Mutant Manor now has it's own award to give away! You can see a sample of it below! If you'd like to win it,  there a few rules to follow:  
  1. Your site must be somehow related to the X-Men or X-Men: Evolution
  2. You've gotta have the link to this site on your links page or somewhere else on your site
  3. Sites that are likely to win the awards are ones where it's apparent that the owner has put in a lot of effort and there is a decent amount of content.

That's it! Good luck, and if for any reason you don't get the award, you can always try again later!

The Award:


The Winners:

Well done to all the winners of the award! Great job! :)

bullet 10th November '02 - Brittney - Rockin' Kitty Shrine
bullet 15th November '02 - Reyz - Shades of Redd
bullet 24th January '03 - Laydee - Brotherhood Files
bullet 18th February '03 - Savannah - Southern Shadow




My Awards:

These are the awards that I've received for my site. A big thank you to Nicole Wagner, Brittney and Esse who were all kind enough to award me these lovely  . . awards! Yup . . . :D 

__Nicole Wagner Web Award

__Rockin' Kitty Star Award

__Shadows Award

__Southern Shadow's Site Award