Fanfic Challenge Entries

         This challenge is over, thank you to my two wonderful entrants and all those who voted. Another challenge will be set soon!


 Entry #1 - by LayDee from the Brotherhood Files

Duck, Duck, Rogue! - Rogue finds out something very interesting about Remy. Will this new information help her get the man of her dreams?


 Entry #2 - by Todd Fan

The Weirdness Of A Town Called Bayville - A mimic, a snake and random craziness!


The results are in, there weren't many votes but we still have a winner! Well done to LayDee - you've won the Fanfic Challenge this month!! ^_^ Condolences to Todd Fan though, both of these stories were great and will still be available to all visitors of the site to read whenever they want to.


[ Disclaimer: Waah! They're not mine. Nope, surprisingly enough I don't own the X-Men, Evolution, the Brotherhood or pretty much anything on this site except my own boring lumps of text, the very amateurish looking prize banners and buttons, the layout and any remotely original ideas.  Anyway, don't sue or anything cause I am officially stating now *ahem* that X-Men stuff all belongs to Marvel and not me! I should also probably note that all the Evo news stuff on this site was probably taken from the Comics Continuum and the music that plays on the site is courtesy of this site. ]