Below are all the cliques, webrings and fanlistings and stuff that I belong to . . . . . 

I'm EvObsessed!! 

Rebellious: Lance/Kitty

True Love: Scott/Jean

Evolution Fanatic!

Ace Of Spades: Gambit Fan 

X-Men Movie Fan 

Altered Beings: X-Men Characters Fan

Irronique >> Evolution Gambit/Rogue Love!


Rogue Fan Spidey Movie Fan Iceman Fan 

Movie Rogue Fan Mystique Fan Anticipating X2

Evolve: X-Men: Evolution Fan Out Of Phase: Shadowcat Fan Magneto Fan


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And all of these have nothing to do with X-Men but there ya go!

Tom Cruise Fan Lestat Fan Orlando Bloom Fan

Estel: Aragorn Fan


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