Name: Katherine "Kitty" Pryde

Age: 15

Powers: Corporal Intangibility (She can phase throw solid objects and if she does this through electrical equipment she will short-circuit it)The perkiest of the characters in X-Men: Evolution, 15-year-old Kitty Pryde is able to pass through walls by canceling out the space between atoms. Also, she can walk on air and phase other people through objects with her. When she passes through a machine, she can stop its internal mechanisms.

Origin: Chicago, Illinois in the USA

Relations: Her non-mutant parents.

Grade: Freshman

Hobbies: Dance, trombone, in-line skating, cooking, malling, Russian Club and yoga

Fav Foods: Ice cream, pizza and salad. She's also a vegetarian.

Fav Music: Country Divas like Cher, Celine Dion and Mariah Carey etc. 

Classes: Computer Sciences, Honors English, Honors Social Studies (Asia, India and the Middle East), Earth Science (she reads astrophysics textbooks instead of paying attention in class, yet follows what the teacher is saying anyway), Gym (with other X-Men) and Trigonometry (with Scott and Jean; she's the youngest in the class and outclasses everybody)

            Kitty Pryde is naive, impressionable and totally idealistic: she's in the X-Men to fight the good fight and needs no convincing to rush off into battle, whilst other members of the team, such a Spkye, often need a good reason. She's optimistic and happy, always attempting to be friends with everyone but is also very smart and understanding and loyal to her friends. For example, she has comforted both Ororo (in African Strom) and Rogue (in Shadowed Past) in their times of distress.

          Kitty's powers enable her to phase through walls by canceling out the space between atoms, and so, she doesn't turn transparent when phasing, like a ghost. Once experienced in her powers, Kitty could phase people through objects with her and it is hinted that she may learnt to one day walk on air particles too. Other aspects of her mutation include that she will stop the internal mechanisms of s machine is he phases through it and so, quietly short out because of the cease in electron flow around the circuit. 

Friends and Love Interests - Gee, this gal is popular! Below are the people that she has especially bonded with throughout the series' so far, each of them very different and so, each showing a different aspect of Kitty's personality . . .

Jean - Kitty admires and envies Jean's looks and her popularity, seeing her as a kind of big-sister and someone that she can talk to. For example, the two bond in 'Middleverse'. 

Rogue - Kitty's roommate. The two may argue constantly and be very different but somehow manage to get along with one another too, they are often seen confiding in one another and keeping the other company, like when Rogue shared her fears about the Sadie Hawkins dance with Kitty in 'Shadow Dance.'

Storm - Perhaps Storm is a kind of mother-figure to Kitty, or may be just a good friend. Whatever it is, the two have some kind of bond as shown in 'African Strom'n when Kitty is anxious for Ororo.

Wolverine - Wolverine has a lot of affection for Kitty and her for him. Just watch 'Grim Reminder' if you have no idea what I'm talking about!

Kurt - At first, Kitty was freaked out by Nightcrawler because she couldn't get past his fuzzy exterior and demonic look, but eventually she learnt that appearance was only skin deep and now the two are the best of friends. She showed her deep affection for him in 'Rogue Recruit'.

Scott- It appeared that Kitty had a slight crush on Scot near the beginning of season one, I think they showed that in 'Middleverse', but with Lance on the scene now I think she's gotten over that and just sees him as a friend now.

Lance - Well, I don't know f it's official or not but this is Kitty's boyfriend, who she asked to the Sadie Hawkins dance and who she gave a kiss to after he joined the X-Men for her, leaving his friends on the Brotherhood behind in 'Joyride'.


Enemies - Does she have any specific enemies?! I'm drawing a blank, obviously, she, like the others, is supposed to be enemies with the Brotherhood and Magneto's lot but I can/t think of anyone specific to her. Hmmm . . . Any ideas people?!


History on Evolution - Shadowcat first discovers her powers in 'The X-Impulse' where we see her asleep in her Chicago house and she's having a dream where she's flying, and then she's falling. Then, when she wakes up, she actually has fallen through the floors of the house - phasing through each floor: she ends up in the basement and is very startled. Kitty is an only child, and her parents are just flabbergasted by this, her father in particular wants to keep it a secret that Kitty is a mutant but Professor X, picks her up on Cerebro and tried to recruit her. Eventually, she and her parents agree and she joins the X-Men, making many new friends and helping out greatly on all the missions, even greatly helping to save Logan in 'Grim Reminder'. Avalanche, who tried to corrupt her in 'The X-Impulse' also joins Bayville High and finally wins her over, even joining the X-Men for her approval, prompting her to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance in 'Shadow Dance.'


Fashion - From the official Evolution site comes the creators' views on Kitty and why they drew the character as she is, in relation to both her overall design and in costumes.

             In keeping with her characterization, director Steve Gordon says he wanted Kitty to look cute and innocent. "We put her hair up in a ponytail to achieve that," Gordon says. "She's got a pink sweater. But we also wanted to make her look like she came from some money, (like) she was still close in touch with her parents. She's kind of a Valley Girl."

Kitty's costume is a modification of the uniform worn by Jean Grey, according to Gordon. "She's got the collar turned up, and she's got a belt on -- where Jean is sleeker," he says. "We didn't want to make her appear sexy; we wanted to cut that a little bit. Putting a belt on her and giving her boots helped clunk her outfit a little bit."

Creators toyed with the concept of a costume-challenged Kitty -- constantly tweaking her outfit with over-the-top accessories, like ridiculous belts and baggy shorts. "It never really worked into the show," Gordon says. "We thought it was a cute idea: Here's a Valley Girl (who's) never really happy with her uniform."



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