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[ 24th of December 2002 ]

Merry Christmas Eve! Have a good one tomorrow! Just wanted to post this adorable Nightcrawler sent to me by Laydee from the BH Files - thank you so much! ^_^  


[ 23rd of December 2002 ]

Voting is over on the Fanfic Challenge and the votes were tied with exactly 7 for both Todd Fan and Reyz! So, I've decided to award them both the prize, congratulations!! Thanks everyone for voting :) 

[ 20th of December 2002 ]

Lookie!! UK fans will be pleased to note that this is the schedule for Up On The Roof (ITV 3) over Christmas:

25th December 26th December 27th December
7.30 Pokemon
7.55 Little Dracula
8.25 Spider-Man
8.50 X-Men Evolution
7.30 Pokemon
7.55 Pokemon
8.25 Spider-Man
8.50 X-Men Evolution
7.30 Pokemon
7.55 Pokemon
8.25 Spider-Man
8.50 X-Men Evolution

Unfortunately it doesn't look as though they're going to show any more eps after that, probably not until our next half-term or the Easter holidays. All of you pray with me that they're new episodes ad not repeats!!! 

Thanks for voting in the poll and please continue to do so, you asked for more quotes and I've delivered. Also, you requested new fan stuff - I'm working on that . . . please send fanfics to me!!! ( mistressofthemanor@hotmail.com)

[ 16th of December 2002 ]

The Fanfic Challenge is now closed so please make sure you go and vote for your favourite story by December 23rd! I read a short article at the CC that's not really worth posting here about Curt Geda, it mentioned that the new character to be introduced in the next ep or so called X23 is actually another new invention by the Evo writers (like Spyke was), so that means it's not gonna be Psylocke or someone like that, like I wanted it to be :( . Wish I could add some more content to the site but I hate writing the bios and the ep guides and I think I should get them done before moving onto anything else, what do you think? I'm really busy too - mocks coming up - but please vote in the little poll to tell me what you think I need to do next on my site . . . . . .

(Poll now moved to its own page!!) 

See ya for now.

[ 14th of December 2002 ]

My Birthday in 4 days and Christmas is coming up - I'm so excited! It's not much of an update today, I've just been going over the whole site making sure all the links work properly etc. and so everything works and looks a bit smoother now. In case I can't update before Christmas have great time and fab New Year - check out the special Christmas themed enter page to the site and the countdown clock to X2 above too!


[ 9th of December 2002 ]

Guess what! Beyond Evolution is back with three mirror sites to prevent bandwidth problems, a brand new layout and a top site list - be a star and vote for me please! Also, I have finally added some FAQs and the rules and form for the Mutant Manor Competition ready for its start in January! Both can be found on the Miscellanea page under 'Other' at the top. Also, I've added some new fan art by Lesli and by Sy! Oh, and please enter the FANFIC CHALLENGE - I really want to have more than two entries!

[ 7th of December 2002 ]

I've got soo many deadlines for Friday the 13th, so that's my excuse for not updating - sorry! Buut, I did add a cool javascript code thing to the main links at the top and some falling snow on the splash page the other day ready for Christmas, I just didn't add it here. I've also got for you some lovely new fanart by Erin L. - there's something for almost everyone, whether a Rogue/Gambit, Scott/Jean or Kitty/Lance fan! Wheee! Also, news from the Continuum about the titles of the last episodes in this series and I've now joined Rebellious! Also, tidied up the links page and corrected a few links there. . . . phew  . . . . 

Oh yeah, and it's my birthday on the 18th!!! Yipee :)

Here's the latest news!:

The remaining four episodes of the third season of Kids' WB!'s X-Men: Evolution.

* "Cruise Control," written by Steve Granat and Cydne Clark, directed by Gary Graham.

* "X23," story by Craig Kyle, written by Chris Yost and Kyle, directed by Curt Geda. 

* "Dark Horizon Part One," story by Greg Johnson, Boyd Kirkland and Kyle, written by Yost and Kyle, directed by Frank Paur.

* "Dark Horizon Part Two," story by Johnson, Kirkland and Craig Kyle, written by Yost and Kyle, directed by Graham.

The episodes haven't been scheduled yet, but will likely not air until after the first of the year, perhaps for the February sweeps.

[ 1st of December 2002 ]

Thank you Kojie for entering the Fanfic Challenge with a lovely Jean Fic! Woohoo! I'm practically dying from the pressure of not reading reviews of the season three eps - I really wanna know what's happened in those eps but I keep telling myself to keep it a surprise! Sorry for the lack of substantial updates lately, I've been really busy at school - my mock exams are in January and I really need to start revising now - I'll try to update as soon as possible.

[ 27th of November 2002 ]

It's not much of an update but I've joined a load more fanlistings:  just wanted to wish everyone in the USA a happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow - it is tomorrow right?!

Oh yeah, also, rejoice and praise Todd Fan because she has entered the Fanfic Challenge! Go here to read 'Deck The Halls'! Now all we need are some more entries, anybody. . . . ?!

[ 25th of November 2002 ]

I've started another Fanfic Challenge! - Well, it was about time!! Please enter - it's much easier this time! I've also been working on a new section of the site, it looks like it's gonna take a long time to complete though. Also, an apology to JeanGrey6 - I just noticed that the link I had up to her site didn't work properly - it's all fixed now! Plus, new adoptables and loads of little bits around the site to make it run much more smoothly and a load of other bits and pieces too.

[ 22nd of November 2002 ]

Okay, this is kinda late but here is news form X-Fan and the CC about 'Under Lock and Key':

Jean Grey, Angel, Cyclops, Beast and Iceman team up in "Under Lock & Key," scheduled to air on Saturday, Nov. 30. The episode is written by Sean Roche and directed by Frank Paur. "It's a really fun and exciting episode," Paur told The Continuum during a recent visit to Film Roman.

According to Kirkland, the episode involves the return of the master mentalist Mesmero as he seeks the second of a set of keys that will unlock the tomb of the eternal mutant Apocalypse.

Might update later if I get round to doing anything and oh yeah, it's Friday!! Wohoooo!! ^_^

[ 16th of November 2002 ]

More news about 'Self-Possessed' - I wish I could see this episode too :( - buut, they are starting to show the second season again over here on CNX so may be I'll finally get to see Walk on the Wild Side and the Hex Factor!! Ummm, anyway, this news is from X-Fan and the pics are from the CC

"Rogue exudes such a potent personality that it makes for interesting storytelling anytime we can break through her brooding veneer and expose some raw emotion," Johnson told X-Fan. "She's always projecting such a tough facade, one that probably many people can relate to, that it seems like a special treat when we can glimpse the real person beneath. In 'Self Possessed', she gets thoroughly tested. She gives 'haunted by your past' totally new meaning, as she's forced to deal with the emerging personalities of so many people she's come in contact with - some casually, some emotionally, some aggressively. Her fellow X-Men are there for her, doing what they can - with one going the extra mile."

Johnson went on to say that some of the other episodes coming up in the series' third season will be of a lighter tone, to offset the intensity of some recent episodes.

"We've got some episodes coming up that we designed to be lighter fare, like 'Cruise Control', because I think the viewing audience needs those kind of breathers. After 'Self Possessed' and 'Under Lock & Key', you'll see what I mean."

Johnson also pointed out that whilst the credits may only name one or two writers for an episode, each story is a collaborative effort.

"X-Men: Evolution benefits from creative individuals who are passionate about this show," he said. "Most of the stories are worked out in roundtable form, and in this story particularly, producer Boyd Kirkland and Marvel's Craig Kyle were very instrumental in the direction of the script. I think the episode packs some punch, and I hope the fans enjoy it."

"Self Possessed" was written by Greg Johnson and directed by Curt Geda.

I wonder who will be the one to "go the extra mile" in helping Rogue? Hmm . . . Scott? Some people at X-fan were discussing the topic and Wolverine and Jean were mentioned too - I wonder . . . . 

Also, I've added the rest of the downloads including a Jubilee kiss doll form the comics!

[ 5th of November 2002 ]

It seems that whenever I promise an update, I'm doomed not to make one! Sorry about that, I felt really ill on Wednesday and then I had a music concert on Thursday . . . . but, I have a lot of stuff for you today!! Firstly, there are two pieces of news from the Continuum, the first is from Thursday, and the other today:   

"We are putting the finishing touches on this week's episode, 'Self-Possessed,' and it looks awesome!" Kirkland told The Continuum. "Show # 39, 'Under Lock & Key,' also looks great, and is still being edited, as is #40, 'Cruise Control,' also a very fine-looking show.

"All of these are good stories, ranging from very dark and dramatic to lighter and fun, with interesting plot and character developments. Fans have some great stuff to look forward to!"

 The network has yet to announce a fourth season for X-Men: Evolution.


"Self Possessed," a new episode of X-Men: Evolution that spotlights Rogue, will premiere on Saturday on Kids' WB!.

The show's creators are promoting the episode as one of the series' best.

"This episode is what happens when everything goes right," Marvel Studios' Craig Kyle told The Continuum. "The writing, storyboarding, directing, animation, editing and music are all outstanding. We have set quite a high bar for any future episodes."

The episode was written by Greg Johnson and directed by Curt Geda.

Johnson, the show's story editor, provided The Continuum with insight into the episode. "We really put Rogue through the emotional ringer in this one, and the result is not only a testament to Megan Black's wonderful voice acting, but the incredible animation and direction that supports it. Though I'm the credited writer, I have to say this episode has greatly benefited from the creative input of many people, particularly Boyd Kirkland and Craig Kyle. It's also stunningly directed by Curt Geda.

"This story is yet another example of the unique difficulties our young mutants go through as they mature and develop. Occasionally they reach the breaking point, and either take off for a while like Evan did, or come through it better off, like Jean. How Rogue fares is something you don't want to miss."


Second, I have added loads of new downloads - I was so pleased when I found them! Go there now - I really recommend the stuff I added! And thirdly, I'd like to congratulate the newest winner of The Mutant Manor Sensational Site Award (try saying that a few times fast!!!) - Kojie from Shades of Redd!! Well done :) And lastly, look at these fantastic X-Men Maquettes I discovered they're selling over at X-Mencomics.com - they'll cost you though! . . . .


[ 12th of November 2002 ]

Gaah! I should be doing my Spanish homework! Ah well, I've finally added the rest of 'I Turn To You' by Todd Fan! It took me long enough and I feel really bad! But, it's there now and you can read the rest of that great story right away. Also, I've joined a Gambit fanlisting but couldn't find any other X-Men ones - know one, please tell me! Aaand, I've just been changing little things here and there to make the site run more smoothly, including converting the oldest news archives to the new layout. Um . .that's it, update should be along tomorrow! :)


[ 10th of November 2002 ]

Well, as I said I've changed the award, I think it looks better now, and already I have winner of it! Go visit the fab 'Rockin Kitty Shrine'! Um . . nothing else to report really, except, that I was reading over that article from a day or two ago (about the 'Lock and Key' episode) and I had a thought, that it sounds like this will be an Apocalypse one where they'll find another key to Apocalypse's tomb thing. Hmmm . . . Angel and Apocalypse, if you've read the comics or watched the old series you'll be thinking the same as me here . . . You see, Angel got turned into one of Apocalypse's horsemen called Death . . . .

[ 9th of November 2002 ]

Well, I've finally put up the lovely new fan art and have converted a few new pages to the new layout. Plus, I've added a new section to the Other Stuff page/ Miscellanea page and have created my own award for you to win. I'm not entirely happy with it so if I have so time to spare I may redo it later on - so feel free to apply for it now if you wish but I'll probably have a nicer looking award up in a day or two . . .

[ 7th of November 2002 ]

I've fixed a load of broken images and links and stuff and just need to finish converting stuff before I start adding new site things again. For now here is some news from the Continuum!

"Under Lock & Key," a new episode of X-Men: Evolution, will air on Kids' WB! on Saturday, Nov. 30.

   The episode -- written by Sean Roche and directed by Frank Paur - should be one of the most memorable of the third season.

    "Here we gather the famed five of the original X-Men as introduced in the comics - Cyclops, Jean Gray, Beast, Iceman, and Angel - for a very specific mission that deals with... well, the title should clue you in," X-Men: Evolution story editor Greg Johnson told The Continuum.

   "If the animation lives up to the script, this is going to be one very cool episode."

   In other X-Men: Evolution news, a Kids' WB! representative told The Continuum that the network has not made any decisions for next season yet. Pending are a fourth season of X-Men: Evolution as well as possibly a rumored new Hulk animated series.

[ 5th of November 2002 ]

Well, most of the new layout is up! Hoorah! Now all I nee to do, is sort out all the broken links, all the broken pictures, sort out the fanfics and news archives into the new layout and post the fanart that Erin L. sent me ages ago . .as well as doing the rest of the episode guides, character bios, spotlight and a load of other stuff . . . *groan*!! 

Oh yeah, and to UK dwellers - Happy Guy Fawkes night!! :( I didn't get to go to a fireworks display this year but the noise outside is like World War Three!

[ 30th of October 2002 ]  

Okay, okay - I know I said I wouldn't update until I had done the new layout and put it up (or kept this one depending on your votes) but I felt like I was neglecting my poor little site! We've reached the 3,000 hits mark and passed it so THANK YOU!!! And also, I've done some minor updates - for example, new links that I should have added week ago. I also have new fan art form Erin L. that is lovely but I'm not gonna put it up until I've done the new layout - just wanted to do  kinda shout-out for her because I feel guilty that I haven't put it up yet! Also, look what LayDee from the Brotherhood Files gave me - - Isn't it cute??!?!?! Thank you soo much Laydee - you rock!! ^_^  And lastly, this is one day premature, but Happy Halloween everyone!! 

Oh yeah, one more thing - about the new layout, the public appears to have spoken and I'll now continue working on converting stuff to the new layout as soon as I can! Thank you to all who voted, and you may still continue to do so if you wish. Does anyone have any ideas for what I can name the Storm layout?? Leave a message on the message board or guestbook if you do! Okay, loong update!

 - - Claire :)

[ 22nd of October 2002 ]  

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!  As you can see, Mutant Manor has a new layout. However, before I finish converting the whole of the site to this style I want to make sure that my visitors are happy with it. So PLEASE vote in the poll below and tell me whether I should continue with this layout or scrap it and leave the site with the old blue one. Please tell me what you think!! Thanks :)

Please note that until at least 20 people have voted, I'll be able to make no progress or updates on any aspect of the site. However, you can continue to e-mail me and send me contributions and such, I'll post art and fics and links again after they layout situation had been decided upon. Okay then, on with the voting! . . .

[ 20th of October 2002 ]

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been having Internet connection problems. But, I will have a big surprise for you all later this week hopefully, so until then I won't be able to update much either. However, please keep coming to this site - we're nearly at the 3,000 hits mark!!! :) As soon as I've finished what I'm working on I'll be back to updating regularly again! 

[ 13th of October 2002 ] 

New quotes courtesy of Rogue238 and I am currently working on the Jean bio. I also fixed the links to some of the downloadables that weren't working. Still haven't seen Day of Recovery, thought it was gonna be on today but do you know what the stupid people did?!?! They showed Joyride, . . arghh . . why don't they show stuff that nobody over here's seen yet?!? 

[ 10th of October 2002 ]

I've added stuff! Yes! There's new stuff in the Downloads section: check out the wonderful Rogue Otaku Mascot, wallpaper and an X-Evo screen saver!!

And, lots and lots of news from the Continuum below! . . . .

Report #1 - 

The original five members of the X-Men will team up for an episode of X-Men: Evolution this season.

"We really wanted to do an original five episode and we struggled to figure out how the heck we could get just those five characters together, and we did a nice job, I think," Marvel Studios' Craig Kyle said. "You get to see the original team in an episode by themselves. It's pretty cool."

The episode will involve one of the three keys needed to unlock Apocalypse.

Kyle was speaking at a recent X-Men: Evolution convention panel in Los Angeles.


Report #2 - 

Mystique and Spyke step into the spotlight in upcoming episodes of X-Men: Evolution on Kids' WB!.

The network on Tuesday night announced the following schedule: "Blind Alley" on Saturday, Oct. 19, a repeat of "Mindbender" on Saturday, Oct. 26, "X-Treme Measures" on Saturday, Nov. 2

X-Men: Evolution story editor Greg Johnson provided The Continuum with loglines for the new episodes.

In "Blind Alley," Mystique escapes Area 51 with one thing on her mind: vengeance against the person who locked her in there.

In "X-Treme Measures," Evan's mutation is becoming more and more difficult to control, and so is his temper. He finally finds solace and acceptance in a most unlikely place -- but at what cost?

It's likely at least two more new episodes of X-Men: Evolution will air in November.


And, finally, if you want to read a transcript of an X-Men: Evolution panel at a Los Angeles convention with questions from the audience and answers from the show's producers, click here.

[ 2nd of October 2002 ]

^_^ - Awww! I'm so happy: Serena and Cassidy from X-Freaks have given me not one, but two gift dolls! They're soo cute! Aaand they're of Rogue and Gambit - what more could you ask for huh?! They're great - go lookie!! Thank youuuu!!!

Oh yes, and how could I forget to mention that we're already past the 2000 hits mark! Wahey! :) :) :) - as a treat, take a look at what movie Nightcrawler is gonna look like:

And I know I said I'd add some content today . . . sorry about that. I'll definitely, definitely do it next time! 

[ 30th of September 2002 ]

I'm really busy right now, but I am really hoping to add some actual content to the site next update - it'll most probably be Jean's bio and if I've got time then hopefully I'll manage a couple more. In the meantime, you can click here to read a very long and detailed report about X-Men: Evo from X-Fan, with some interesting revelations about the 'whys' and 'hows' by the shows producers. Below are a few interesting snippets form the article:


" . . . The team also spoke of the current third season, and confirmed that Apocalypse will be the major threat for this season, but moreso towards the latter half. There was also mention of the possibility of a fourth season, but the current focus is on season three.

An upcoming episode, tentatively titled "Self Possessed", will focus on Rogue. The team wants to limit her mutation, so as not to make her more powerful. Don't expect to see Rogue flying any time soon.

Questions were asked about other Marvel Universe characters appearing in the series, to which the creators responded that legal issues limit said appearances as these characters are already locked into other projects, such as movies, with other companies.

Gambit, Pyro and Colossus were not originally considered for the show, but were later added to the second season finale. Fans can expect to see more of them in season three.

Iceman was originally conceived as a member for the show's debut season. His appearance in the series is thanks to his being a founding member of the original X-Men in the comic books, so fans can expect more air time with him.

Due to his popularity, there will be more focus on Wolverine. As to why the older characters, such as Wolverine and Storm, only appear occasionally, the answer is that Kids' WB! wanted prime focus on the younger characters, so the older X-Men were relegated to mentor status . . . "

There is also going to be a DVD available in March 2003 showing the third season that will include scenes that were apparently cut from episodes viewed by American viewers due to September 11th. However, I know I saw these scenes when the episodes were shown over her, so these extra parts won't be anything new to some . . .  

" . . . In Act 3 of "Growing Pains", Avalanche and the Brotherhood are busy destroying the football field. Jean uses her telekinesis to save Principal Kelly, who then uses his cell phone to call the police. Jean snatches the phone from his hands with her powers and smashes it to pieces. Rogue becomes buried under the debris of the bleachers after Blob destroys them. Lance notices the mascot about to fall on Kitty after she saves a female student and pushes her to safety, causing the mascot to fall on him instead.

In Act 3 of "Power Surge", following Xavier probe of Jean's mind, a flash of immense power escapes Jean's unconscious body. We see first hand evidence of the power Jean truly possesses as she begins to re-arrange matter on a molecular level.

In "Badda Bing, Badda Boom", after Tabitha and her father fall through the roof, Kurt teleports them safely to the ground. Tabitha's father knocks out Kurt in an effort to escape with the money he stole. Tabitha gives chase as they run outside and straight into the waiting police officers. . . "

[ 25th of September 2002 ]

Oh happy day! I have a new award AND a new affiliate!! Thank you soo much Esse and Serena & Cassidy! You guys rock!! ^_^ Also, many thankies to RogueMatrix for the gorgeous adoptables form her site: the legendary Mutant X Adoption Agency! Go to the Other Stuff page to see 'em and the other new adoptables from the Brotherhood Campus and BH Files - I've been on an adoptable adopting frenzy!!! ;)

[ 24th of September 2002 ]

Titles and writing credits of two upcoming episodes of Kids' WB!'s X-Men: Evolution have been revealed to The Continuum.

The third season's fifth episode will be "Blind Alley." It has a story by Greg Johnson, Boyd Kirkland and Craig Kyle and was written by Doug Molitor.

The sixth episode will be "X-Treme Measures." It has a story by Johnson and Kirkland and was written by Jules Dennis and Johnson.

Below are three images from "Mainstream," the third episode that premieres on Saturday: 

[ 22nd of September 2002 ]

Wohoooo! I've got a wonderful new affiliate!! Go visit the great site: Brotherhood Files :) :) :) I just adopted an adorable little chibi Gambit from there!  


[ 21st of September 2002 ]

Yay!!!! I'm soo happy and it's all thanks to Brittney and her fabulous star award!! Thank you Brittney!! ^_^

Today, I also bring you new character bios!!! Celebrate! These ones are Kitty and Scott!!! :) A report from the Comic Continuum a few days ago also hinted at things to come on the third season: 

"They've [the new episodes] all been good. My second one is a very interesting one with Mystique and Scott. It kind of becomes a fight between the two of them in a dark basement, which is kind of weird. It had a lot of fun stuff and a lot of action. 

And there's another one with Rogue. The scripts I've worked on have been among the best stuff I've ever gotten. And the final one, well… (laughs)." 

[ 16th of September 2002 ]

A new link to a brand-spanking new site called The Institute - go visit it! Aaaand I have a new page (kinda) it's a message board for all you people to leave your views on episodes, chat, tell me stuff about the site or whatever! Everyone's more than welcome so go leave a post now!! Yay! However, it will probably take quite a while to load so please be patient.

Also, I did some more episode guides, two I think, and am in the process of completing some more character bios as that is what you lovely people seem to want me to do according to that poll to the left ^_~

[ 11th of September 2002 ]

I'm sooo sorry for the severe lack of updates lately but I've been busy working on a new site during all my free time (Just couldn't resist . . ) . This isn't much of an update 'cause there's no actual content been added by myself right now but I do have the next chapter of 'New Stuff'' by Barbara and have been planning what I'm gonna do for the Competitions section on the 'Other Stuff' page so look out for that soon . . . . .

Oh, and also, the Continuum has reported that the episode to be aired on September 21st called The Stuff of Heroes will concentrate on the search for Xavier, focus on Storm and see the return of a guest star.