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      This section is really all down to you! Please send me in your art via e-mail and fanfics in the same way, and state whether you want me to post your e-mail and/or site URL with your work. Also why don't you take part in the Fanfic Challenge and see if you can win?


Fan Art -  

I now have some lovely fan art! Rejoice!

~ ~

By Lesli 

The gorgeous art work below was kindly provided by Lesli ^_^. These are just a few of my favourites, but heck - they're all fantastic! So, for more of her work, visit her site of Groovy X-Men: Evolution Art! Click on the thumbnails to see the full picture . . .



By Jci

Thanks to Jci for my first Spyke fan art contribution :) Again, click the thumbnail to view the whole thing and click the following link to visit 'Evolving World of Evolution' Jci's own brand new site!





Many thanks to JCC for this beautiful picture of Rahne ^_^  . To see the whole thing, you know what to do!


Fanfiction -  

I decided to move the fanfiction to a separate page all of its own so that this page would be more organised. To go to the new fanfics page click here

Fanfic Challenge - 

Before I begin with the explanations I must give credit to The Danger Room for the general idea . . .  .Okay, now that's out of the way, let me explain: 

Basically I am challenging you to write a fanfic of no more than around 700 words (or so) that includes all of the points below. The closing date for submissions for the last challenge was August 20th, and I am currently thinking up new criteria for the next challenge. To submit your story, when the next challenge has begun, simply e-mail it to me (or send the URL of its location) with the details required, as illustrated below. Once the submissions have finished I will open a poll for all site visitors to vote on which fanfic they enjoyed the most out of the submissions and to gain ideas on the criteria for the next challenge. Once voting is closed, the story with the most votes will win and the author will receive a special banner thing that he/she can proudly(!) display on their website or whatever. Phew, okay! Confused?! Oh, and don't fear, all challenge entries will be displayed in this fanfic archive: none will go to waste! Right, so on with the competition then . . . . .  

August's Fanfic Challenge Contest required entrants to include the following in their story - 

  1. Rogue kissing someone
  2. Someone beating Pietro in a race
  3. A miracle
  4. A death
  5. Someone adopting an unusual pet
  6. A food fight

   And it must be very funny!

[ Click here to read the entries. ]

The winner of each challenge will receive a banner like the one below with their name and the month on it - so, however you submit your story, make sure to include the name you want to appear on the banner thing (I really need to get a proper name for it don't I?!) 

Okay, so when I open the next challenge e-mail me with your entry or the URL. Please remember to give your e-mail the Subject "Fanfic Challenge Entry" or something similar and to include:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Whether you want me to post your e-mail and/or site URL for others to see
  • The title of your story
  • A brief description of your story
  • Oh yeah, and the story itself!!

Good Luck!


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