[ The weirdness of a town called Bayville] a Fanfic Challenge Entry by Todd Fan


It was another normal day at Bayville high school. Well . . normal by Bayville standards. Any other school would consider Bayville as 'weird in a creepy way'. It was lunch time and, as usual, the place was packed.

"I'm bored", came the voice of Pietro from the Brotherhood table

"We know Pietro", said Lance with a sigh, "you've told us a thousand times already".

"I didn't think you'd notice", said Pietro bitterly, "your usually too busy staring at Pryde".

Lance narrowed his eyes at Pietro before causing a tremor underneath the speed demon's chair. Unfortunately , as Pietro fell to the ground, he knocked his plate of food into the air. The plate sailed across the room, landing right on Duncan Mathews head. The jock stood up and stared around the room, trying to find the guilty party.

"Now would be a good time ta run yo", said Todd, he had an ominous feeling that he would be Duncan's prime target.

"Agreed", said Pietro, dashing out of the cafeteria, the rest of the Brotherhood hot on his trail, the sound of the resulting food fight being left way behind.


A few hours later found the sophomore class waiting by the track field. Pietro was showing off to a bunch of giggling girls when another guy walked onto the track. To say he was drop dead gorgeous was an understatement. The girls attention was drawn from Pietro straight to the new guy. Pietro scowled at the stranger, how dare he take Pietro Maximoff's girls! His frown turned into a smirk as he saw the new guy prepare to run on the track. This was his chance to show this newcomer up. Pietro walked over to him.

"Race ya", he said with an evil grin.

"Okay", said the boy, he had a Spanish accent, "but the winner gets to kiss that lovely senorita over there".

Pietro saw that the boy was pointing at Rogue.

"Your on", said Pietro, "three twoonego".

Pietro started running then turned his head to look behind him, expecting to see the new guy at the starting position. The guy wasn't there. Pietro chuckled to himself, he figured the guy had given up. Pietro turned his head to face the front again, only to see, to his shock and horror,  the Spanish guy at the finish line.

"How...but...", Pietro stammered, "that's NOT right!".

With that, he marched over to the new guy, who was talking with Rogue. Pietro tapped him on the shoulder.

"How did you beat me?", he asked, tapping his foot on the floor impatiently.

"I am....how you say?...mutant", said the boy, "I mimic other mutants powers".

Pietro looked calm for a second before giving a shout of rage and launching himself at the guy's throat. The boy easily dodged his attack, letting Pietro fall flat on his face. He smiled at Rogue.

"And now a kiss for the lovely senorita", he said, giving Rogue a kiss on the cheek. He didn't faint.

"But...how?", said Rogue, putting a hand to her cheek, shocked.

I think when I mimic your powers we cancel each other out", said the boy, "well, I have to go now. Adios".

Rogue watched the boy leave the track field and begin to cross the road. She was NOT going to let this guy get away from her.

"Wait", she shouted, "what's your name?".

"Palo", said Palo, flashing a smile, he was promptly hit by a bus.

"Palo!", shouted Rogue, running across the road to him. A passer-by was feeling his pulse.

"He's dead", she said with a sad sigh.

"Just my luck!", said Rogue, "I meet a gorgeous guy that I can actually touch and not knock out and he gets run over by a bus. My life sucks!".

"Wait", said the passer-by, "I just go a pulse. He's back to life, it's a miracle!".

"Oh yeah", said Rogue doing a little dance of joy, then remembering herself, "I mean...whatever".


A few days later at the Brotherhood house, Lance was relaxing in front to the TV when he heard a knock on the door.

"Whatever it is we can't afford...Kitty!", he said, opening the door to find Kitty with a box in her hand.

"Hi Lance", she said, batting her eyelids at him, "I, like, really, really need your help".

"Anything!", said Lance, grinning like an idiot.

"Well, I got this new pet", she said, pointing to the box, "but Rogue won't let me keep him. So I was, like, wondering if maybe he could stay here with you?".

"Sure", said Lance, he would have happily taken in a mangled animal carcass if Kitty had asked him to.

"Thanks", said Kitty with a smile, "all Rogue cares about is her 'miracle boyfriend'. Just 'cause he died for, like, five seconds. Seesh!".

"That's how it goes", said Lance, letting Kitty into the living room, "so what is it?".

Kitty opened the box, letting a small corn snake slither out.

"I called him Buttons, isn't he precious?".

It was at this point that Todd wandered into the living room. He took one look at 'Buttons' and his eyes widened in fear.

"Sn...sna...sna...", he stammered, backing away and shaking.

He took one last look at the snake before letting out a shriek of terror and bolting upstairs.

"Oh yeah!", said Lance, "I forgot about Todd's insuperable fear of snakes".

"I think I'd better take Buttons back to the pet shop", said Kitty, hearing the sound of Todd pushing furniture against his bedroom door.

"Don't let it get me", he shouted.

"Yeah. I think Todd might have a nervous breakdown if the snake stays here", said Lance with a chuckle, "come on, I'll walk with you to the pet store".

With that, he and Kitty left.

"Guys?", said Todd, "is it gone?. Can I come out now? Guys?.....".


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