Name: Lance Alvers

Age: 18

Powers: Geological Manipulation

Origin: Chicago, Illinois in the USA

Relations: ?

Grade: senior

Hobbies: ?

Fav Foods: ?

Fav Music: hard rock ((Get it? Get it? ROCK? *cracks up* *dead silence* Okay, that wasn't funny...))

Classes: ?

That's no earthquake, that's Avalanche! Lance Alvers, a snide, surly jerk, can project waves of energy into the ground, producing all manner of seismic mayhem. Lance's powers are very taxing, and using them gives him headaches. Therefore, he can only employ his abilities on a limited basis before losing control of his potentially unlimited powers.

Lance is bitter, rebelling against authority and resentful of school. He sees the deck stacked against underprivileged kids like him. But (because of) his growing control over his burgeoning powers - he realizes he now has the chance to level the playing field, no pun intended.

He's a bit of a hothead, and his small circle of friends both fear him and look to him for direction. As such he's the unofficial team leader and can be more impulsive than is good for him - or anyone else ivolved. Lance is not necessarily a complete bad guy, but the chip on his shoulder and "society is out to get me" complex has a tendancy to get him into trouble.

Think of him as the Bizarro World version of Scott Summers. He's tall and good-looking, but he's an orphan and comes from the wrong side of the tracks. He's into bad deeds and whatnot, and has the whole look down with torn jeans and so on. He's the negative of Scott: a tall, good-looking guy that possibly the girls could like if they're into that type of guy. He dresses more like some of the garage bands do, kinda grungy.






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