Name: Jean Grey

Age: 17

Powers: Telekinesis and Telepathy

Origin: Connecticut in the USA

Relations: A sister and happily married parents who are non-mutants

Grade: Junior

Hobbies: Cheerleading, fashion, cooking, playing soccer (well she must do, she is in the team . . ) and shopping.

Favourite Foods: Sushi, French cuisine and anything trendy

Favourite Music: Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morrisette among others.

Chemistry, American Literature, American History, French, Trigonometry and Art (painting and drawing)


                    Jean is the only one from the Xavier Institute who is not regarded as a little weird by the kids at Bayville High and is in fact, very popular. She's on the school cheerleading team and soccer team and has many friends. This means that Jean is pulled in two directions at once: hanging out with the cool kids versus training with the X-Men.

                   Jean is a telekinetic which means that she can move objects with her mind, ranging from objects she would be able to lift manually, to cars and other heavier objects eventually. Jean also has telepathic abilities which she is trained in the use of by Professor X and can perform other psychic attacks and defensive measures in battle, such as a psychic bubble-like shield and the ability to levitate. 


Friends and Love Interests - 

Scott - Well, Jean and Scott wre the first two X-Men and in the show were friends for a very long time and both used others to make each other jealous (i.e Taryn and Duncan). However, finally the two of them have got together after 'Blind Alley'.

Duncan - He was going out with Jean but after the X-kids were exposed as mutants she saw how much of a jerk he really was a dumped him.

Taryn - Jean's best friend, or was . . since Taryn has become interested in Scott, I'm not altogether sure if Jean's that friendly towards her anymore . . Okay, update! - Now that Jean knows about mutants she doesn't seem to be very interested in being friends with Jean or Scott anymore.


Enemies -

Rogue - A rival for Scott's attention.

Blob - Well, he kidnapped her, tried to force her to like him and then tried to kill her when she didn't return his advances!


History On Evolution -

More Jean info coming soon . . 


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