[ Duck, Duck, Rogue! ] a Fanfic Challenge Entry by LayDee from the Brotherhood Files 


"So... Kurt what did you find out?"

"Well Rogue... I found out that Remy is now looking for a pet."

"Really!!! What kind of a pet... a dog???"

"Um... you won't believe it!!"

"Come on... Kurt."

"A duck."


"A duck."

"Um excuse me... I heard wrong."

"A duck... as in quack, quack."

"Why would anyone want a pet duck?"

" I don't know he's your dream boy, well anyways he's going to the pet shop tomorrow to find a duck. The one on Stimson way."

"O... Thanks Kurt."


That night:

"So my dear child you have come back to me."

"Um yea sure... so can I get a hug."

" A hug..."

"O.. um don't worry... I'm wearing my gloves."

" Well I guess my child." *boom*

"Opps I guess there was a hole in my glove."


The Next Day:

" Hey there young man... can I help you?"

"Um sure... I'm looking for a duck."

" A duck???"

"Yea... a duck."

"Young man... I don't sell ducks."

"But I hear quacking...."

"Yes... I'll check the back then."

"Your in luck young man... I found one."

"Thanks sir... he looks perfect."

"It's a girl and that would be a 30."

" Oh and ahh... my daughter... um she has her eyes on you and...."

" Quack!!!! Quack!!!! Quack!!!"

"Wow... um I better get this girl home... well maybe next time."

" Hmmm your a pretty strange looking duck.. you look like a boy... hmmm...."

" Hey there..."

" O hey..."

"What's up with that duck?"

"Quack... Quack... Quack!!!"

"Um don't think she likes you cher. Well I better go."


"Hey John."

"That chick back there was pretty... you found a duck!!!"

" Yea... everyone loves ducks."


"That duck reminds me of that dog that followed me around last month. "

" John... not to scare you, but that was the wolf-girl."

"The what???"

"That chick on the X-geeks that turn into a dog."

"Really... 'cause that dogs right there... RUN!!!!."

" I'm so tired... you had to have girls follow you around all the time."

"It's not my fault... gosh I remember like 3 weeks ago that dog started a food fight and Mcdonalds. It was so embarrassing."

"Poor you... well I'm going to put this duck at the pond, Magneto made. Hey girl there you go... this is your new home."

"Ewww you kiss the duck... I think it died."

"No... I think it fell asleep."

"I still think it's dead."


That night:

"Um... owww... wow Remy kissed me!!! Oh shoot I'm..... human. Oh crap I better get out of here."


The next day:

"Crap I can't believe my duck got lost!!"

"I think it died... Maybe Sabertooth ate it."

"I can't believe this." 

"Wow Kurt... I can't believe Remy kissed me."

"Actually he kiss the duck. Well what happen next?"

"Um... I don't remember.... I think I passed out or something... Ya know what's weird I had a dream I beat Pietro in a game of duck, duck, goose."

" We all had that dream Rogue."

" Really..."

" Rogue... Rogue... Rogue... Rogue are you in the house!!"

" Oww my head... O crap it was a dream. Kitty...."

" Um Rogue do me a favor answer the professor I can't sleep."

" O sure... Professor... I'm here... and I'm in the house."

"Good I was just checking... Kurt... Kurt...."

"I think the professor has finally lost it."

"Yea.. I noticed... so like go back to sleep."



The next day:

" Gosh like I love going shopping."

" I know, it's a good thing you got Lance to hold all our stuff."

"Yea no problem. Hey ya know what's funny Mystique has been out for 3 days"

" Hey like isn't that... that Gambit guy?"

"O... yea.... I'm going to go talk to him. Hi there."

"O hey Cher."

"What's wrong?"

"Sabertooth ate my duck."

The End


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