[ The Notes ] by Dani

Chapter One

MONDAY: 11:07am

Rogue sighed. She sat in the crowded classroom, History, which they shared with a senior class, and zoned out. She was depressed. The prom was in five days, on Friday night, and, if she admitted it to herself, she wanted to go. As a sophomore she would have to be asked by a senior, and she wasn’t all that close with any of them, but still.

She had only realized she wanted to go last night. She had heard Kitty and Jean talking about their costumes and Kurt, Scott and Evans eavesdropping, trying to find out what color to make the corsages, when it came to her. She was jealous.

She was jealous of Kurt and Kitty. They looked so cute, so good, together. Rogue was happy for her brother. He was good, smart, funny and handsome in his own, hairy way. And Kitty was perfect for him, every time he walked into the room her face sort of lit up. Rogue was jealous of everything about her. How pretty she looked in her dress, how much she smiled lately, how confident she was with her place in the school.

She was jealous of Scott and Jean. Always so perfect, always so wonderful. They really did seem like Barbie and Ken sometimes. She was jealous of everything about Jean. How every hair on her head was always in place, how guys always smiled at her, how she always was best at everything, how much attention she always got. Damn, she thought, I am jealous.

She sighed again. The teacher, Ms. Kent, was being just as boring as ever. She scanned the classroom. Evans was snoring, loudly, the teacher happily oblivious.

Kurt was folding one of his famous paper airplanes.

Kitty was looking out the window, dreamily, occasionally glancing at Kurt.

Jean was trying not to fall asleep, head resting on her hands.

Scott was sitting bolt upright, taking everything the teacher said down with a diligence that made Rogue want to laugh out loud.

Fred was looking under his desk. Rogue knew he kept Twinkie’s in there and shook her head.

Todd was eyeing the Twinkie now in Fred’s hand with growing interest.

Lance and Pietro were passing notes, as well as talking to the newest member of their team, Rogue hadn’t met yet.


Her mind drifted out for another moment, before she looked down at her desk. To her shock, there was a small piece of paper, with her name on it. She looked around, but no one seemed to be paying any attention to her.

She opened it slowly. A single word was written on the white paper.


She looked around again, trying to see who wrote it to her. She shrugged and wrote back.

 Yeah. You?

She glanced up. When she looked down again the note was gone. She closed her eyes and shook her head. She looked back at her desk. The note was back.

 Yeah. So, what’s your name?


 That all?

 Yup. Why?

 Nothing. Pretty name.

 Thanks. What’s your name?

 If I told you then you wouldn’t have anything to guess about.

 That’s not fair, you know mine.

 Sorry, chere.

 What’s a chere?

 It means dear.

 Oh. So, why are you doing history?


THURSDAY: 11:10am

Rogue smiled. It was four days later, Thursday. Every History the notes started up again. All she really did was blink and the notes were back. She kept trying to pinpoint who it was, but no one looked suspicious and she saw no one writing. The note writer remained a mystery.

She glanced down. Sure enough, there was a new note.

 So, you going to the prom?


 Why not?

 Because, Prom’s are dumb.

 So, no one asked you?


 Do you wanna go?

 No, well, yes. But that doesn’t change anything.

 Why not?

 Because I’m only a sophomore.

 Ok. So do you have to be asked by a senior classman?

 Yup. And there is no one who would wanna go with me anyway.

 What makes you say that?

 Do you know what I look like?


 Then you know that I’m not the kind of girl who goes to those things.

 Right, sure.

 You don’t believe me?

 I never said that.

 Tell me who you are.

 If I told you I’d have to kill you.

 Fine. Are you male or female?

 Well, let’s just say I think you’re hot.

 Ok, first of all, don’t lie. Second of all, I hope you’re a guy, or else…eww.

 I’m not lying. Why would I lie?

 I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem likely.

 Ok, do you have a boyfriend?

 Me! No way!

 Why not?.

 ‘Cause I can’t.

 Why not?

 I can’t tell you.

 Go on, you don’t even know who I am, so it doesn’t matter!

 I don’t know.

 Go on, please.

 Fine. But you have to promise you won’t tell anyone.

 Fine, fine, fine. Go on, tell.

 Ok. I’m mutant.



 Me too!

 No way!

 Yeah. What’s your power?

 Well, if I touch someone I absorb their mind and, if they’re a mutant, their powers.

 Wow. So you can’t touch anyone?

 Not without gloves on. What’s your power?

 Once again I must say sorry, but I don’t know how to describe it.


 So, you still don’t wanna go to that Prom?


 Come with me.

 I don’t even know you.

 Yeah you do.

 Oh, so you’re someone I know?

 Nope. But I’ve been writing you notes for the past four days.

 Alright, why not. Ok, I’ll go with you


 But wait, I don’t know where to get a dress, or shoes, or anything.

 I can handle that.

 What? How?

 Calm down. Just let me handle it.

 Ok first, you don’t know what kind of dresses I like, if I like dresses at all. Second, you don’t know my size. Third, how do I know that you’re not some weirdo serial killer?

 Whoa, you ask a lot of questions. First, I think I have a good enough idea. Second, I can figure it out. Third, Jesus girl! Calm down.

 Fine, ok. But how will I get the dress off you. I don’t have History tomorrow and the Prom is Friday night.

 I’ll leave it in your locker.

 You seem to have this all figured out.

 Yup! I’ll pick you up Friday at 8:00

 Ok. But before I go with you I have to know your name.


 Is that a code name?

 Yeah. See you tonight.


Rogue shivered. This was so weird. Maybe she shouldn’t go at all. Nah, she thought. I’ll just check him and it out and then leave.


FRIDAY: 3:20pm

Rogue walked slowly to her locker. She hadn’t told any of the others that she was going to the Prom, she wanted to surprise them. She turned the lock and opened the door.

In the locker was a box with a red rose taped to it. She smiled.

“Hi Rogue!” She was broken out of her little daydream by Kitty’s happy voice. She hastily stuffed the rose and box back into the locker before turning to the other girl, who looked at her suspiciously.

“And what, may I ask, is that? Could it be, a rose!” Rogue could feel herself blushing under all her make-up. Kitty grinned.

“Oh my god! It is! So, is this secret admirer taking you out, say, to the Prom?” At Rogue’s guilty look she grinned even wider. “Yes, that is so cool! What’s you dress like? Is he buying you a corsage? Are you two going to ride in the limo with me Kurt, Jean and Scott? What’s he look like? Is he hot? Tell me, tell me, tell me!”

Rogue smiled. Kitty always made things feel really special. “Um, ok. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t think so. I don’t know. I don’t know. There, that should cover it.”

“What! You don’t know him? You don’t know what your dress looks like?” Rogue shrugged, then pulled Kitty aside and whispered the story to her.

“Wow,” Kitty sighed, “That’s so romantic!” Rogue laughed. “Come on, we gotta get home, ‘n I ain’t seen my dress yet so I don’t know what ta wear with it!” Kitty smiled.

“I know just what to do.”


FRIDAY: 7:49pm

Rogue stared at herself. Kitty had done her make-up, she didn’t know why she had let her, but the girl in the mirror looked different. No Goth make-up at all. The different girl stared back at her.

She was beautiful. She had high, delicate cheekbones, full, soft, red lips and a stubborn chin. Her nose was finely carved and her skin was a very pale golden color. Her eyes were the best feature. They were huge in her face, a beautiful shade of green, almost emerald. Her hair was left in its regular style, with just a touch of glitter sparkles in it.

She stared down at the dress. She didn’t know who this guy was, but wow, did he have good taste.

The dress was stunning. It was made out of green silk, to match her eyes. It was simple, not to over done. Sleeveless, with spaghetti straps, it showed off her pale shoulders. The neckline was low, but not so that she wouldn’t wear it. The bodice was a paler shade of green then the skirt, and clung gently to her figure, emphasizing her tiny waist and flat stomach. It dropped straight down to the floor after that, swaying like a bell when she walked. When she spun around in a circle the whole thing flew up, whipping around her legs, before once again coming back to its normal place.

The shoes were simple heels, not as high as Jean’s, but they were perfect for the outfit, the same emerald green as the lower half of the dress. Unlike Kitty and Jean, she wore no tiara in her hair, but just a simple pendant.

The whole effect was beautiful. Simple and demure mixed with elegant and sexy. She looked over to where Kitty and Jean were standing.

Kitty had chosen a pink gown, which also clung gently to her bodice but had a full skirt. She looked beautiful in it, the whole thing making her look like a fairy. Jean wore a similar style of skirt and dress, but hers was in a deep purple, which looked good against her red-hair. They smiled at her.

“Rogue, you look great! I don’t know who he is but when he sees how good you look he is gonna flip!” Rogue blushed, a lot easier to see without her make-up on. Jean looked puzzled.

“How are you getting there. Scott, Kurt and Evans have hired a limo. Evans is going with some girl called Ally, haven’t met her, but apparently she really nice. You can come with us in the limo, if you want.” Rogue shook her head, “I don’t know how I’m getting there, I’ll just see what he does.” Jean nodded, “Ok.” Rogue heard her name called from downstairs. “Oi, Rogue, some guy here for you.” “Kitty, Jean, you ready? The limo’s here.” All three girls walked downstairs. Scott turned around to look at Jean, “Wow! Jean you look great!” Jean smiled. “Thanks.” Kitty glanced around the hall. “Kurt?” Someone tapped her shoulder. She grinned at Kurt.

Evan was speaking to someone in the doorway. Rogue turned for a better look. The guy was tall, lean, had auburn hair and wore a long black leather duster. He carried a helmet in his hand.

The stranger turned from Evan and looked at Rogue. Wow, she thought. Guess I was lucky! The guy was gorgeous. He had a sharp jaw, high cheekbones, which the shadows made look even hollower, a very kissable looking mouth, goatee and, for some strange reason, sunglasses.

He grinned at her. She walked up to him. “Hi. Looks like I did pick de right size den, non?” She blushed. He had a husky voice with a Cajun accent. “Yeah.” “Ready ta go?” She nodded. “How’re we getting’ there?” Gambit shrugged. “Bike.”

Logan, who had been waiting inside, acting as chaperone, stepped forward. “What?” Gambit grinned winningly at Logan. “Bike. My bike.” Logan growled at his tone. The Prof., who was also making sure they got there ok, came forward.

“And who might you be.” “Gambit.” He shook the Prof. hand. “Nice ta meet ya, now lets get goin’.” Logan stepped forward. Rogue intervened before someone got hurt.

“Logan, really, its cool. Come on, lets go.” She turned and walked out the door. Outside there was the limo the boys had hired, and a huge black motorcycle. She grinned. “I always wan’ed ta go on one of these.” Gambit passed her a helmet.


Vvvvrrrrooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm. They sped off into the night, leaving behind six very curious X-men.