Name: Scott Summers

Age: 18

Powers: Optic Blasts that are uncontrollable except by the use of ruby quartz glasses/visor.

Origin: St. Louis, Missouri in the USA

Relations: Alex Summers - Havok (younger brother). His parents were killed when he was young in an airplane crash.

Grade: Senior

Hobbies: Varsity basketball, varsity soccer and yo-yo tricks

Favourite Foods: burgers, tacos and pizza

Favourite Music: R.E.M., Oasis and Smashing Pumpkins.

Classes: Physics, Gym (with other X-Men), Advanced Placement American History, AP American Literature, Spanish and Trigonometry


         Scott is the one the others all look up to, especially since he was Xavier's original recruit and is an all-round good guy. Some people think of Scott as a little aloof and stuck-up due to his dark glasses and is not that well liked in the Evo fandom because people see him as uptight and strict. However, Scott only acts like this because he cannot control his power and wishes to control other things instead and cares deeply for his team-mates, he is strict with them so they don't get hurt. 

          Scott is good at sports, especially basketball and soccer and is generally a happy, upbeat guy and although he is a n orphan and has an uncontrollable power he remains un-sorrowful and does not show much self-pity. He is a natural leader, that is quite mature and confident in his role but does worry about the team the whole time they're in the field and will always defend them, even against Xavier if necessary (as shown in 'Day of Reckoning'.) 


Friends and Love Interests - The people of special significance in Cyke's life:

Professor Xavier - Xavier is Scott's father figure and has taught him all his moral and values as well as looking after him and letting him stay a the mansion.

Jean - The first and probably most well known couple of the X-Men, they're bound to get together in Evolution and are already showing signs of this inevitability with Scott and Jean making each other jealous through the uses of Duncan and Taryn. See the episodes 'Power Surge', 'Growing Pains' and 'Shadow Dance' among others.

Rogue - Scott was the first of the team to bond with Rogue and has shown her kindness and fondness, he tried very nard to recruit her onto the team (see 'Rogue Recruit' and 'Turn of the Rogue') and they share a special friendship.

Kurt - Although Kurt's practical jokes can sometimes annoy Cykie, Scott acts as Kurt's older brother and the two generally get along quite well.

Taryn - Jean's best friend, but I'm not sure if she is anymore as Taryn has taken a liking to Scott an in turn she is useful for Scott to use in order to make Jean jealous.

Alex - Scott's brother and only remaining actual relative, he was considered dead until a little while ago and Scott is very protective towards him, see 'Adrift'.


Enemies - The people Scott doesn't particularly like!

Mystique - She tried to kill him and Rogue in 'Rogue Recruit' and was responsible for a lot of trouble that befell the X-Men in season one.

Lance - As the leader of the rival group, the Brotherhood, Lance and Scott have a kind of rivalry going on with one another. For example, the race between the two in 'Survival of the Fittest.'

Magneto - Mags tried to brainwash Scott and his brother Alex into joining him in 'The Cauldron' and also, mutated them even further and worst of all, gave them ridiculous costumes to wear to boot!! Plus, Mags has recently revealed all the X-Men to be mutants on live television. Oh dear! . . 


History on Evolution - Scott was Xavier's first student and was adopted by him as a child. Therefore, his the leader of the X-men and cares for them all, being a forefront figure in new recruitments ('Rogue Recruit' and 'The X-Impulse' for example) and in fighting against their enemies. He has risked al lot for the others during the course of the show including Rogue and Jean in 'Turn of the Rogue' and 'Power Surge' respectively, and, as shown in 'Day of Reckoning' can act sensibly in grave danger and always defend his fellow team mates.


Fashion - From the official Evolution site comes the creators' views on Scott and why they drew the character as she is, in relation to both her overall design and in costumes:

         Scott was nicknamed "Slim" during his early days. So when designing the character's look, director Steve Gordon says he tried to make certain Cyclops appeared - well, slim. "He is slightly geeky -- but he could still be a popular guy on campus without being a jock, the class-president type," Gordon says.

Director Frank Paur designed Cyclops' costume with an eye toward Scott's leadership role. "Cyclops has the big 'X' on his chest, obviously, because he is the leader of the group," Paur says. "And traditionally, things in the comic have always been centred around him because he is the first X-Man."

Adds Gordon: "The uniform was something that Frank came up with, which triggered the rest of the uniforms -- which is the shoulder pads and the kneepads and the big boots." 

If functionality and fashion go hand-in-hand, Cyclops' costume certainly fits the bill. When he fires his eye blasts, he uses a button by his ear. "We played with having it on his glove," Gordon says. "But most of the time it would be close-ups in which he would be firing, so we wanted to have something happening in the close-ups."


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