Yay! Those fabulous quotes from our favourite teen mutants! Now, I would categorize them by who's said what, etc. but that would be too complicated seeing as there's more than one person in most quotes, and I could categorize them by episode but . . .  . I don't actually remember where all of them came from . . . . Oh well! . . .

Oh yeah, and if you have a favourite quote from any series (or from the comics/old series for the spotlight pages) then send 'em in and I'll credit you! People who have already been spiffy enough to contribute are Stefanie, Rogue238 and Kurt Darkholme - Thanks! :) Okay, here we go then . . . .  


Cyclops (About Toad): To put it bluntly, he's got the personal hygiene of a dead pig. 

Todd (To Kurt): Whoa! What are you, some kind of ratty plush toy? 

Logan (About Toad): I came back here cause I smelled trouble brewing. Course maybe it was just stink-boy there.

Kurt (About Sabretooth): Heh! We showed him. We are the X-Men!
Logan: I don't fight your battles so don't fight mine!
Kurt: Ahh, he loves us.
Cyclops: Oh yeah, big time. 

Cody (About talking to Rogue): I'm just, you know, picking my moment. Taking it slow.
Ty: Cody, I've seen glaciers move faster.

Kitty: Scott seems so, like, together. So cool and he's kinda cute!.
Jean: Cute? Umm . . .  stiff, maybe; exacting, definitely, but . .  hmm you know, . . from a certain angle . .

And the one everyone said "ooooh!" at when  they heard it, or was that just me?! . . . . . 

Irene (About Rogue): You won't hurt her will you? After all Raven, she's your...
Mystique: I know Irene, I know. Trust me. She will come to us willingly, given the right incentive.

Kitty (After Kurt collapses): Say something Kurt, please! Tease me, scare me, anything. Please don't be dead! Come on Kitty, okay, what would Wolverine do? I mean besides dice up, like half the landscape? 

Kitty: Come on Kurt, wake up. You know I'm still not big on facial hair, but, like, pointy ears are starting to work for me.

Jean (Trying to hold off the bad weather): I can hold it off a little.
Scott: Give it up! She's got Storm's powers, but not her control. 

Blob: Hey you, Where am I supposed to be?
Duncan: I don't know. How about a side show? 

Rogue: Leave her alone, ya yahoo!
Blob: What are you going to do? Make me wear bad makeup?
Rogue: Didn't Mystique tell you what my power is?
Blob: No, cause I don't care!
Rogue: My power is your power, and I can take more than one!
Blob: I got too much power even for you. You can't hurt me. I'm the Blob!
Rogue: Nah, you're just garbage that wanted a date, and I'll tell you I'm taking you out! 

Kitty: Okay, so maybe she's part of the dark icky side, but I figure we like totally owe her now.
Scott: Yeah. Yeah, we do, big time

Magneto: It is good to see you again Pietro. Even under such distressing circumstances.
Pietro: Yeah, well, you could make them a lot less distressing you know. Come on, hustle it up! 

Scott: Go to Duncan Matthews' party? Nah, I don't think so. Matthews is a jerk.
Kitty: No he's not. I'd go.
Scott: No freshman allowed.
Kitty: Oh. Matthews is a jerk. 

The famous Kurt catch phrase . . . .

Kurt: Hey! Chicks dig the fuzzy dude. 

Lance: Rogue, Mystique sent us to find you. So you with us or them?
Scott: Mystique?! You're working for her?
Rogue: Hey Summers. You've got your friends, I've got mine. But this ain't my fight. I'm outta here! 

Heh! A rock pun (you just knew one was going to come up right?!) . . . . . . . 

Blob: Okay, fork it over losers.
Lance: Or this place is gonna rock!
Jean: Which one of you guys has been putting on weight? I can hardly hold you. 
Cyclops: It's Nightcrawler. Burgers seven days a week will do that to a fella. 
Kurt: Ah! The breakfast of mutants. 

Logan: We're movin' too slow. Spread a little more sunshine will ya? 
Storm: I'm a weather-witch, not a snow plow. I'm doing the best I can. 

Rogue: Some friendly advice teach. Don't mess with the Rogue! 

Logan: Where's you allegiance kid, us or them? 
Rogue: If I don't say you, will I get thrown out of this jet? 
Logan: Nope, not our style. We've either earned your trust by now or we haven't. 
Rogue: You. 
Logan: Welcome to the X-Men. 

Rogue (To Spyke when she catches him filming her): Hey! What are you playin' at Porcupine? I better not see my face on that tape or they're gonna be calling you Spyke-less. 

Evan: Hey, listen Rogue, how 'bout you shed those gloves and give K-girl a tap.
Kitty and Rogue: What? No way!
Evan: Listen to me. Just enough to rip Kitty's moves.
Rogue: It might work. Just concentrate on 'em.
Kitty: Okay, but you better not lay me out.
Kitty and Rogue (After they touch): Whoa!
Rogue: That was like, pretty icksome! Aw, am I talking like her?

Evan: You gotta be sharp if you're gonna mess with the Spyke.

Wolvie: Pickin' on kids Creed? Big mistake!
Sabertooth: Yeah, Why?
Wolvie: Cause it really ticks me off! 

(Rogue touches Sabertooth and grows fur, long hair, fangs and claws)
Rogue: Awww... and I just shaved my legs last night!

Logan: I still say you should have let me handle their survival training.
Xavier: I gave them that choice Logan. They felt they had a better chance of surviving the camp. 

Blob (To Juggernaut): Unstoppable? Meet the unmovable! 

Mystique (About the X-Men and Brotherhood working together): Now, there's something you won't see everyday.
Xavier: I agree, and that's a shame
Mystique: Come on boys, let's get out of here before you're invited to a slumber party. 

Awwww!! . . . . 

Kurt: I still can't believe it. Mystique is my mother?
Rogue: Listen Kurt, who really knows? I mean, that's one seriously disturbed lady. Maybe she's just messin' with ya.
Kurt: I guess, but there is a certain resemblance...
Rogue: Listen Kurt, I really do know what you're going through. We'll both keep looking and we'll find our answers together someday. 

Kitty: Can you transport us to the ground?
Kurt: Yeah, right. Picture this: bumpety, bumpety, bumpety, Splat! 

Rogue: Oh man, you feel that ocean breeze? I've been going into meltdown here. All covered up like this, I hate it!
Kurt: Oh yeah? You should try being blue and furry. It's murder!

Sabretooth (To Wolverine): You look tired. Hard to stay afloat with metal bones huh? 

Magneto: Your X-Men face a trial by fire. As do my own recruits. Mutant pitted against mutant. One shall lose. One shall win. Only those who emerge victorious shall take their place here on Asteroid M. 

Mystique: Give up and I'll make this quick windrider. I shouldn't even have to prove myself to him.
Storm: I don't know why you have chosen to attack me. And in truth I don't much care but this is my home and you are not welcome here! 

Toad: Uhh! Hear that metal straining? We're breaking up, I know it!
Wolverine: Couldn't be. This crates built without an ounce of metal.
Toad: None? That means we're flying in what? Cheap plastic?! I need an airsick bag! 

Mystique: Knock. Knock.
Magneto: Mystique? You never could take no for an answer. 

Avalanche: Which side are you on Toad?
Toad: The side that lives! Come on!

Rogue (To Risty): and that leads us back to the foyer, where everyone forgets their manners and just stares at you! 

Scott: You risked so much to save her. What made you do it?
Rogue: It was nothing.
Scott: Yes, it was. Tell me. 
Rogue: Me and Ms. Popularity there, we're worlds apart, galaxies! But then I realized something.
Scott: What? 
Rogue: That she'd do the same thing for me.
Scott: Believe it Rogue. We all would. 

Evan: While the Professor's away. . .
Kurt: . . . the kids can play. 
Kitty: And play it loud!

Rogue (After Angel has saved her): I think you really are an Angel. 

(After Jean has gone missing and Kitty has gone to the Brotherhood Boarding house to look for her)
Oh, relax Lance! I never said you guys kidnapped her. Sheesh! As if one of you hadn't tried it before. 

Jamie: Hey guys, wait up! Nobody told me we were having a session down here.
Ray: Wow. What an oversight. Imagine that. Forget it Multiple. You can't handle the Danger Room.
Jamie: No way! If you can, I can!
Jubilee: Sorry, Jamie. We're just more experienced at this stuff than you.

Rogue: I don't like this. They're our friends.
Logan: We just gotta subdue 'em. No one has to get hurt.
Scott (As others advance looking tough): Yeah? Tell that to them. 

Tabby: Yeah! Look out below. Boom Boom is bombin' in. Whoohooo!

Kurt: I love the smell of bacon in the morning! 

Tabby (After seeing Lance's jeep chained up): Good thinkin' Lance! Wouldn't want anyone to steal your ride! (She blasts off the chain and steals his jeep)
Lance: Come back here, you Klepto!

Amara: Jean's been pushing me too fast. Even though I tell her I'm not ready, she says . . . 
Tabby: You mean Miss Jean - "Yes that's my real colour"? Forget her Amara, you don't have to take any of that. I didn't.

(Tabby has just broken down the bathroom door . . .)
Hey, Hey, Hey! I'm taking a shower here.
Tabby: Yeah. The whole town's thrilled. I'm out of mouthwash.
Toad: Man, I take one shower a month, and still I get no privacy!

Rogue: What are you doing here? 
Gambit: Nothing, Cherie. 

Rogue (talking about Gambit): He's up to no good. 
Kitty: We've got to call Scott. 
Rogue (grabs Kitty): There's no time, Let's follow him. 
(Rogue proceeds to pull Kitty after Gambit) 
Kitty: What about sixth period? 
Kitty: What part of the plan are you making up now? 
Rogue: The part where it all comes together.

Rogue: We'll catch a ride, right?
Kitty: NO! We're calling Scott.

(Scott says something about Rogue and Kitty having detention on Saturday because they skipped sixth period.) 
Kitty (stomps away mad): I knew it!

Rogue: Normal! I look fat! Do I look that fat to you?
Logan: Shh, pipe down, would ya, we're trying to keep a low profile. 
Rogue: Well, I am not buying these cupcakes.

Storm: We are mutants, and this witch-hunt is going to stop, now.

Rogue (To Logan when he flies off his bike): Would you relax? I know how to ride. 
Logan: I'll take it from here.
Rogue: Hold on. (As planes start chasing them.) 
(Rogue drives into a cave and Logan flies off his bike again): I told you to hold on. 

Scott: We're the X-men, Wolverine. We're not kids anymore. You've 
trained us, and you know what, we're good. We're very good. 

Nightcrawler (Bamfs into a military plane with Kitty): Hi, I'm 
Nightcrawler, and this is Shadowcat.
Kitty: And this is your weapons system. (Runs her fingers through it.) 

Jean: Scott, what would the professor have us do? 

Hank: It's like I've got an animal inside of me. A beast, and it's . . .  it's tearing me to pieces.

Lance: You heard me. I want to be an X-Man. I'm serious.
Logan: Yeah right, and I want to be the Tooth Fairy!

Scott: It's a good thing for you girls I was here, and no need for thanks, that's what we heroes do, rescue damsels in distress.
Jean: Urgh!
Scott: What? But what did I do? Tell me.
Jean: All right, you were being a .. . a guy!
Scott: Oh. I'm sorry?

Toad (A dinosaur-like thing walks up behind Tabitha): Ahh! What the heck is that?!
Blob: I'm not sure I wanna find out.
Tabby: Hey, come on. I don't look that bad!

Logan: Oh, great. A fanatic. Okay Bub, what did mutants ever do to you?
Trask: You're a threat, a menace. You poison our gene pool and upset the natural balance of power.

Forge: "Whoa, what are you?"
Kurt: "Me? Oh, I'm just a harmless blue fuzzball, veally"

Wolvie: They're in the vault.
Cyke: And I've got the combination right here (Blasts the vault door down)

Wolvie: Aww, twerp. Y'know I could never hurt you. (Kitty kicks him in the leg) This is why I don't like playing nice.

- - - - -

Phew, that's that for now but I'll update with more from season two and three later; bearing in mind that I live in England where they haven't shown all the season two eps yet and haven't even started on the season three ones. They only show them when they feel like it, which is hardly ever and then when they do, they repeat season one!!  . . . . *grumble* . . . . . . .  . . . .  

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