other interesting objects!



Otaku Mascots

This is another program that can be downloaded from Otaku World, but unfortunately, like with FKISS you have to subscribe to get access to all the good mascots, which probably include a load of X-Men ones too. However, I have managed to find one X-Men related mascot for free on the Internet via The Gambit Guild. The mascots placed into the program sit on top of your active window and move about etc. when you click them.

Click here to go to the page within The Gambit Guild where you will be able to download Remy who winks and smiles at you.

Yay!! A new Mascot of Rogue from Evolution made by Cassidy from X-Freaks - this one does a lot of cool stuff, there are sound effects, blinks and other effects to Rogue like her hair growing ala Sabretooth etc.!




Wb Screensaver - From the Kids' Wb! X-Men: Evo site, I suppose this is the "official" screensaver of the show.



All of the following wallpapers come from the Kids' wb! official X-Evo site; to set as your wallpaper, click on the image name below then, right click on the wallpaper and select 'Set as desktop background'. Enjoy! . . .

All New Recruits - It features all of the new recruits from the second season.

Fire & Ice - Magma all magma-ish and Bobby half iced-up!

Boom Boom - A wallpaper completely dedicated to Tabby.



I recently found a good game called X-Assault that you can download for free by visiting this site. It allows you to put together a team of five mutants out of loads of possible choices and then use them to fight against various bad guys around the world including Mystique, Toad, Blob, Apocalypse, Magneto, Sabretooth and Cassandra Nova to name a few. It is strictly traditional X-Men stuff though, so no Evolution, and unless you are very knowledgeable when it comes to X-Men trivia I suggest you let Cerebro randomly select your team at the beginning.


X-men Vs. Street Fighter Online - I've not played this yet because it won't let me get any further than the screen that asks you for your existing password or to create a new account :( May be you'll have more luck than me . . .