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You can find the entries to all previous Fanfic Challenges here and those to the current one, (all older stories are in the old site layout format), and when there are a suitable number of entries each month you'll be able to vote here. To see the details of this month's challenge, go back to Fan Stuff!

2) November 2002:

November's Fanfic Challenge was much easier than the previous one and was in fact quite open, it  required entrants to follow the guidelines below - 

  1. It must have a Christmas/Eid/Hanukah theme - something that ties in with the holiday season, you can make it whatever holiday you like as long as it's a celebration in December. Apart from that you can include whatever you wish in your story, it can be angsty, funny or action-packed - it's up to you! 
  2. As mentioned, the only other rule is that it's a short story - try to stick to around 700 words.

  That's it!



Entry #1 - by Todd Fan ( Evolution Addicts )

Deck The Halls - The Brotherhood decorate their house for the Christmas season . . . .


Entry #2 - by Reyz ( Shades of Redd

Just Once - Jean decides what to get Scott for Christmas.


Thank you to the lovely entrants and voters of this challenge alike :) This month there was a tie between our two stories and so well done to both Reyz and Todd Fan - you've both won!!! ^_^ Merry Christmas!

Fanfic Challenge November '02
Which story should win the Fanfic Challenge? [14 votes total]

#1 - 'Deck The Halls' (7) 50%
#2 - 'Just Once' (7) 50%



1) August 2002: 

August's Fanfic Challenge Contest required entrants to include the following in their story - 

  1. Rogue kissing someone

  2. Someone beating Pietro in a race

  3. A miracle

  4. A death

  5. Someone adopting an unusual pet

  6. A food fight

   And it must be very funny!



Entry #1 - by LayDee from the Brotherhood Files

Duck, Duck, Rogue! - Rogue finds out something very interesting about Remy. Will this new information help her get the man of her dreams?


Entry #2 - by Todd Fan

The Weirdness Of A Town Called Bayville - A mimic, a snake and random craziness!


The challenge is over and the results are in, there weren't many votes (grumble, grumble . . . !) but we still have a winner! Well done to LayDee - you've won the Fanfic Challenge this month!! ^_^ Condolences to Todd Fan though, both of these stories were great and will still be available to all visitors of the site to read whenever they want to.

Another challenge will be set soon!