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22nd of February 2003

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! I'm so happy! Have you heard the news yet?! Look what I just read at the Comics Continuum:

"X-Men: Evolution will return for a fourth season on Kids' WB!, The Continuum has learned. Kids' WB! representatives could not confirm the pick-up, but it is expected to be announced on Tuesday when the network unveils its plans for next season. The series will continue to be produced at Film Roman, with Boyd Kirkland producing and Greg Johnson story editing. Craig Kyle will continue to oversee things from Marvel's end. The number of episodes for the fourth season will likely be nine, but that has yet to be confirmed. Nine episodes would push the series' total to 52. Four new episodes remain for the third season, and they are expected to air in May. An X-Men: Evolution DVD will be released on April 23, and Cartoon Network has acquired rights to 43 episodes of the series."

There's going to be a season 4!! Wohoo! That made my day :) . . Also, news from the CC yesterday said that Cartoon Network is going to start showing the repeats of the 43 episodes of Evolution that have already aired. :) :)

Other lovely news includes that Savannah has been kind enough to give me her pretty site award - (thank you! ^_^) and Jci has sent me some gorgeous Rogue art that you can find in 'Fan Stuff'. Also, Extreme Evolution is back with its own domain and that's my newest link for you today.

18th of February 2003

I fixed the link to the non-pop version of the site and changed a few pages that didn't look quite right. Congratulations to new award winner Savannah of Southern Shadow :) and thanks to the two new competition entrants. I'm extending the entry date to the end of this month instead of the 20th as planned so hurry up and enter while you have the chance everyone! Oh, and I went to see Daredevil the other day and saw the newest X2 trailer and got so hyped up! You have got to see it, it looks so awesome!! Anyway, just wanted to share that with you . . . . ;) Ther's a link to the new guestbook under 'Site' so please go sign.

Uuum, added a couple of new quotes and that's all for now :) 

2nd of February 2003

Surprise!!! Whad'ya think? . . . I sure hope you like the new layout because it took me ages to do and I doubt I shall change it again - please e-mail me or something and let me know - I'd appreciate it!! :) And ya know what, it seems great minds (^_~) think alike because as I was working on this layout Laydee from the Brotherhood Files unveiled this lovely layout for E.V.F and it used the same things as my new layout: Kitty and chromeless windows - you are so right Laydee: it took me forever to figure out how to make the thing work too!!! Anywho, I'll just repeat what I said further up in case you didn't bother to read it! . . . . . Navigate using the largish squares next to the bottom left hand corner of this iframe: the first is for show stuff, the second for site stuff and the third for all the rest (You'll find bios, episode guides and quotes under 'Show', links, news & update archives and the message board under 'Site' and everything else, including fan stuff, misc. page, downloads and spotlight under 'Other'). If you want to get to the pop-up window so that you can listen to the Evo theme song whilst viewing my site click here or access it via the splash page.   You can also access loads pf links to my affiliates, sisters and voting sites etc. by clicking random areas of the main image - experiment! . . . 

Oh yeah, and this is important - if you are using the chromeless there'll be no back button so to take its place use the little back arrow underneath this frame. The cross underneath this frame to the far right will bring you back here again :)

If I don't update before the 14th have a lovely Valentines Day <3 and news from The CC is there is a new Magneto maquette thingy. Go check it out can't be bothered to post the new here right now . . .

Oh yeah: New link - HIKAGE NEKO . . . .


29th of January 2003

Whoa! I had no idea it'd been so long since I last updated! Well, never mind because I've got a lot of stuff for you today! :)

First, X-Fan reports that there is to be a fourth X-Men: Evolution DVD, sub-titled 'Mutants Rising', from Warner Home Video which will probably feature five episodes from the second season of the show. It says it's due on April 22nd and I'm presuming that that means in the US and nowhere else . . .

Secondly, there are lots of bits a pieces I've added around the site. Thank you to Kurt Darkholme for a new quote and to the person who e-mailed me telling me that the Jubilee Kiss doll download link was broken: I've fixed that now and sorted out the mess that was the downloads page too! :) Congratulations to the newest winner of the M.M Award: The Brotherhood Files also ^_^ . . .

I made the site a little easier to navigate by adding in a couple'a new links here and there and guess what?! THE COMPETITION HAS BEGUN!!! Please go an enter . . . . :) And now, I'm gonna go . . . . 

11th of January 2003

D'oh! Last update I forgot to tell you all that I have a brand new lovely affiliate *dances* - Thank you Mana of Evolve - The Official X-Evo Fanlisting!!! ^_^ And since that all happened I got another sister too!! :) *Dances again* so visit Reyz at Shades of Redd too!!! Also there's a petition to keep X-Men: Evolution on the air and keep producing episodes, thanks to Todd Fan for alerting me to it, and here's the link: PETITION! :)

9th of January 2003

Bad news. According to the Continuum X-Men: Evolution is gonna be put on a hiatus on Kids' WB! Thankfully the series hasn't been cancelled and will probably return in May but no fourth season has been announced for our beloved show yet :( . Don't worry though, I'm confident it'll be back, to quote Stormy from the X-Fan forums (If you happen t be reading this Stormy, I hope you don't mind ;)) : "After all, they burned off 9 episodes during the fall, which leaves just 4 eps left in the 13-ep S3, the last two of which form the 2-part finale. Which means only three or four more weeks of new episodes to last through the end of May, and running 16 weeks of repeats until then would've been silly." - Which makes sense so lets not panic yet everyone!

Ummm . . . no site updates because I'm in the middle of my Mock exams, it's English language tomorrow and OMG the maths exam I had today was soo hard, I think I' gonna fail it! :( . . . . Arrrgh! It wasn't hard . . it was beyond hard - it was a total nightmare!!

Anyway, enough of that! - 

'til the end of the Mocks, toodles!

1st of January 2003!

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year 2003!!! I've added a couple of new links and joined loads of new cliques and fanlistings etc. Apart from that I'm afraid I won't have much in the way of updates to offer for a while because I've got to spend the rest of my Christmas holidays revising for my mock exams and then, when I go back to school I've got 2 weeks of the actual mock exams themselves :( . Buut, there is light at the end of the tunnel - as soon as this year is over I'm gonna have a whole summer holiday of no work whatsoever when I can update whenever I want! Wohoo! Hold out hope for that time guys! :)


Okay, I REALLY didn't want to revise so I made a new page for polls, as yet there is only the one about site improvement but there will be more soon!