Name: It's a mystery . . . .

Age: 15

Powers: Power, memory & psyche absorption through skin-to-skin contact, that is completely uncontrollable

Origin: Caldecott, Mississippi in the USA

Relations: Raven Darkholme - Mystique (adopted mother), Kurt Wagner - Nightcrawler (adopted brother), Irene Adler - Destiny (foster/adopted guardian of some sort)

Grade: Sophomore   

Hobbies: Horseback riding, guitar and cooking (Cajun, Southern)

Favourite Foods: Catfish, grits and hush-puppies (and I'm not even gonna pretend to know what those last two are!!)

Favourite Music: Garbage, gangsta rap, Marilyn Manson and Korn

Classes: Speech, European History, French, Geometry, Gym (with other X-Men) and Biology


              Rogue is unpredictable and complicated, troubled with teenage problems as well as her own mutant powers, which to her seem more of a curse. Rogue is uncertain and insecure and totally isolated from other people because her mutant ability prevents her from so much as touching another person, or she will rob them of their memories and render them unconscious, or in extreme cases kill. If the person she touches is a mutant, Rogue also will steal his or her powers temporarily.

      Rogue's isolation leads her to be petulant, sarcastic and alarmingly defensive and this means that she has trouble befriending and trusting people, not helped by the fact that she was tricked by Mystique near the beginning of the first series. However, Rogue has bonded with some of her fellow X-Men over time and deep down has shown a caring side that just wants to be loved and that will face any danger to protect those that she cares for.

Friends and Love Interests - It took a while for Rogue to befriend anyone at the Institute, but once she got to know and trust the other mutants she could become closer to some of the other students.

Scott - Rogue's first friend at the Institute as he was the one that tried the hardest to win her over to their side and to befriend her. Due to the fact that Scott was always kind and considerate towards her they seem to have bonded quite well, with him opening up to her and vice versa (in On Angel's Wings and Mutant Crush). In the series Rogue also has a crush on Scott, much to Jean's annoyance.

Kurt - Although they may not know it yet, these two are in fact adopted brother and sister. In the series' so far they tend to look out for each other and comfort one another when one of them is feeling down (like in Shadowed Past).

Kitty - Okay, so they annoy each other most of the time! Still, they do share a room with one another and hang about together in school (Spykecam) and plus, Kitty comforted Rogue when she had the nightmare in Shadowed Past. Am I clutching at straws here?!


Enemies - I doubt that any of the kids have deadly enemies, but these are the characters that I think Rogue specifically dislikes. 

Jean -  Rogue resents Jeans, because Jean is pretty, popular and smart, and she comes from a happy family. She is secretly jealous that she cannot lead a more normal life like Jean does, with dating and kissing like other girls and the fact that Jean is generally really nice to Rogue just makes it worse. Plus, Jean is notoriously fond of Scott and he tends to feel the same way towards her. 

Mystique - Something tells me that Rogue is not particularly fond of Mystique after the whole incident in Rogue Recruit where Mystique lied and tricked her. . . . 


History on Evolution - We first met Rogue in Rogue Recruit, at a school dance, it appears that she had been living with Irene Adler (Destiny), a precognitive, who knew how Rogue's powers would manifest and so had already forced her to constantly cover-up under the pretence of a "skin condition". However, at the dance a boy named Cody asked her to dance and after accepting they accidentally touched and Rogue absorbed him: becoming confused and thinking she was Cody. Destiny informed Mystique and so, she set about morphing into the different X-men to scare Rogue and forcer her into the Brotherhood. 

Little did Raven know, that Jean had managed to give Rogue a communicator and little by little, Rogue began to get friendlier towards the X-men by helping save Jean in Mutant Crush and refusing to fight them in  Middleverse. Eventually, she joined the team in 'Turn of the Rogue' after discovering that Mystique had been lying to her and saving Scott's life. Since then, Rogue has gradually bonded with the rest of the team and become a brave and loyal member. Many times risking herself for other members, such as in 'Power Surge'.


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